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Stuck on You
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10.08.2004 By: Indiana Sev
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Peter & Bobby Farrelly

Matt Damon
Greg Kinnear
Eva Mendes


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Greg Kinnear and Matt Damon play Siamese twins from Martha’s Vineyard who head out to Hollywood to make it big as an “actor” (only one of them actually acts). The Farrelly brothers’ usual brand of politically incorrect and often gut-busting humor is served up for the next couple of hours...
I consider the Farrelly brothers’ KINGPIN to be one of the most underrated and brilliant comedies of the 1990’s. Hell, forget just the nineties...it’s one of my favorite comedies of all time! I can practically recite the whole goddamn film-- also one of the more quotable comedies around. And although their last couple of efforts (SHALLOW HAL and ME, MYSELF & IRENE) disappointed me some, I still make it a point to see anything and everything these guys dish out as they’ve proven to be, since their debut, DUMB & DUMBER, one hell of an inventive comedy writing team that I can rely on for at least two dozen “laugh out louds” per film. In fact, STUCK ON YOU falls just short of being as good as THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY and KINGPIN. The only gripe I had with the film is its runtime of 118 minutes, which really bogs the film down in the stretch run. A good 20 minutes could have easily been cut. Most of the scenes with their agent (Seymour Cassel), in particular, were pointless, humorless and unnecessarily long.

Everything else about the movie...I absolutely loved. From the cameo by the always lovely and talented Meryl Streep to the inspired and incredibly surprising on-the-money rendition of “Summertime” (from the folk opera Porgy and Bess) by Greg Kinnear at the end of the film. My new mission in life is to one day publicly perform that song. On the subject of the great Kinnear, what can I say? I loved him as a talk show host and dramatic actor (please rent AUTO-FOCUS!!), but I have to say the man was born to do comedy. The casting of Kinnear and Damon was a stroke of genius. They couldn’t have been a better pairing for this part, just looking at Damon’s face and expressions often had me in stitches. They’ve both got a real natural knack for comedy and I have to give it up to the Farrelly’s for casting them in this part – they were absolutely perfect. As for the adorable Eva Mendes, she’s as saucy, skimpy and sexy as always. If all that wasn’t enough, the movie has one hell of a sweet and touching side as well. It’s nice to see the Farrelly Bros. alive and kicking again…
Audio Commentary by the Farrelly Bros: Just in the first few minutes alone, the brothers push their next project THE RINGER (with the one and only Johnny Knoxville), point out a very creepy phantom face in the opening shot (very eerie, brrrr!!) and discuss the casting of legendary Boston Bruin Cam Neely’s wife (kick his ass, SEABASS!!!!!!!) If you keep your eyes peeled, you’ll even see Matt Damon’s mom! Suffice it to say, they go "all out" and deliver one hell of an entertaining commentary track. Well done, boys…

Deleted and Extended Scenes (8 total): Among the eight clips, “Fishing”, “Table for One” and “Bob Wins at Tennis” are the keepers. All three brought a smile to my face.

Blooper Reel: You’ll get 7 whole minutes of them, many of which aren’t as funny as you’d expect. The ones that are funny though are hilarious and most come courtesy of the aforementioned - Great Kinnear.

“It’s Funny” – The Farrelly Formula (approx. 16 min.): Most of the post-Kingpin cast and crew members of Farrelly films chime in with what they think are the best qualities the siblings possess and all of the little things that make them such great comedy writers/directors. Gwyneth Paltrow, Renee Zellweger, Jim Carrey, Jack Black, Chris Elliott and Ben Stiller are just a few of the people that share their thoughts with us in this featurette. Bob and Peter’s personalities come out very well in this one, for some of you who aren’t as familiar with them, this is a great introduction to who they are and what makes them tick. A couple of real cool and classy guys, who go out of their way to include mentally challenged people in their movies and show their support for them in as many ways as they can (this feature really sheds some light on why and how they do that). Class acts and hilarious to boot…

“Stuck Together” – Bringing Stuck On You to the Screen (approx. 12 min.): A featurette that focuses on how the film came to be, from its original inception in the early nineties to today. The brothers are featured prominently in this as they discuss how they wound up choosing Matt Damon & Greg Kinnear for the main part (s). The feature also concentrates on the Peter & Bob’s love for sports and their continuous efforts to get professional athletes into their films. You can now add New England Patriots Tom Brady and Lawyer Milloy to the list as well as pro golfers Billy Andrade, Jesper Parnevik and Sergio Garcia. This is yet another feature that emanates that feeling of fun and looseness that exists on a Farrelly brothers’ set.

“Making it Stick” – Makeup Effects of Stuck On You (approx. 9 min.): These features aren’t usually too interesting and this wasn’t any different. However, the fact that Matt and Greg are two extremely likeable and funny guys makes this feature a little easier to sit through. It was also cool to see Greg passing the time during the long makeup sessions by getting some much needed “Playstation-ing” done. Better than most features of this kind…

Inside Look: This is a little extra addition that is not part of the other special features but rather on the main menu page. It’s basically a few quick behind-the-scenes looks at films like DODGEBALL: THE MOVIE and ALIEN VS. PREDATOR and trailers for MAN ON FIRE and THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW.

If you’re a fan of the Farrelly brothers’ earlier comedies than this should be first on your list of upcoming DVD purchases. The brothers are in top form once again with STUCK ON YOU. It’s got enough genuine laughs and quality extras to be worthy of your hard-earned bucks. Watch this along with KINGPIN for an incredible Saturday night double-bill and you’ll be guaranteed to have a laugh-filled, lovely time with your special honey bunny…
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