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The Rocker
BLU-RAY disk
02.19.2009 By: Sturdy
The Rocker order
Peter Cattaneo

Rainn Wilson
Jason Sudekis
Emma Stone


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Twenty years after he was unceremoniously dumped from his band, an aging drummer is asked to fill in for his nephew’s up and coming band. But his body can’t handle the wear and tear the life of a rock star requires and he eventually learns that it’s never too late to grow up.
Rainn Wilson is best experienced in small doses. He’s a funny guy, but watching him for two hours can be a bit tiresome. Although the film got off to an extremely rough start, it proved to be moderately enjoyable…much to the surprise of this reviewer. Let’s put it this way; there are worst comedies out there.

The story of THE ROCKER is a silly one to say the least, but not one that is out of the realm of possibility. There have been people that have been kicked out of bands that eventually went on to superstardom. And Pete Best’s cameo was very cool, by the way. I think there was a lot of material here and the what-could’ve-been storyline could have been its own movie. Then when they get into him trying to recapture the hard-rocking days of his dreams, it added even more comedic material for them to play with. So there was plenty of material to go around.

Unfortunately, neither source was fully explored and too much attention was spent on the other three members of the band. I would have liked more of a focus on him being miserable with his life, post-Vesuvius. Then, it would have been great had they given more time to him trying to get the three kids to be real “rockers”. I’m not saying they had to go hard-R, but a little more raunchiness here and there would have gone a long way with making people laugh.

Although it was disappointing to some degree, they managed enough success to be able to say this film was decently funny. Rainn Wilson is a funny guy and he has some moments where he really shines through. Jason Sudekis also had some good moments and I’m starting to like him more and more. If you can get past the ridiculous opening act, I think you’ll be surprised by this one.
Commentary with Peter Cattaneo and Rainn Wilson: This is more serious than the second commentary, but not by much. They focus on the movie and give a few interesting tidbits about the making of the film. I was really pleased with Rainn Wilson here because sometimes comedians try too hard on these commentaries and it gets annoying. He was naturally funny at times, but he wasn’t going out of his way to make you laugh. Overall, this is a good listen.

Commentary with Josh Gad, Teddy Geiger, Emma Stone and Jason Sudekis:This is a very lighthearted commentary with everyone giving some opinions and trying to make jokes. Jason tries to be the moderator, but the kids take over and it gets a little annoying. They keep it going, but I had a headache at the end of this.

MTV Panel (5:51): They did a satellite MTV special about the movie and one of the actors (Josh Gad) was having some technical difficulties. He overreacted like crazy and it was hilarious. He admitted he was an ass, but it was still great stuff.

Matt Gags (2:36): Josh Gad again gets a feature where he spats off various adlibs during the dinner scene. These were okay, but the funniest line was in the movie, so all of these were a little bush league.

Deleted Scenes (16:11): Meh, deleted scenes in comedies are usually deleted because they’re not funny and these are no exceptions. They would have furthered the story, but they were unnecessary.

Gag Reel (9:49): Ten minutes is long for a gag reel, but I dug this one a lot. Most of them are alternate takes, but most are really good. You have your usual flubbed lines, but overall it’s a good time.

Vesuvius Gags (4:08): Why do they bleep out some f-bombs but not others on these special features? Just wondering. These are the same thing as what we saw with the gag reel and deleted scenes, except they all feature Vesuvius. I didn’t find these very funny.

Pete Best Interview (6:44): I hope you know who Pete Best is, but if you don’t, he was a member of the Beatles and was kicked out of the band right before they made it big. He has a sad life story, but it was cool he showed up here and did a cameo in the film. Most of this is actually the actors talking about him and not so much him doing an interview, but it was fun.

Vesuvius PSA’s (1:11): I feel like I’ve seen this gag before, but I can’t remember what film did a bunch of funny PSA’s. Anyway, these were pretty funny and they cut them off before it got too long.

Rainn Wilson, Office Rocker (3:31): The cast of the movie hounds Rainn Wilson about his show and tries to get guest spots. I think most of these are staged, but they’re pretty good and well worth the quick 3 minutes.

Behind the Band (2:41): This is a cool VH1 Behind the Music rip-off of Vesuvius. It’s not hilarious, but it was entertaining enough.

Rock Tales (6:21): The cast talks about being a rock star. It’s kind of a fluff piece, but their responses were interesting and humorous enough to make it bearable.

Rock Beat With Fish Fisherman (2:31): I don’t know if “Rock Beat” is a real thing or not, but this is a fake interview with Rainn Wilson’s character. I think it tried a little hard, but Rainn Wilson fans might enjoy it.

Fox Movie Channel Presents: In Character With the Rocker (2:16): Two minutes of Rainn Wilson talking about the film. Blah.

The Music (11:15): The cast and crew talk about the music used in the film. They were right in saying it was an important part of the film, but I’m not sure I’d say the music was good music. They discuss it a little bit and give their thoughts on the music.

There are also some Previews, Podcasts and a Music Video
If you like Rainn Wilson in ‘The Office’, you’ll be able to get something out of this. It’s silly and stupid at parts, but it makes you laugh a few times and that’s all you can expect from a comedy like this.
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