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The Last Airbender
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12.09.2010 By: J.A. Hamilton
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M. Night Shyamalan

Noah Ringer
Dev Patel
Nicola Peltz


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The four elements are at war and the fire nation is trying desperately to shift the balance of power in their favour. The worldís one hope for returning peace rests in the hands of a young avatar that ran away from his destiny. With the help of some unexpected friends, the young avatar must continue his training if heís to stand a chance in the upcoming war.
By now thereís no denying the lack of love fans have the once great M. Night Shyamalan. Personally I know they canít all be hits but even Iíve found his last few films to be severely lacking. As fate would have it, DEVIL was actually a fiendishly good time and as far as the trailers were concerned, I had high hopes for THE LAST AIRBENDER as well. Many fans of the animated show were outraged for a long list of reasons but as with any film based upon a rich amount of source material, sacrifices need to be made in order to condense all that information. G.I.JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA, TRANSFORMERS, countless films have been and are being made under similar circumstances and as such need to be viewed with an open mind. I for one, found this film to be a fantastic fantasy adventure.

Before I get to the good stuff I feel it only fair to say that though I did enjoy this film, it wasnít without its problems which primarily comes down to the acting. Itís always a gamble when you need to use younger actors and actresses (this also being the biggest problem with ERAGON) but what happened to the kind of young talent we saw in the eighties and nineties? Surely thereís still some decent young talent out there, so why are we running into this problem lately? Aang and Sokka were the worst by far with Zuko and Katara close behind, but at least those two had their moments. Some of you may recognize Cliff Curtis, Aasif Mandvi and Shaun Toub who play the important adult figures and despite not having the meatiest roles they at least provide a balance that makes this ride a little smoother.

Where this film excels to levels of superior greatness is in the special effects department. I didnít catch this film in 3D but it sure as hell was breathtaking on Blu-ray. A war of elements is a cool concept on paper or as an animated TV show but seeing it in action was either going to make or break this film and Iím happy to say they nailed it down flawlessly. The flying Ox with a beaver tail was a touch much but I was willing to forgive that when Aang introduced me to the Spirit realm. And if that wasnít cool enough, the dragon he was hitting up for information there sure as hell was.

All in all THE LAST AIRBENDER exceeded my expectations and ended up being a nice treat which is a shame because I know the amount of negative buzz surrounding the film will probably have an effect on whether or not this becomes the trilogy they no doubt intended it to be. I personally would have sat through another ERAGON film as I would certainly sit through another AIRBENDER film. Will I get the chance, who knows for sure but what I do know is that Iíve seen far worse films and ideas explored further despite how awful the source material was or how hard the critics kicked them.
Discovering The Last Airbender: Here we have the cast and M. Night Shyamalan giving a little extra insight into the storylines and mindsets of each character and how they fit into the plot.

Siege of the North: M. Night and the crew go into detail about the construction of the ice city and how attention to detail meant everything. The city did look spectacular.

Origins of the Avatar: Here we have a brief glimpse at how the show came to be but one thing I didnít expect to hear was how it all began with a sketch of a monkey robot.

Katara for a day: This is a short look at a day in the life (on set) of Katara. Get ready for a kidís obsession with wardrobe and a tiny dog, yay.

Deleted Scenes: Since these scenes are unfinished they didnít shine quite as brightly as they should have but seeing as how they all pretty much revolve around battle, Iíd have kept them in.

Gag Reel: This is all kiddish humour so as you can well imagine I didnít find it very funny.

Avatar Annotations: This feature lets you watch the film with the added bonus of being able to see interviews and behind the scenes footage for some of the key scenes.

This Blu-ray package also contains both a DVD and Digital Copy of the film.
Like I said, I havenít seen the animated show but I did take a look at one of the DVDs at TOYS R US the other day and conceptually this film seems to have captured the characters almost perfectly. Sure, itíll never be the same as the source material but as far as fantasy adventures go, you could do far worse than this (cough, cough, DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS).
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2:14PM on 12/09/2010
Wow! This is actually the highest rating I have seen given to this movie.
Wow! This is actually the highest rating I have seen given to this movie.
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1:28PM on 12/09/2010
I am super happy you liked this also! It's a lot of fun, if too short, and the acting is iffy, as you stated, but man, the action and visualsare to die for!
I am super happy you liked this also! It's a lot of fun, if too short, and the acting is iffy, as you stated, but man, the action and visualsare to die for!
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