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The Inglorious Bastards
BLU-RAY disk
09.17.2009 By: J.A. Hamilton
The Inglorious Bastards order
Enzo G. Castellari

Bo Svenson
Fred Williamson
Peter Hooten


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Europe. WWII. A group of dishonored American soldiers catch a break (of sorts) while being shipped to prison when their convoy is attacked by Germans. They escape and try to sneak through enemy territory in hopes of making it over the boarder to Switzerland.
I have to say, that after watching THE INGLORIOUS BASTARDS, Iím a touch confused. This 1978 WWII flick is by no means a ďclassicĒ by any stretch of the imagination. How in the name of Christ anyone thought this was a great movie to remake is beyond me. This thingís a cheese fest, albeit a campy and sometimes entertaining one, but a cheese fest just the same. Iím not overly surprised though, this flickís over thirty years old, and even in 1080p clarity it still looks and feels dated. Iím probably the only JoBlo staff member that wasnít blown away by this summerís incarnation of this film, it was nowhere near the work of art people are hyping it up to be. And the only thing it has in common with this film, are the warring factions and the time period.

The acting, dialogue and overall character interaction/makeup was so far over the top I donít really know where to begin. However, again, this flick is old and surprisingly enough, this schtick is on par with what Iíd expect from back then. One thing that bothered me was the overall tone of the film, at no point was there ever a sense of imminent danger, and even in the face of death these guys were still hamming it up. Bo Svenson (who I assume is the character behind Pittís Aldo Raine) and Fred Williamson were fun characters, but each member of this team are all heavily cliched, so much so, that I sometimes winced in pain. I wasnít too happy with the ending either, the douchebag hooks up with the nurse!? Lame.

The one good thing here is the story. I went into the Tarantino version having heard the synopsis for THIS one, being that these guys are all in chains, heading home in shame when their transport detail is attacked by Germans and their commanding officers killed in the ambush. I liked this back story much better, though I preferred Tarantinoís vision of grandiose scalpers putting it to the Germans VS a scattered bunch of rogue soldiers trying to make it to Switzerland. There wasnít much in the way of effects, the gunfire was atrocious and what little budget director Enzo G. Castellari had was blown (literally) on the train explosion. Talk about going out with a bang, thank God missile self destruct sequences can be jammed with pencils. Donít ask.

THE INGLORIOUS BASTARDS was no doubt a joyous guilty pleasure back in the day, but to watch it now (especially for the first time) is probably not the greatest idea. If you like old movies, then by all means give it a whirl, but thereís a lot of ground to cover between the seventies and now and the result may not be what youíre looking for. I still donít understand how this film merits a remake, especially in a day and age when one out of every ten films seem to be about WWII in some way, shape or form. And for those who enjoyed this summerís version, donít bother heading back here expecting an older incarnation of the same thing. Like I said, there isnít much to compare beyond the Americans and Germans fighting during WWII.
Director Commentary: Now Iím not saying this to be rude, but director Enzo G. Castellariís thick Italian accent makes his English hella bad, which in turn makes the commentary not only hard to enjoy, but essentially hard to understand. He constantly refers to his long list of films (and he does have more than a few), but you probably havenít heard of them. Neither have I.

Back To The War Zone: Director Enzo G. Castellari takes a trip down memory lane by revisiting some of the locales featured in the film. Itís nothing short of hilarious that he begins this journey with the body of water used for the nude women scene. Iím sure thereís some fond memories there.

Train Kept A-Rolliní: An hour and fifteen minute documentary with cast and crew. Itís quite a shock to see these guys now (30 years later). The only one who doesnít seem to have aged much is Fred Williamson. Reminds me of Samuel L. Jackson. Lucky bastards.

A Conversation with Quentin Tarantino & Enzo G. Castellari: This is a back and forth mutual appreciation session between the two directors. God I love Tarantino! Heís rambling on with his hands like heís on coke, while a seemingly overwhelmed Enzo watches him curiously, unsure of what heíll do next. Priceless.

Enzoís 70th Birthday in Los Angeles: A quick peek into Enzoís bday bash where he kicks it with some of the cast over drinks. Bo Svenson has such a lovely singing voice.

Inglorious Reunion at New Beverly: A look at the reunion party for the film with the director and some of the cast. People were lined up for blocks to see these guys. They may be older, but they sure as hell havenít lost their sense of humors. Looks like they had a blast.

Trailers: We have an English and Italian version of the feature film trailer as well as an English version of the EAGLES OVER LONDON trailer. This is the first time Iíve ever watched an Italian trailer, and I didnít understand a word of it.
Some oldies are done right by Blu-ray, but unless oldies are ďyour thingĒ this ainít one of em. The sole purpose of this flick hitting Blu-ray is to both promote Tarantinoís version and to hopefully catch a ride on itís money train. Besides, the two films are night and day, meaning you donít need to see this one to ďgetĒ the new one. Trust me, youíre not missing much.

Extra Tidbit: Every time I see Fred Williamson I think of his small role in FROM DUSK TILL DAWN where he gets bitten by Sex Machine (the guy with the crotch gun), who he then throws through the front door, letting in the rest of the vampires. Oops.
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