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The Lorax
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08.21.2012 By: Stephanie Cooke
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Chris Renaud, Kyle Balda

Danny DeVito
Zac Efron
Taylor Swift


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Twelve-year old Ted will do anything to find a real live Truffula Tree in order to impress the girl of his dreams. As he embarks on his journey, Ted discovers the incredible story of the Lorax, a grumpy but charming creature who speaks for the trees.
Like Despicable Me, Illumination Entertainmentís animation in THE LORAX is stunning. The colours are more vibrant than you ever thought possible in an animated film and the details that the studio adds in are astonishing. The clothing that characters wear looks like real fabric, the hair on peopleís heads and on the animals looks incredible.

I grew up reading all of the Dr. Seuss books and I understand that in order to adapt them into feature length films, additional content needs to be created that generally fits in with the theme of the book. In a lot of ways, the movie still embodies what the book was all about, but itís both overbearingly preachy and watered down in substance all at once.

The music feels uninspired and forced, like they just decided to add in music as an afterthought. It has that feel of just being there for the sake of being there. Maybe they thought kids would enjoy the film more if it included songs, but I have to say that I think it wouldíve been far better off without.

All of this, of course, is from the perspective of a grown up with no kids. So let me take a moment to break it down as far as how THE LORAX stacks up as a family film. As I mentioned, the film is beautiful and full of bright colours and great animation that will definitely capture a kidís attention. Young children will surely laugh at the silly jokes and the exaggerated gestures of the characters. It sends a good message and it teaches a lesson that I think all kids should be taught. However, the one thing that wasnít taken into effect when making the film was apparently the oodles and oodles of parents that would have to sit through this movie with their kids. Iíll leave it by saying that I think any child under the age of 8 would like THE LORAX, while anyone over that age will spend the majority of the film rolling their eyes and groaning.
Seuss to Screen behind-the-scenes featurette: The cast and crew talk about bringing the Dr. Seuss classic to the big screen. Concept art is shown, screen tests, fur tests and all kinds of other neat things that you can enjoy seeing as a part of the production process.

This is a singular Deleted scene that was taken out from the movie. Itís actually more of an alternate scene rather than a deleted scene and I have to say that this scene is a rare instance where I liked the deleted version better.

Seuss It Up drawing tutorial: Itís pretty self-explanatory, but you can learn how to draw like Dr. Seuss in this feature.

Let It Grow karaoke sing-a-long: Learn the words and sing-a-long to the song that plays at the end of THE LORAX.

On of the features is the inclusion of Three Mini-Movies. Those ďMini-MoviesĒ are:

ē Serenade
ē Wagon-Ho
ē Forces Of Nature

Wagon-Ho is a ďMini-MovieĒ thatís all about two of the bears from the film stealing The Once-lerís work wagon and going on a little joy ride. Itís a short and silly little film that definitely earns the title of ďMini-MovieĒ.

Forces of Nature is all about The Lorax and Pip pulling a prank on The Once-ler in an attempt to get him to leave the forest alone.

Serenade is a video starring two of the bears from the film (do we see a trend here) as they develop a crush on a she-bear and proceed to compete to win her heart by serenading her with a series of songs.

Illumination Mac Guff's Making of the Mini-Movies

The Get out of Town interactive game is another feature that sums up everything in the title. Kids (or adults) can play the game and try to get Ted out Thneed-ville. There are two other interactive games that are included in this set and those are Truffula Run and Once-Ler's Wagon .

O'Hare TV commercial interruptions on feature film: A feature thatís exactly what it sounds like. Commercials from the fictional OíHare Air company that play while youíre watching the movie.

Expedition To Truffula Valley interactive mode This allows you to explore places that you see in THE LORAX and it gives you access to stuff like Characters Bios and Artwork from the film. Additionally there are videos that you can watch outside of the film itself.

The last special feature included is a Commentary with co-directors Chris Renaud and Kyle Balda.
I think itís hard to enjoy THE LORAX as an adult since the movie spends the majority of its almost 90 minutes talking down to us. The original book by Dr. Seuss was, of course, a warning to kids about one of our possible futures, riddled with morals. However, reading it as a kid, I never got the impression that it was dumbing things down. The book is simple, sure, but at itís core itís a very intelligent book that takes a very mature subject and turns it into something that kids can understand and appreciate.

This version of THE LORAX conveys the general message that the book also conveyed, but it doesnít make you ponder anything, it just constantly screams THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES FOR YOUR ACTIONS (among other things) in your face. Sure, a kid would probably appreciate the film at face value because thereís singing, dancing, big eyed, adorable animals and all that, but I feel like thereís a very strong place where the demographic for this movie drops off.

I very much like the point that THE LORAX is trying to make, I just donít like how they made it.

EXTRA TIDBIT: You know what I learned at the end of this movie? The woodland creatures in Illumination Entertainmentís interpretation of Dr. Seussí THE LORAX really like marshmallows. That was the moral of the story, right? When woodland creatures try to eat your face, feed them marshmallows.
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