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The Sorcerer's Apprentice
BLU-RAY disk
12.09.2010 By: J.A. Hamilton
The Sorcerer's Apprentice order
Jon Turteltaub

Nicolas Cage
Jay Baruchel
Alfred Molina


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Balthazar has been searching through the ages for the right pupil to become the greatest sorcererís apprentice who ever lived, one who could finally rid the world of an evil older than Balthazar himself. His search leads him to modern day New York where he meets Dave, the unlikeliest of candidates.
Iíve always been a fan of magic and Disney helped nurture this obsession for years while I was a kid watching The Wonderful World of Disney every Sunday night. The good news is that as I grew up so did Disney and with the help of Jerry Bruckheimer we all saw a very different side of Disney when THE PIRATES OF THE CARREBIAN came out. Bruckheimer has since remained allied with Disney and has shown me they certainly have more to offer with this past summerís THE PRINCE OF PERSIA film and now here with THE SORCERERíS APPRENTICE. Bottom line, the Disney train is still full of steam and I still love the ride.

The story instantly drew me in with the flashback to the old days when Merlin himself was training our main characters in the arts. Merlin doesnít get used much here but his presence did add an extra level of intrigue in my eyes (and if you love Merlin as much as I do, I hope youíre watching the TV series MERLIN which has been picked up for a third and fourth season). Bringing magic into the modern world can be a tough sell but the transition here not only made sense but worked without going overboard or getting ridiculous. The fact that Dave was the biggest science geek to ever live really helped their cause.

I wasnít sure about Nicolas Cage in the lead but I have to say this is the sort of role that suits him. Balthazar was a cool character and after seeing the trailer for SEASON OF THE WITCH, Iím hoping a dash of fantasy is just the thing Cage needs to bring him back into the spotlight. Jay Baruchel plays the exact same goofy character he always does so if youíve liked him in everything else youíll no doubt enjoy him here. I love Alfred Molina as a villain. I wasnít completely sold on the idea of him as Doctor Octopus at first but was blown away after watching SPIDERMAN 2. He was also one of the many highlights in Mel Gibsonís MAVERICK. Last but certainly not least, Iím always up for seeing Monica Bellucciís fine ass and rest assured she looks as sexy as ever.

THE SORCERERíS APPRENTICE is a good time for anyone who loves magic and fantasy. I dug the shout out to MAGIC THE GATHERING, despite the Chris Angel wannabe it represented. Little details like the ring, the urn and that doodle he drew on the bus window were all fun and what Disney fan wouldnít love the wink in FANTASIAís direction (though creatively TRUE BLOOD still holds the prize). I also dug the releasing of all those villains but I did feel that none of them lasted very long and for that reason ended up being forgotten almost as quickly as they were introduced. A sequel would definitely work here as most of this film is spent training Dave rather than having him do much of anything on his own. That said, his musical tone lighting show was pretty damn impressive.
Magic in the City: Here we explore the insane sets they created for the film as the cast and crew talk about how much fun it was to film in the Big Apple.

The Science of Sorcery: Here we get a lesson in the scientific side of magic as they explain the thought process behind Daveís Coil and Plasma Bolt machine.

Making Magic Real: Here we get an explanation and look at how they combined practical effects with top notch special effects to create some major film fireworks.

Fantasia: Reinventing a Classic: Here the cast and crew share their opinions of the original Disney cartoon and why they decided this was the perfect chance to pay homage to this classic.

The Fashionable Drake Stone: This is a look into the ridiculous fashion of Drake Stone. At least the guy was entertaining to watch.

The Grimhold: An Evil Work of Art: Here we explore the creative process behind the making of the Grimhold and the effects tied to the releasing of the each villain.

The Encantus: A look at the work that went into creating this cool looking book of spells. Now thatís one prop Iíd love to get my hands on.

Wolves and Puppies: Here we get to meet the animal talent used in the chase scene. These wolves sure are different from the ones in FROZEN.

The Worldís coolest Car: Here we find out that Nicolas Cage lent the crew his one of a kind Rolls Royce Phantom to use in the film.

Deleted Scenes: These were cool beans and at seven minutes long, why cut them? I particularly liked the ďSheís out of your leagueĒ nudge.

Outtakes: Three minutes consisting of a lot of laughter and many far more annoying noises. Ouch.

Previews: Thereís a Blu-ray commercial, some trailers, a 3D Timon & Pumba trailer as well as a DVD copy of the film.
Nicolas Cage is in top form and Jerry Bruckheimer brings his always fresh perspective to fantasy, action and comedy making this flick another gem in Disneyís crown. Thereís a lot here for both young and old so as always this Disney adventure is a worthwhile flick for the entire family.
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5:07PM on 12/12/2010


This movie was like all similar movies these days, all effects and brain-dead! I wonder how they get so many good actors to play in such crap...
This movie was like all similar movies these days, all effects and brain-dead! I wonder how they get so many good actors to play in such crap...
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12:48PM on 12/09/2010
This was a good review and may actually motivate me in getting the movie.
This was a good review and may actually motivate me in getting the movie.
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