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The Dukes Of Hazzard (S1)
DVD disk
10.09.2004 By: JoBlo
The Dukes Of Hazzard (S1) order

John Schneider
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Catherine Bach


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A television series based on two country-boy Duke cousins who do nothing more but get in trouble with the law, give way to many car chases, help the impoverished, duke it out with the bad guys and flirt with chicks in their kickass cool ride called the General Lee (in actuality, a souped-up Dodge Charger) With the help of their uncle Jesse and hottie cousin Daisy Duke (and her shorter-than-short shorts!), the foursome take care of business the ol' fashioned way: Duke style!!
I used to love this show when I was a kid-- even used to own one of those cool orange General Lee toy cars-- but wasn't sure if it would hold up after 20 years in the freezer, but low and behold, there I was watching the first episode on this 13-episode first season DVD pack, whoopin', hollerin' and stompin' along with the Duke cousins and all of their car chase-happy shenanigans. To put it bluntly: this show is an easy watch. Each episode consists of 48 minutes of these good ol' country boys getting into some sort of inane adventure, many of which have to do with either some illegal "moonshine" operation (I would pay good money for someone to send me some of that stuff!), screwing over the dumbass cops in town, messing with Boss Hogg's dirty operations or just plain riding around in their cool car and getting into trouble. Add that to their extremely sexy cousin Daisy Duke and her miniscule clothing (I don't even know how the censors let her get away with some of this stuff....wow!), the bumbling police officers including Deputy Enos and Sheriff Rosco Coltrane, one of the best TV theme songs ever (and I don't even like country!), as well as a nifty narrator in the form of Waylon Jennings walking us through some of the episodes ("You'd better not go to the refrigerator now...") and you've got yourself a jolly, ol' relaxing time in Hazzard County.

I couldn't help but think how Elvis Presley would likely have adored this show if he were still alive today: it's country, kitchy, its clothes, bad haircuts, big guns, car chases, southern music, hottie girls, prostitutes, moonshine, dynamite, explosions, goats, etc... I also love how they would freeze-frame the action as they cut to commercials or screamed "Yeehaaaw" about 20 times during each episode. I swear, the folks in this town had very few worries-- a great life. Bo and Luke didn't even have real jobs, and yet, they seemed to get by just fine. Even the locals seemed to hang out at the Boar's Nest all day and drink. Doesn't anybody work in this town? The show was also surprisingly risque for its time with inbred jokes (Bo: "Daisy, sometimes I wish you weren't my cousin", Daisy: "That never stopped our family before!"), prime-time putdowns that seem somewhat out of line ("You dipstick", "Jackass!"), talk of the local trailer park whorehouse "madam" and kids playing with guns like they were candy. You gotta love the South! Some of the dialogue was also cheesy-clever (Rosco: "I'm gonna nail those Duke boys!", "Boss Hogg: "Now before you get out those crosses...") and the endings, always rightfully just and easy to digest. I also love how the whole family would sit around and drink beers at the end of some of the episodes. If you're looking for great action, fun car chases, twangy tunes, easy plotlines, a couple of twists and turns and plenty of tomfoolery-- country style-- you really can't go wrong with this entertaining television series. And yeah, did I mention how hot Daisy Duke is in the show? If you don't believe me, check out some of the pics below. Yowsa!!
The 20th Anniversary Hazzard Country BBQ Reunion (~ 30 minutes): If you're going to include a featurette that gets all of the remaining cast members of a TV show together and it doesn't include one of the show's main stars, Tom Wopat, for the love of the General Lee...at the very least, acknowledge him or his absence, for God's sakes!! All of the living cast members show up to this BBQ with Schneider looking as good as he used to (if not better!), and Catherine Bach having put on some pounds, but still sounding like Daisy and carrying along some much appreciated MILF cleavage, and sit around and talk about their memories of the show (all of which, apparently, don't include Wopat!) A decent feature, if only to see how old everyone has become (Cooter became a Congressman?) or to find out how many General Lee's Schneider had restored over the years (20) and or how many they went through on the show (229). But again, where the F is Wopat?

Commentary Track with John Schneider & Catherine Bach (episode 1): There's only one commentary track on this disc, but it's damn well worth listening to. Both Schneider and Bach come across as affable folks who obviously adored their experience on the show and still loving talking about it to this day. They even mention Tom (Wopat) in the track, which is nice (Bach: "Where's Tom...he should be here too!") The track is a great listen with plenty of cool facts and behind-the-scenes info like the fact that they used to drink real beer in their scenes, the fact that Schneider lied about his age to get the part (he was actually 18 on the first show), the fact that Sorrell Booke, the actor who plays Boss Hogg used to wear a "fat suit" to look bigger and could speak 9 languages (including Japanese) and plenty more.

Dukes Driving 101 (5 minutes): A featurette that speaks to a bunch of NASCAR folk and their fascination with the show when they were young, including their favorite characters (Daisy Duke wins by a landslide) and General Lee stories. Decent for racing fans.

The Dukes of Hazzard: The Return of the General Lee (30 seconds): This is a video preview of a lame-looking game featuring the General Lee racing and flying over stuff. Weak graphics.
With talk of a live-action movie being made of this popular TV series with the voluptuous Jessica Simpson to be cast as Daisy Duke (great choice!) and Anthony Anderson as Boss Hogg (horrible choice!), there's no time like the present to pick up the first season of THE DUKES OF HAZZARD, particularly if you're a fan of car chases, over-the-top goofy storylines, hot chicks, cool guys and plenty of good ol' country stuffing packed into every show. I was extremely glad to see that this show aged well over time and could be watched for a whole new generation. In fact, I think I could sum up my feelings for this show in one word: "Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!!!"
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