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V: Season 1
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11.25.2010 By: J.A. Hamilton
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Elizaboeth Mitchell
Morris Chestnut
Morena Baccarin


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Visitors from another planet drop in Independence Day style claiming to be of peace. While most of the human race is instantly fooled by these false prophets a handful of us, led by a feisty detective and a rogue visitor resistance become hell bent on exposing the Vís for what they truly are.
The initial trailers for V got me pretty stoked for a couple of reasons; one, I can vaguely remember the watching the eighties series at my grandparentís house when I was a kid. I donít remember much other than Robert Englundís character Willie, seeing one of the Vís eat worms and a part of the intro where a chick in black leather gets shot four or five times in the back as sheís getting into a helicopter. These were all very cool things when I was a kid. The second reason is because I love a good alien based film or TV series and itís been awhile since I saw something this interesting turn up on television. The first season of V isnít without its faults but itís definitely a show that caught and still has my attention.

The idea of aliens just showing up without their guns blazing is in itself pretty damn cool. Yes, the Vs are going on about peace to our faces, straight from the mouth of their hot female queen (a clever ruse) who just happens to be bearing gifts like special forms of healing and sweet ass technology which just so happens to become rather biblical in the eyes of those desperate to believe in something. For me, this is where V became interesting. The religious overtones used for this series are one hundred and ten percent believable. People want to believe in a higher power and yet are more inclined to believe what they can actually see. The Vís know this, theyíre as smart and cunning as they are ruthless, using our own fears, prejudices and ignorance against us, a game plan that came together all too easily.

Juliet became one of my favourite characters on LOST so naturally I was happy to see Elizabeth Mitchell score the lead here. She plays a cop well and a distraught mother even better but sheís also a good leader and a hero you can root for. The fifth column is a cool wild card with Morris Chestnut running point. It only makes sense to have some of the Vís revolt as the humans alone would no doubt get slaughtered. I dug the turncoats on the ship (the emotional testing was a nice touch) especially when Annaís own daughter gets in too deep. Being a SMALLVILLE fan, Laura Vandervoort is also obviously a favourite and seeing as how she also played an alien in SMALLVILLE, this shouldnít have been much of a stretch for her. Her characterís path went about how I figured it would (that torture bit near the end of the season was brutal) but her relationship with Ericaís son was the weak point of the series for me.

V SEASON ONE is full of surprises and tons of cool Sci-Fi stuff for the alien lover at heart. The special effects were bang on here, especially when it came down to the Vís advanced weaponry (loved the exploding grenade bombs). I was really hoping to see a V in full out lizard mode (maybe next season) but was more than impressed and content with the scene involving Ericaís partner when they peeled a bit of his face away. There are more than enough cool concepts (Annaís eggs and super soldiers), moral questions (God vs. Aliens), action and intrigue (loved that our fate is partially in the hands of a rogue mercenary who ended up being one of the showís biggest assets) to satisfy this happy camper and though some people may not have been sold, Iím looking forward to season two. Again, itís not perfect but itís certainly worth a watch if you dig anything Iíve been selling.
Breaking Story: The World of V: Both the writers and producers break down the process of creating this unique world via scripts, writing and individual scenes. Some of the individual effects for a single episode took as much as ten days to shoot, now thatís hardcore.

An Alien in Human Skin: The Makeup FX of V: Here weíre given a taste of what it takes to make a lizard look human. Itís been twenty five years since the original show and weíve certainly come a long way. I canít wait to see a V in full lizard form.

The Visual FX of V: One thing that set this series apart from other TV shows for me is the time and effort put into the FX. This show looks fantastic, the crew involved worked hard and it shows.

The Actorís Journey from Human to V: Here we go through a series of flash interviews with all the actors where they express their thoughts about the original series and what it was like to reinvent a cult phenomenon.

Deleted Scenes: Thereís over fifteen minutesí worth spread over both discs but nothing really stands out which is common for TV deleted scenes. If theyíd been crucial, theyíd have stayed in. Thereís also a commentary for episode eleven, Fruition, which offers some insight and ties to the next season.
Like I said, V isnít perfect, but letís be honest here this is TV and meant to simply entertain. On that level V worked for me and from what I can see, fans of the original series feel the same way. Like most pilot seasonís, it does take time to build a foundation but this show has a lot going for it and should do well with season two.

Extra Tidbit: Robert Englund needs to make a cameo appearence in season 2, that would be badass.
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