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The Fast and the Furious (2-Disc)
DVD disk
03.30.2009 By: J.A. Hamilton
The Fast and the Furious (2-Disc) order
Rob Cohen

Paul Walker
Vin Diesel
Michelle Rodriguez


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Brian OíConner is an undercover cop investigating a series of hijackings, which lead him into the fast paced world of street racing. He soon befriends Dom (the prime suspect) and falls for his sister in the process. When push comes to shove, Brian must make a difficult choice between loyalties and the law.
Iíve been a HUGE Vin Diesel fan since PITCH BLACK, so naturally I was all over this flick when it hit theaters and loved every second of it. And whatís not to love? You got hot peeps, cool ass rides and a shit ton of action. If that doesnít spell WIN, I donít know what does.

The friendship Walker and Diesel build here is fun, despite the fact you know Domís essentially the bad guy. Itís always interesting to watch cops when theyíre deep undercover, and how quick the line between right and wrong gets blurred. Case in point why I wouldnít make a good cop, Iíd end up siding with a crew like Domís in a heartbeat.

My only real complaint (and itís not much of one) is the predictability of it all. I mean, if youíve seen POINT BREAK (and shame on you if you havenít) then youíve seen this. Swap out the surf boards for cars, banks for trucks and itís pretty much the same deal. Is that a bad thing? Hells no! I loved em both, and you really canít put a price on the stunts they pull off with those cars.

THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS is one hundred and ten percent adrenaline from start to finish. And with the next installment right around the corner, this re-release couldnít come at a better time. Knowing we get the same crew from this one has me pumped. Say what you will about sequels, but if the new one is even half as awesome as this one, weíre all in for a real treat. I know Iíll be there opening night.
Thereís no shortage of extras here, but theyíre all on the first disc. The second disc is the digital copy of the film.

The Making of The Fast and the Furious: The Director and cast try to explain the raw passion involved in street racing. And they really did their homework here too, using nearly a thousand authentic racers and their cars. No wonder it looks so damn real!

Feature Commentary with Director Rob Cohen: The filmís concept was taken from an article in Vibe magazine, but Rob wasnít really feeling the idea until he caught a street race in person. Itís also cool to find out that the stunts involving the cars going underneath transports added fifty million dollars to the budget. I wonder how many they wrecked?

Racer X: The article that inspired the movie: Worthwhile reading if you really wanna get into the minds of the drivers out there doing this every week. Sounds like itís quite the rush.

Deleted Scenes: These were actually better than average. What gets me though, is most of em arenít anymore than thirty seconds and could have easily been fitted in. At least the ladies can enjoy a nice scene with four of the guys (shirtless) chillin in the sun.

Multiple Camera Angle Stunt Sequence: Choose between eight different camera angles to view Vin crash his badass muscle car in the final scene. Seeing it from just one angle is enough to make me wince, let alone eight. Thatís just cold.

Movie Magic Interactive Special Effects: More choices of angles and views to watch the final scene unfold. I guess if you blow five million on busting up cars, you REALLY wanna show off those crashes! Canít say I blame em.

Featurette on Editing for the Motion Picture Association of America: Robís going over the scene where Vince is caught on the truck, and showing us what needed to be edited to keep the PG-13 rating. If Two Face wasnít an issue in DARK KNIGHT, the bit of blood on Vinceís arm shouldn't have been a big deal either.

Visual Effects Montage: We get a pretty cool breakdown of racing scenes via computer animation and sketches. Most of this work was used to properly create a ďfastĒ feeling when viewing the cars at crazy speeds. I think the end product looked great as well as believable.

Storyboards-to-Final Feature Comparison: They show us a scene by scene split screen presentation (with more sketches on top and the movie on bottom) of the first race and final crash. Itís pretty mind blowing when you stop to think that every scene in a movie is drawn out on paper first.

Music Videos: Thereís three music vids and a soundtrack promo. One of the coolest things about the original trailer was the song ďMy wayĒ by Limp Bizkit, but thereís no love here on the Video list. Not cool.

Music Highlights: Well hereís a new one. Thereís a breakdown of all the scenes involving background music, just in case you had a favorite or two. Cool concept, Iíve seen much worse.

Theatrical Trailer: One of the many trailers for this flick, but not the one I remember featuring the Limp Bizkit tune. Am I the only one who liked that one?

Production Notes: Rob Cohen pretty much laid out the facts found here in the making of and commentary. But in case you missed them, heís got them all written out for you.

Cast & Filmmakers: Here weíve got a list of cast and crew bios, if your hungry for more info on these stars. Theyíve all done pretty well since this flick, with the exception of Jordana Brewster, which is a real shame cause sheís quite hot.

DVD-Rom Features: Exactly that, a list of extras (wallpapers/screensavers) you get with the film. It also tells you youíll need to be running Windows 95 or better to gain access. Windows THATíS funny.

Recommendations: They recommend four other titles for you if you enjoyed the feature. None of which have ANYTHING to do with this film. At least THE SKULLS had Paul Walker in it.

DVD Newsletter: An online address so you can sign up for Universalís E-Newsletter. And the ladies can also enjoy another shirtless pic of Vin and Paul!

The Fast and the Furious Special Offers: Thereís an advertisement for Universal Studios (which rocks) and for an Activision video game (which looks pretty crappy). Thereís also a commercial about how you should ďnot try this stuff at homeĒ with Paul Walker. I donít think anyone will listen, but itís nice to see them try.

This filmís larger than life characters and smart premise started a cult phenomenon thatís still going strong today. So if the sexy cast doesnít win you over, the action surely will. And with plenty of replay value, this oneís a must have for any collection.
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