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The Bourne Supremacy
BLU-RAY disk
01.28.2010 By: J.A. Hamilton
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Paul Greengrass

Matt Damon
Brian Cox
Karl Urban


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Jason Bourne has his memory back, got the girl and escaped to fight another day. Unfortunately that day has come and Bourne must show the government that he meant what he said about coming after anyone and everyone if they didnít leave him alone.
Usually the trouble with sequels is that they try to capitalize on an idea that played through with the first film and has nowhere to go in the second, third and so on. Bourne spends the entire first flick trying to figure out who he is, whilst dodging the government and bad guys. In the end he figures it all out, has whooped and insane amount of ass and gets away to start over. One of the great things about THE BOURNE SUPREMACY (or the series in general) is that theyíre based on a series of books so there WAS a relevant place to take him this time around and trust me, this is one of those sequels that delivers like SPIDER-MAN 2 and X-MEN 2.

Assuming that most of you have seen this (spoiler alert), what I love most about this flick is how they go from a confused yet driven Bourne, to a pissed off and out for blood, brains and balls Bourne. Killing off Marie in the beginning was the perfect catalyst, not because she was horrible but because I felt she slowed him down considerably in the first film. Not this time around. Bourne is all over the place, bringing the fight to anyone and everyone in his way. My blood tingles when he calls in and talks to Pamela while starring at her through the scope of a sniper rifle on the roof adjacent to her office.

Matt Damon becomes Jason Bourne this second time comfortably and with ease (you can tell heís thoroughly into this character and who could blame him). This action is just as good as last time (that kitchen scene is intense as hell) and particularly well choreographed. Sure, we still get some shaky cam action, but like before you roll with it and enjoy the flick regardless. Karl Urban was a decent baddy, and I hate that the guy seems to have fallen off the face of the earth lately. We get more Brian Cox, no complaints there and thereís a very good performance from Joan Allen as the overzealous Pamela Landy. Iíll also take this time to mention Julia StilesÖtoo bad she didnít get more screen time though.

THE BOURNE SUPREMACY is a dream-come true for action fans and a true gift of a sequel when weighed with what we could have got. Again, if I had any doubts that Damon could kick some serious ass it went out the door for good with this installment as he looked nothing short of lethal here. Itís hard to believe these films are PG-13 and still this good, but thatís a tough balance that only so many writers, directors and producers can pull off. The HD really brings out the luscious locals and makes this yet another good transition to Blu-ray. My only regret is that I didnít get the third one to review as well.
Commentary: Director Paul Greengrass gives a much more enthusiastic commentary this time around as heís a guy who doesnít usually direct these types of flicks so his a fresh perspective on things. I think he did a fine job all around.

Deleted Scenes: There are two here, weighing in at about ten minutes. Nothing special, but they should have stayed in.

Matching Identities: Casting: Director Paul Greengrass explains how the right actor/actress is everything and can make or break the character. Agreed, and he did a great job casting.

Keeping it Real: Producer Frank Marshall and the cast explain how they tried to stay away from clichťs this time around and take the film in a different direction. They didnít re-invent the wheel, but I dug it.

Blowing things up: The production team go into detail about the house explosion scene. The pyrotechnics looked great as far as Iím concerned.

On the Move with Jason Bourne: Producer Frank Marshall explains the significance of each specifically chosen locale in the film. They sure went all out here.

Bourne to be Wild: Fight Training: Cast and crew break down the epic kitchen fight sequence. This was by far one of the best two man encounters ever.

Crash Cam: Racing through the streets of Moscow: More info on the shaky cam as it pertains to the car chases. Again, itís annoying but you get used to it.

The Go-Mobile Revs up the Action: A more in depth look at the chase scenes from the Go-Mobile camera rig. This babyís revolutionized car chases.

Anatomy of a Scene: The Explosive Bridge Chase Scene: We get a full ďplay by playĒ of the bridge scene with the trimmings. It was definitely well done.

Scoring with John Powell: Composer John Powell gives us the 411 on the filmís score. He sure does know how to turn up the heat at the right moment.

The Bourne Diagnosis: Another psychological look at the many aspects of the film that deal with psychosis and brain manipulation. These boys would have one hell of a shrink bill.

Thereís also a couple trailers, some BD-LIVE content and this film is also a double sided feature with a Blu-ray and DVD separate side.
Matt Damon has shown us that you canít go wrong with the Bourne films and like I said, this is one hell of fantastic sequel that delivers everything the first one did with just a bit more edge. If you dig the series this is yet another no brainer when it comes to upgrading to Blu-ray.

Extra Tidbit: When Jason Bourne says "leave me alone" the smart move would be to listen. Stupid government lackeys.
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