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South Park (S6)
DVD disk
The sixth complete season of South Park presented in this 3-disc set is here and it’s just as funny, witty and crude as all the previous seasons have been. The popular animated show created by the fantastic Matt Stone and Trey Parker, featuring the likes of Stan, Kyle, Cartman and the late Kenny (sort of) as the four mischievous schoolboys of this small Colorado mountain town is back jam-packed with the kind of twisted, foul-mouthed and pop-culture riddled humor we all love to be offended by. Along with its usual cast of zany characters, this season introduces us to yet another new batch of exciting new additions as well. Sit back and enjoy the laughs.
The sad thing about this season is the absence of Kenny, whom I’ve always been fond of. He does appear in some weird ways as you’ll see, but he is still officially dead. He is replaced first by Butters (last name Scotch) and later on by other characters from the boys’ classroom, such as Tweak the super nervous caffeine junkie. Butters especially is great as the fourth boy (and also as Professor Chaos), but it’s still not the same without our beloved Kenny. RIP precious child. Butters has totally grown on me. He is so sweet and picked on, my heart goes out to him. He’s quite the dude. His reaction to viewing his first porno in the show entitled “The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers” is adorable. That show is probably one of the best ones here.

The episodes collected together here are once again very politically incorrect and rude, just as I like it. Filled with nasty parodies about almost any subject under the sun (for Stone & Parker nothing is sacred), these 17 episodes are classic and funny as all Hell. I could seriously relate to at least one theme presented here such as the time-share episode “Asspen” where the boys’ parents go to a time-share meeting in the mountains so that they can get a free hotel stay there with free dinner. I did that myself over a decade ago. Just like in the show, I also was harassed by the time-share guys and it played out almost exactly like it did in the show too. Beware of those, guys! Another amazing show is “The Biggest Douche in the Universe” about the psychic John Edward. He gets “debunked” shall we say and it’s so, so funny that you shouldn’t miss it. Also, Santa gets tortured by his testicles, people crap out of their mouths, Jesus gets shot and killed, Cartman drinks Kenny and is possessed by him, gerbils inside asses, priests molesting young boys, and the “nothing is sacred” theme can go on and on forever because there is not one show here that does not have the ability to greatly offend at least a few groups of people out there. But since it’s all in the name of comedy, I enjoy the laughter and don’t take it so seriously.

South Park can also be quite educational at times such as I didn’t know that some Japanese girls eat puke…now that’s news to me (Cartman says it in a show). I am only kidding, of course. There is not one single show I disliked, but without a doubt my absolute favorite episode was the last one “Red Sleigh Down” because it was the most jam-packed with craziness and cool characters and it was, as usual, very funny. The nasty Saddam Hussein is featured again in this final show of the sixth season and as usual he’s up to no good, but this time in Heaven. He might have weapons of mass destruction there. And, in its last shot, there is a wonderful surprise with Kenny. I was happy.
Commentary by Creators Trey Parker & Matt Stone: As in the previous seasons, Parker and Stone include around five minutes of audio commentaries at the begininng each show to entertain/educate the viewers with cool and interesting facts about the shows, the ideas behind them and their own weird thought processes. The guys are very easy to listen to and super funny. These commentary tracks are so worth checking out, also because they’re short, as I don’t enjoy long-drawn-out stuff.
In conclusion, I recommend adding this to your DVD collection today not only because I’ve been an avid South Park watcher since the show began, but because laughter is a good thing, and one can never have enough of it. This DVD will certainly make you laugh a lot as it tackles controversial, often twisted topics and combines them with a perverted sense of humor and many hilarious parodies throughout. Sometimes the “where did they come up with that?” factor is really high too. The fact that it’s not filled with a bunch of extras doesn’t take away from it in any way as all that stuff isn’t necessary when the episodes themselves are fully loaded with great humor and wit. They are more than enough to satisfy not only dedicated SP fans, but comedy lovers the world over.
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