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The Spongebob Squarepants Movie
DVD disk
03.01.2005 By: Quigles
The Spongebob Squarepants Movie order
Stephen Hillenburg

Tom Kenny
Bill Fagerbakke
Jeffrey Tambor


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Iíll be honest here; I donít think a plot involving a talking sponge with square pants really matters at all, and rather serves as an excuse for random and zany antics, but hereís the lowdown anyway: A tiny and evil villain named Plankton has just enacted his latest plan of world domination, this time involving stealing the royal crown of King Neptune. Worse still, it appears SpongeBobís boss, Mr. Krabs, has been framed to look like the culprit. Itís up to the miniature sponge dude, alongside his good buddy Patrick, to save the day. Oh yah, thereís also lots of other unimportant stuff going on too, some of which includes a biker with an attitude, robot drones, and bubbles. Will SpongeBob get back the crown? Will Plankton learn his lesson? Will parents impale themselves with rusty objects while their kids force them to watch this flick?
This FebruaryÖ coming to DVDÖ the entire world hangs in the balance ofÖ oneÖ absorbentÖ zanyÖ not to mention mentally unbalancedÖ SPONGE! Thatís right, folks! Itís time for SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS, but instead of a quickie 10-minute episode, we got ourselves a full hour and a half. Oh joy? Surprisingly, yes. Nothing quite compares to the insane ecstasy of watching, what at first would appear to be pure torture, the bizarre mishaps of the beloved sea-sponge. If you havenít yet experienced the ever-popular TV show, you probably have no idea what to expect. My first experience with it wasnít a happy one. In fact, I found it beyond annoying; almost to the point of wishing my intestines would burst out of my stomach and start singing show tunes (wow, I guess the after-effects of watching the movie still havenít worn off). I later decided to give it another chance and started to realize how clever much of the screenwriting is. The point being, before you immediately dismiss the show and/or movie as something stupid and unbearable, let it sink in a bit. The kid in you might begin to come out, and youíll probably even have an awesome time.

Nobody expects brilliant cinema when they see this type of movie, but with the solid writing, hilarious voice acting, and off-the-wall humor, the creator/director (Hillenburg) is certainly capable of it. I was astonished at how many crude, albeit mostly subtle, jokes there were (such as references to being drunk, Patrick being a hooker, making fun of rednecks, etc). I doubt the little kiddies will understand much of that stuff, so I guess it works out great on all accounts. The children get to enjoy the happy and wacky adventures, the teens have plenty of laughs with the witty writing, and even adults can have fun regressing to their younger years while watching. Sure, itís basically just an extended TV show, but the creator constantly finds interesting new ways to entertain its audience. Although, even with the non-stop humor, in the end, most people still prefer at least a little substance, something which the SPONGEBOB MOVIE has almost none of. Lacking substance isnít the only problem though; the film also gets pretty tiresome. The reason TV works so well is because itís perfect for people with non-existent attention spans. Unfortunately, the TV formula doesnít work so well for movies. I suggest taking a five-minute break during the movie, because there is only so much random wackiness that people can take in one sitting. A final, minor complaint is about the addition of the character Mindy (a loving and caring mermaid), voiced by Scarlett Johansson, who is, ironically, the most annoying character in the movie. That said, not everyone is going to enjoy a movie like this (I can actually guarantee many will hate it), but darned if Iím not one of the many viewers who has fallen in love the yellow, giddy, and spongey hero.
Sadly, the DVD lacks any real noteworthy extras to accompany the great flick (except for maybe the making-of featurette).

The Absorbing Tale Behind THE SPONGEBOB MOVIE (18:50) : Although mainly consisting of tons of interviews with the director and pretty much every voice actor, we also get to look at the making of the hilarious scene with David Hasselhoff. A lot of questions I had weíre answered, plus it was fun to see the people behind the voices.

Case of the Sponge ďBobĒ (14:50): If you can get through the horrendously acted and painful two-minute intro, this is pretty cool to watch. Think of it as the ďeducationalĒ featurette to please the parents. Itís basically an underwater exploration of the sea creatures used in the movie, but clears up the details to make sure children know that the movie isnít a fact-based translation of them.

Animatics (20:31): We get 8 of them, played one after the other. I liked watching them mostly because we get different people doing the voices every time. If you get bored, make sure to skip to the final one and not just back to the menu (itís a deleted scene).

Saving the Surf (3:37): Good for kids to watch. Teaches about taking care of our oceans and such.

We also get a funny Teaser Trailer and two Previews.
I donít know how many kids care about special features, but I do know that many older fans will be wishing for more in that department (seeing as how we got only four things to really look at). The movie itself shouldnít disappoint any fans though. I donít know how much the movie will convert non-fans, but I do think they should give it a try. Iíve heard people call the film many different things, varying from obnoxiously annoying, surprisingly hilarious, and even ďthe best f****** movie ever madeÖ EVER!Ē While I may not agree with the latter, I do agree this movie brought to me an odd sense of joy and wonder. It made me feel like a hyper little tyke who had just drunk 23 melted chocolate bars, right before indulging in cotton candy by the pound. If thatís not a feeling worth experiencing, then I donít know what is.
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