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Xena: Warrior Princess (S6)
DVD disk
03.16.2005 By: JaneBlo
Xena: Warrior Princess (S6) order

Lucy Lawless
Renee O Connor
Kevin Smith


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In the sixth and final season of the television series Xena Warrior Princess, Xena (Lucy Lawless) and her partner in life, Amazon Queen Gabrielle (Renee O’Connor) continue to fight tyranny and injustice throughout the ancient world. In their journeys to far and exotic lands, the two meet up with and fight or befriend all kinds of cool characters that we Xenites have come to know and love throughout the years. This final season of the series is no exception, and even includes the most “guest” characters ever seen before. Enjoy the last ride of Xena!
This sixth and final season of Xena Warrior Princess is as amazing as the previous seasons have been, if not better. Many elements make this possible, particularly the humor and jumping around from time period to time period, it’s imaginative and fun. The Xena story-lines have always been exciting, full of action, drama, special effects and sometimes even romance, humor and music. This is a witty, well-acted and beautifully filmed show with gorgeous actors and scenery to boot. How can I not love it? I really liked that many of the recurring characters from the series return in this final season, such as Xena’s daughter Eve, Varia the Amazon, Grinhilda the Valkyrie, Ares and Aphrodite from Mount Olympus, Lucifer, the Archangel Michael and so many more. Caligula is particularly cool, as played by guest star Alexis Arquette.

One of my favorite episodes is “You Are There” because not only does it mix the 21st Century with the ancient times, (no concept of linear time, illogical, but fun stuff) it also finally addresses the issue of the true nature of Xena and Gabrielle’s relationship, are they or are they not lovers? You’ll have to see for yourself. In it, this reporter Nigel is doing a modern day investigative report on Xena, complete with super funny interviews with everyone from angels to devils to Ares, who’s hilarious in this episode. He’s mortal, drunk and out of control. My other favorite show was “Old Ares Had a Farm” because it again features Ares, the God of War, one of my favorites (R.I.P. Kevin Smith) who’s simply great in this episode, really funny. My least favorite show would have to be “The Abyss” because it had evil cannibals in it who were trying to make lunch out of Gabrielle. I disliked it because it was gross and made me lose my appetite. Xena’s daughter Eve is featured heavily in the first four shows of this season, and it was cool to see a trio of them instead of the usual Xena and Gabby duo. In the third disc of this set, “The Ring Trilogy”, Xena goes to the Norse lands and we have everything Valkyrie and Valhalla and Odin here, a theme I truly loved. Finally, seeing heavenly creatures and demons such as archangels and Lucifer and Mephistopheles with their great big wings, and the Valkyirie horse fights in the dusky sky, were also sights to behold and only added to my appreciation and love of the show.
Interviews with cast and crew, audio/video commentaries with cast and crew: Most episodes of this season feature either an audio commentary by the cast and crew or a video commentary with interviews and in some instances, an episode will feature both audio and video commentaries. These bonuses add the final element to an already jam-packed DVD set. Illuminating, funny and at times informative, these interviews and commentaries will delight any true Xena fan.

Xena Convention 2004: A 15-minute look at what makes the true Xena fan come back to these conventions year after year. It’s wild how far some Xenites will travel to meet their idols and participate in all things Xena.

Xena Season One Original TV Promo: A two-minute promo that establishes exactly what the show is about. A nice bonus.

Bringing Monsters to Life at K.N.B EFX Group: A tour of the special effects studio in California that’s responsible for the Xena series’ special effects and costuming. This third part focuses on the making of the mermaid’s tail and other fishy props from the episode “Married with Fishsticks”. A cool extra that is approximately twenty minutes long.

In the Beginning: Original interviews from Season One: A short feature with interviews with Rob Tapert, the series’ creator, executive producer and husband of one Lucy Lawless, as well as with Lucy herself and Renee O’Connor.

Bloopers: Five minutes of so-so bloopers that weren’t funny.

Alternate Director’s Cuts: The alternate cuts for three episodes: “Dangerous Prey”, “Legacy” and “To Helicon and Back”.

Final Episode B-Roll: On the Set of the Final Episode: A half hour detailed look at the making of the series’ last show, the one that director Rob Tapert says was the most ambitious episode ever for Xena, in terms of costuming, set building and special effects. The scale of it is more like a feature film than a TV show. One very exciting and informative feature.

“To Helicon and Back” Dailies: One episode’s dailies are featured, too long and not interesting enough to include in this box set in my opinion.

“A Friend in Need” Final Episode Director’s Cut

CD-ROM with Actor, Director & Writer Bios, Series Trivia, Xena Chronicles, and Extensive Original Production Designs and Sketches.
This ten-disc collector’s edition will keep one well entertained with over 22 episodes and loads of special features. From Xena’s dark clash with Mephistopheles and Lucifer in “The Haunting of Amphipolis” and “Heart of Darkness” to her heroic act of martyrdom in the shocking series finale “A Friend in Need”, Season Six bids farewell in classic Warrior Princess-style.

This is a very special DVD set seeing as it’s the last season of this amazingly cool series. Xena Warrior Princess has been an inspiring and exciting show that has had a big impact on many young females, not to mention others. Not since Wonder Woman has there been such a strong, inspirational female role model on television. I have thoroughly enjoyed the adventures of Xena and Gabrielle over the years. Now when’s the movie coming out?
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