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X-Files: I Want To Believe
BLU-RAY disk
01.16.2009 By: Sturdy
X-Files: I Want To Believe order
Chris Carter

David Duchovny
Gillian Anderson
Amanda Peet


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Mulder is contacted by the FBI to assist in solving a series of strange murders. Their only help on the case is a man who claims to see premonitions regarding the murders. But his troubled past casts doubts on his abilities and Mulder is finding out that the life of an FBI agent is no longer the life he wants.
The second X-Files film took a lot of slack this past summer from critics and fans alike. It was nothing short of a box-office disappointment, although that can mainly be attributed to the horrible marketing job from Fox. However, even if it had received the five-star marketing treatment, I’m not sure it would have been successful.

I think the biggest mistake with the film is with the basic philosophy on the film. Chris Carter wanted to go backwards and make a standalone film that told a story. He abandoned the running drama and conspiracy storyline that had made the series so popular. If he had focused on the conspiracy stories and fixed some of the wrongs the last two seasons committed, I think they would have had an easier time getting fans back in the theaters. Instead, we didn’t have a reason to catch up with Scully and Mulder because they’ve basically been living a normal life since the series finale. If we had picked up the end-of-the-world scenario and alien conspiracies, I think fans would have been more excited about seeing their favorite FBI agents.

As it was, the movie was very reminiscent of the first couple of seasons of the show with a horror-esque storyline that starts and stops with the movie. This was great when the show started, but as the show evolved, the stories got more complex and intricate, each time peeling back a layer from our heroes. This film did not do that. So in essence, the film took a major leap backward and the progression that the series made was lost in hopes of telling a scary story. Unfortunately, the story itself is average at best and wasn’t enough to carry the film.

But it’s not all completely disappointing. X-Files fans get a glimpse into the personal lives of Scully and Mulder, which is a welcomed treat for those of us that have been with them since the beginning. Their witty dialogue shines through at times and makes for some nice, nostalgic moments that hark back to the show’s heyday. Even though the film didn’t wow me, I enjoyed watching Scully and Mulder together again. They’re two of my favorite TV characters of all time and it was nice to give them a better ending than what they got during the series finale.
Picture-in-Picture Commentary with Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz: If you’ve watched these guys before, you know you’re in for an in-depth commentary that will cover just about everything in the film. I watched this after the big featurette, so a lot of the information was repeated. However, they still managed to find movie-specific information that was very interesting.

Deleted Scenes (5:53): For a split second, I thought they were going to mention Scully’s baby and I got super excited, then they didn’t and I got dissappointed again. There are three scenes, all of which further (slightly) the story. They’r okay, but nothing special.

Trust No One: Can the X-Files Remain a Secret? (86:01): Everything you wanted to know about this film, and more. This is good if you don’t know all the drama that went on with Fox and the X-Files. Basically, they wanted to make the movie around season 9, but contract hiccups and other problems made it impossible. They touch a lot on the security around the set, but they could’ve used some more publicity and this made me think that their efforts to be secret hindered their word of mouth publicity. But this long featurette is pretty good and a must see for fans of the series.

Chris Carter: Statement on Green Production (6:16): Chris talks about the lengths he and Fox went to in order to make the production environmentally friendly. I’m big on recycling, so I appreciate their efforts. I’m not sure we needed a separate featurette talking about it, but we got one.

Body Parts: Special Makeup Effects (8:12): The effects guys stand by a pile of fake, dead bodies and talk about what they did to make them and when they were used. It’s pretty interesting for effects people, but I’m not sure it was environmentally friendly…

Gag Reel (9:49): Most gag reels are pretty typical, but every now and again, you get some cool actors who are just fun to watch, no matter what they’re doing. Duchovny and Anderson are two of those actors. They’re great together and it was nice anytime they were onscreen. Good times.

Agent Dakota Whitney’s Files (BD-Live) (31:28): These are readable “files” that mainly contain brief bios on characters in the film. It allows you to post messages that others can read and things like that. Meh, it’s okay, but I wanted more behind-the-scenes type stuff and wasn’t really in the mood to type my thoughts about specific characters from the movie.

In-Movie Features: If you select this, you have the option of pressing certain buttons on your remote that will take you to various features. I watched it for a little while, but I’m not a huge fan of this feature. I’d rather have them come up effortlessly while the movie plays.

Complete X-Files History: This is probably the best feature on the disc. It goes through every single episode and shows a clip from each one along with a detailed, written description. You can go through the entire series one episode at a time without changing discs. Very, very, very cool.

There are some Previews and a Music Video set to images
Casual X-Files fans will be sorely disappointed with the film, but I think die-hard X-Philes will appreciate it enough to get something out of it. It’s not the movie that most of us would have preferred, but it’s more Mulder and Scully, and that’s never a bad thing.
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