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The Fly (SE)
DVD disk
Oct 3, 2005 By: Quigles
The Fly (SE) order
David Cronenberg

Jeff Goldblum
Geena Davis
John Getz


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Seth Brundle is a quirky but brilliant scientist who is working on a new method of transportation, one that will change the world forever: teleportation. After ironing all the kinks out of the process, he decides to teleport himself. Unbeknownst to him, however, a fly got into the machine during his experiment. Everything seems fine at first, but slowly and surely, he starts to change...
THE FLY is a film that any true movie lover is sure to enjoy, that is, as long as they have a strong stomach. If I were to spend an entire review pointing out everything thats great about it, your hand would get tired from scrolling too much. Because of this, Ill just cover the basics, starting with the story itself. One word: breathtaking. The changes made to the original plot are actually the reasons this movie is so amazing. Instead of just the features of the fly and Seth being switched around, they actually get merged together, and thus a metamorphosis is presented before our very eyes. Not only is it an enrapturing experience, but its an extremely intense one too. The intensity stems from various elements, including (but not limited to) the acting, the make-up effects, and of course, the gore. If you feel like upchucking when you see blood, then you better starve yourself for a week before seeing THE FLY. Its that gross. And hey, I loved every second of it.

I dont think Id consider THE FLY to be a horror flick. In my eyes, the emotional draw of the movie highly surpasses the sickening stuff, although some gore-mongers may disagree. To each his own I guess, but for me, THE FLY is a straight-up drama. Dont let that fool you though, since it could just as easily be labeled a thriller, or hell, even a comedy (if youre a sadistic f*cker, that is). The first half of the movie does an excellent job of involving you with its characters and story, so that when the second half starts, you are totally attached to this guy whos transmorphing into some bizarre creature. By the time the credits roll, your eyes will be wide with awestruck amazement and horror, and you wont be able to look away for at least an hour of staring at the blank screen in front of you. Or maybe Im just weird like that.
Movie fans, eat your heart out. Fans out there wanted the royal treatment with THE FLY, and thats what theyre getting.

Disc 1:

Audio Commentary (with director David Cronenberg): You can always count on Cronenberg to give excellent commentary, and THE FLY proves it. He discusses every aspect of the movie, including the original story, the previous film, his ideas on how to change them, production, the characters, and plenty more. Very interesting, intriguing, and engaging - just like the movie.

Disc 2:

Fear of the Flesh: Making of The Fly (2:15:52): Woah! Talk about extensive! This documentary is over two hours in length, and thats not even including the extra 26 minutes of extra footage in the enhanced version (which includes even more interview footage on specific subjects discussed). The extra is split into three sections: Larva, Pupa, and Metamorphosis. Within this three-hour runtime, everything you could possibly question is answered. The original story and movie, the creation of the new movie, the casting, the filming, post-production, marketing all of it discussed. To be honest, as interesting as most of this documentary is, I think I would have preferred a less, shall we say, cumbersome making-of featurette. Regardless, this is still a great documentary, as long as you have a lot of time on your hands to watch it.

The Brundle Museum of Natural History (11:52): This extra a nice, enjoyable tour of some of the modeled concepts and props from THE FLY. Chris Walas is our guide, explaining their development within the making of the film.

Deleted Scenes (16:50): There are 6 deleted scenes, two of which are extended. Theres also a scene in script form for your reading pleasure. All of the scenes are worth watching, especially the monkey-cat scene (which also features the scene in storyboard and script format). Im really glad these deleted clips were presented on DVD, even though I dont think they wouldve worked in the final cut.

Written Works: You ready to read? I hope so. Included here are George Langelaans Original Short Story, Charles Edward Rogues Original Screenplay, David Cronenbergs Rewrite, and three Interactive Magazine Articles (one from Cinefex, and the other two from American Cinematographer). Holy shit, thats a lot of reading!

Film Tests (7:54): This is a bunch of test footage from the opening sequence, lighting, make-up, and creature effects. Worth checking out.

Trailers and TV Spots: Here we have 2 trailers for THE FLY, 2 for THE FLY II, 3 TV Spots, and 2 more trailers for the older FLY movies.

1986 Electronic Press Kit (11:25): The first part of this is a standard making-of made for people who havent seen the movie. The second is a profile featurette of David Cronenberg. I only recommend watching the second one, mainly because Cronenberg is in it.

One Sheet and Lobby Card Gallery: There are 15 images, most of which are actual pictures, and the rest different poster variations (although the idea is essentially the same in each).

Still Galleries: There are four sections for these pictures: publicity, behind the scenes, concept art, and effects. Check out concept art and effects if youre interested.

Also available are DVD Credits, because we all know how much people love to read these.
Where do I begin? Perhaps I should start with the most obvious: BUY THIS DVD. Cant get simpler than that. Not satisfied? Fine, Ill humor you. THE FLY is an incredible experience, sometimes pleasant, and sometimes not so much, but always interesting and engaging. The extras are also terrific, if a bit too lengthy for my tastes. Overall, this Collectors Edition is an outstanding DVD in every sense of the word, so if you dont go out and buy it right now, Ill spew fly vomit on you (if that doesnt disgust you, then you obviously havent seen THE FLY yet). There you go; youre humored.
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