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The Osbournes (S2)
DVD disk
10.07.2004 By: JoBlo
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The second season of the monstrously popular MTV program “The Osbournes” continues to follow the family around the house and abroad, as Kelly gets a boyfriend and a career as a singer, Jack breaks his arm, nails chicks and goofs around, Ozzy keeps singing and fiddling around the house and Sharon, sadly, is diagnosed with cancer.
I was a major fan of THE OSBOURNES’ initial season, and even though the second season didn’t feel as fresh or natural as the first one, I got enough kicks out of it to recommend to anyone who enjoyed season one, or more importantly, still want to catch a glimpse of a celebrity family going through some of the ups and downs of fame. With only 10 episodes on this set, I actually expected a lot more drama, knowing that this was the season during which the family’s matriarch, Sharon, was diagnosed with cancer and Ozzy started drinking again (and Jack, apparently had his own demons to fight). Unfortunately, and I assume that had a lot to do with Sharon herself being one of the executive producers of the show, we didn’t get any insight into either man’s problems (although Ozzy’s health is very obviously deteriorating by the show—he just stands there staring into nothingness, many a time), with very little time devoted to Sharon’s possibly fatal health situation as well. I understand that they likely wanted to keep all of that “personal stuff” private, but as a “viewer” of their show, it definitely would have been another aspect of their lives that would have been interesting to explore and relate to. Disappointing.

The set did have some pretty cool episodes though including my personal favorites in which Kelly and the entire family go to Las Vegas (“It’s my birthday, mum!”) and the MTV Movie Awards ceremony, combined with Ozzy’s visit to an uppity Presidential White House Affair. The Big Fat Jewish Wedding show was also very good, and even a little touching when Sharon shared her vows with the audience, as was the episode in which Ozzy gets a little romantic and builds a beach fire for his ailing wife, and the one in which Kelly “snaps” after the deluge of responsibilities as a singer, ultimately get the better of her (this was a cool show because it provided some insight into the “darker” side of fame—oh, you actually have to work hard too??) I could have done without the continued emphasis on their pets though, but was glad that they finally explained who that skinny kid was always hanging around their house (he’s their adopted son Robert) Now if only they would clue us in on who that David Spade Irish look-alike assistant is and what he does, my so-called life would be complete.

All that to say that despite feeling a little cheated by the absence of some of the real-life drama that this family had to go through during this second season, I still enjoyed watching these folks, mostly because, just as in the first season, it’s so very obvious that there is nothing but love underneath their banter and that the concepts of respect, honor and compassion for one another, are forefront on their minds (yes, despite all the f*cks, sh*ts, c*nts, etc…) Oh yeah, and how about that cutie-pie Mandy Moore hanging out in Jack’s room that one night? Wow…nice going, bub!
Disappointingly less than what we got on the first Season set. Basically, each episode comes with a commentary track with Sharon and Kelly, but they're not really very chatty (especially in the later episodes, during which Ozzy and other daughter Amy also show up, but don't say much either). The one thing to note is that neither of the girls had seen any of the episodes before, so it's somewhat interesting to see them genuinely react surprised at certain aspects of their own lives (a little surreal too) Each episode can also be watched with the profanity censored or uncensored and for some very f**ked up reason, each show starts with the dialogue censored! (you have to go and switch it to uncensored every time) Did the folks who created this set realize that 99% of people out there who are renting/buying this set KNOW and WANT the swearing?!? Strange. The "Ozzy Translator" can also be added to each episode, by which captions on the screen let everyone in on what Ozzy is rambling about.

Disc number two includes about 30 minutes of extended and deleted scenes, most of which are actually quite cool to watch, since they’re R-rated stuff that they likely didn’t want to include on the real shows including dick talk with mum, dogs shagging one another, Sharon discussing her most recent Botox shots in her face, picking up shit in the afternoon, Ozzy practicing how to say “And the winner is…” for the Emmy’s and Sharon telling us how she would like to nail Conan O’Brien. Two games are also included on the second disc, one of which I couldn't figure out (has something to do with finding poop around the house), and a second one entitled "What the S%#@ Did he Say", which is a trivia game which allows the viewer to watch a clip of Ozzy saying something indecipherable during the show, after which you get to choose from 3 possible multiple choice answers. This was kinda fun, but pretty easy to figure out as well. A DVD-Rom game also allows you to "become a member" of the family and play along with each episode.
I think the end of this season is about the 14-minute mark of THE OSBOURNES' 15-minutes of great fame, and I only hope that they realize it themselves and don't drive their success and novelty into the ground like SEINFELD did during its final two seasons where every show was about "trying too hard to be Seinfeld". The family Osbourne is still interesting enough this time around though, and despite the set not really providing much in terms of extras, it's still worth a rental, especially if this very functional dysfunctional family amuses you still.
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