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There's Something About Mary (SE)
DVD disk
10.08.2004 By: JaneBlo
There's Something About Mary (SE) order
Bobby & Peter Farrelly

Cameron Diaz
Ben Stiller
Matt Dillon


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THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY tells the story of a beautiful, sweet blond girl named Mary and all of the hilarious adventures that the different men who love and pursue her, go through as they try to win her heart. A very cute dog named Puffy steals some scenes along the way.
I loved this film when it came out a few years ago, and upon re-watch, I am still not sick of it. It's that funny! This to be expected from the Farrelly Brothers, who also gave the world DUMB AND DUMBER and KINGPIN. These guys are obvious experts in the gross-out jokes and political incorrectness arena. Laughing out loud during any movie is not something I often experience, but this was one of the few exceptions.

Cameron Diaz as Mary is excellently cast. She is adorable and sweet throughout the entire movie, as well as a constant source of sunshine and joy. Ben Stiller as the ill-fated Ted is also brilliant as he lives through one embarrassing moment after another, most notably the infamous “zipper scene” as well as countless others. For me though, Matt Dillon really stood out in this film, he is amazing as the sleazy private eye who ends up wearing huge, blindingly white teeth during most of the film. Matt should definitely do more comedy, if you ask me. I really loved the part when he tries to seduce Mary by showing her his compassionate side, whilst referring to the disabled as “retards” and “mongols” or any of the scenes in which he drugs and electrocutes Puffy the dog, cuddles him in a warm blanket and sets him on fire. Funny stuff. Puffy, as well as his owner, the eternally tan Magda, are also priceless. Another sequence worth mentioning is the interrogation scene between Ted, two cops and one major misunderstanding. Again, incredibly well executed and so very funny.

Others characters worth mentioning are Chris Elliot, who plays Ted’s friend Dom and is plagued by hives and other issues (shoe fetish) and one of my favorites, despite his small role, Mary’s father, played by Keith David, who is so very good at “fucking with people”. I loved his role! All in all, this film offers the viewer one laugh after another, as well as quirky additions such as a cameos by Brett Favre, musical interludes between some scenes and more. This is a sweet, hilarious movie which I highly recommend to anyone who have not seen it before as well as those who have. The jokes do not get old after first viewing and certainly kept me entertained throughout.

The directors’ audio commentary by the Farrelly Brothers is included with the theatrical version as well as the extended film version on Disc I. I thought this was quite funny, with plenty of cool little known facts about the film and few pauses. Very entertaining for a true Mary fan.

The writers’ audio commentary by Ed Decter and John J. Strauss was quite dry and overbearing. I did not like it as much as the directors’ audio comments. It wasn’t that funny either.

Alternate beginning is a clay-animated title sequence which is pretty cool to check out. I much prefer the opening that was used though.

You can watch either the theatrical or extended version of this film on this disc (an additional 15 minutes of never-before-seen footage is added to the latter), but as far as I'm concerned, the extra scenes were not necessary for the movie to be whole or even funnier. I can definitely see why they were originally removed from the theatrical release. A couple of the additional scenes which I noticed include Dillon fondling Mary’s boobs, which wasn’t all that funny and Jeffrey Tambor high on drugs, next to a fridge...again, not that funny.


Getting Behind Mary: This is a 43-minute diary of the behind-the-scenes stuff and includes conversations with Matt Dillon, Cameron Diaz but mostly shows interaction between the actors and directors and how some of the most notable scenes were shot. Some of it was funny such as the Ben Stiller gay reststop scene, but some of it was tedious and too long, as in the shooting of the batting scene. Overall, this should be interesting for any true die-hard Mary fan, otherwise nothing to write home about.

Backstory: There’s Something about Mary : I really enjoyed this segment because it is packed with fun facts, funny moments and information on how the movie started, how the cast was picked and how the first Mary test screening went. This part is short and sweet, skipping from one fun fact to another in an easy and interesting manner. Very enjoyable.

Comedy Central: Reel Comedy: Here we have actor Harland Williams (who plays the hitch-hiker Ted picks up in his car) interviewing the main actors and the directors of the film. It is only somewhat interesting and again, worth watching if you are a major fan of this film.

Best Fight: Ben Stiller and Puffy the Dog: This is taken from the MTV Movie Awards in which Ben Stiller wins the award for best fight scene with Puffy. We see the clip from the awards as well as a hilarious skit called “The Making of Puffy” which is a treat to watch and again, quite hilarious.

Marketing Mary: Includes a variety of Mary material such as the theatrical trailer, the TV spots, and all the different THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY movie posters that exist. I enjoyed seeing these, quite a variety of different TV spots and posters too.

Special Features:

This DVD is also loaded with a whole list of special features, some of which are amazing, while some are not. They include such things as the “Build Me Up Buttercup” Karaoke video, a Dandy Warhols music video, movie outtakes, a conversation with Brett Favre, an interview with Harland Williams, a segment with Jonathan Richman and Tommy Larkins (the two dudes singing at different intervals throughout the movie), a SFX feature called “Puffy, Boobs and Balls”, Around the World with Mary where we can view the movie’s final scene in eight different languages, as well as Behind the Zipper, a feature hosted by Magda, not Lin Shaye, that talks about what else...the zipper scene. I have to say that I found this last one to be the funniest feature of all because they actually go around interviewing several medical specialists about Ted’s condition, the 'Franks and Beans' deal as it became known forever after. The feature that bored me the most was the Up a Tree segment with the two musicians, worth skipping altogether if you ask me. The movie outtakes are definitely worth checking out though. Fun times.

If you love a whole truckload of funny features and all kinds of interesting facts about the film, then you couldn’t ask for a better DVD set than this one. It will keep you in stitches for hours on end and includes plenty of information for everyone.
I believe that any true comedy lover and die-hard THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY fan should own this 2-disc DVD Collector's Edition of the film. For me, it is a comedy classic, without question, and I only hope there will be follow-up to it one day – although I'm usually against sequels. Pick this baby up as soon as you have a chance and let the laughs begin!
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