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Team America: World Police
DVD disk
05.17.2005 By: Quigles
Team America: World Police order
Trey Parker

Trey Parker
Matt Stone
Kristen Miller


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From the sick geniuses that brought you SOUTH PARK comes a political satire in which a crime-fighting group called Team America struggle to put an end to terrorism. Oh yah, and it’s done with puppets. What follows is a series of gags involving puppets throwing up, killing each other, dropping f-bombs, singing, and even doing the nasty.
There are three types of people in the world: dicks, pussies, and assholes. The dicks will be pissed off with this movie, the pussies will bitch about how offensive it is, and the assholes will shit themselves laughing. I’m an asshole, apparently. The approach Trey Parker and Matt Stone use to poke fun at America's politics and terrorism may be sophomoric, and not just a little unwelcome by some, but damn if it isn't a friggin riot. Aside from the obvious political humor, there is also a startlingly clever plot that plays out like the most cliché-ridden action movie ever. It’s intentionally cheesy, and I loved every second of it. The whole “puppet” aspect of the movie plays out perfectly alongside the story, adding in its own element of humor, and surprisingly, showing off the production value of the movie by looking damn classy. If you are put off by the idea of a parody action movie with puppets, then you may need to avoid this one, because that idea alone portrays a lot of what the movie is all about. That, and gay jokes.

Interspersed between this flick are plenty of gross-out gags, some hilarious one-liners (“Have you ever seen a man eat his own head?”), and songs abound. These little moments help immensely in keeping things humorous and interesting by adding in scenes that you will talk about for days with your buds, including plenty of jokes ripping celebrities a new asshole. In fact, I think the final half hour of the movie (featuring the “puppet” likes of Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin, and Matt Damon) has got to be some of funniest shit I’ve seen in the past ten years. I especially loved the music, with uproarious songs like “America (F**k Yeah!)”, “I’m So Ronery” (sung by Kim Jong Il), and “Pearl Harbor Sucked” (which turns a song about missing someone into a three-minute PEARL HARBOR and Ben Affleck mocking session). They may not be as addicting as the songs in SOUTH PARK, but they’re damn close. Humor wise, not too much of the movie actually matches up the brilliance of Matt and Trey’s previous tour de force, but, then again, it doesn’t really need to. It’s a terrific and very clever movie in its own right, and it will forever have me saying stupid crap like, “Surprise, cockfags!”
NOTE: There are two different versions of the movie: the theatrical edition, and the uncensored version. The only difference is the puppet sex scene was shortened from 2 minutes to 40 seconds for the theatrical edition. If you have a choice, go with the uncensored version, because that extra minute is pretty funny, even if extremely short.

For a single disc edition, this DVD is jam-packed with special features. Still, the one thing I would’ve liked the most is a commentary, which we don’t get the privilege of having. Also, for the sake of avoiding having to repeat myself constantly, I should mention that most of the featurettes are fairly short and contain many clips from the actual film (which always bugs me).

Team America – An Introduction (5:10): The only thing that makes this worth watching is that Trey and Matt are in it. They don’t get enough screen time throughout the special features, so I’ll take what I can get from them.

Building The World (12:41): A cool look at the making of the many sets and bringing the puppet world to the big screen. Very interesting and entertaining to watch.

Crafting the Puppets (8:00): More cool stuff to enjoy. Take a look at how they make all the puppets and how they bring their faces to life. Worth a watch.

Pulling The Strings (10:07): You’ve seen how they make the puppets, now see how they work them. It’s pretty neat to see essentially the shots from the flick, except wider so you can see the people operating them.

Capturing The Action (6:43): Cinematographer Bill Pope agreed to “sully” his career after working on THE MATRIX by working with the action in TEAM AMERICA. His skills show too, because the action scenes from the movie looked pretty good. Anyways, this featurette gives a little insight into that.

Miniature Pyrotechnics (4:50): This film was loaded with explosions galore, and some weird annoying guy tells us how they did it. That laugh he did at the end made me cringe.

Up Close With Kim Jong-Il (5:10): A very funny and interesting look at how much of what was joked about from the movie was actually accurate. Weird and cool at the same time; check it out.

Dressing Room Test (2:04): A brief alternate scene with Gary that was used as a test (obviously). Not anything special.

Puppet Test (4:09): A very funny set of short tests with Trey Parker saying some funny stuff with Spottswoode. Had me cracking up quite a bit.

Deleted/Extended Scenes and Outtakes (6:06): There are ten of them, pretty much all of which are funny or cool. Not too much on the outtake scale, but there is enough extra footage to please anyone wanting a little more from the movie. Definitely worth checking out.

Animated Storyboards (6 of them): These are basically storyboard versions of alternate scenes. A few of them were hilarious, and others decent. Take a look at each of them so you don’t miss the good stuff.

We also get 2 Theatrical Trailers and some Previews.
Everything from the hilarious gags, self-mocking story, and side-splitting musical numbers had me on the edge of tears in this raunchy exploit of puppet naughtiness. The DVD extras are also pretty interesting and entertaining, so I recommend checking this one out as soon as possible. The humor may not be for everyone, but if you like SOUTH PARK or anything else from Trey Parker and Matt Stone, then this one is a worthy purchase, or at the very least a rental.
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