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10.07.2004 By: The Arrow
Zoolander order
Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller
Owen Wilson
Will Ferrell


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Male nitwit supermodel Derek Zoolander (Stiller) loses the "Model of the Year" award to daredevil newcomer Hansel (Wilson). That sets Derek’s downfall into motion as he embarks on a quest to find out if there’s more to life than being really, really, really, ridiculously good looking. To make matters worse, he’s been unwillingly brainwashed by fashion guru Mugatu (Ferrell) to assassinate the new Malaysian Prime Minister at an upcoming fashion shin-dig (Mugatu needs him out to keep child labor going for his clothing production). Wow! It’s hard being a top model! “That’s Hansel, he’s so hot right now!”
Of all the film genres out in the house, comedy, in my opinion, is the most subjective. What will make one person laugh won’t necessarily crack another up. Keep that in mind as I praise my favorite comedy of last year: Zoolander. Man, I haven’t laughed this hard since I heard Hugh Grant got pinched picking up a hooker a while back. Ben Stiller is, without a doubt, a freaking comedic genius! This flick’s got everything on its side. Acting-wise, Stiller’s portrayal of simpleton hottie Derek Zoolander is fall-off-your-toilet funny. Owen Wilson is also on the ball as the too kool for school Hansel. He’s not the smartest stud on the block but straight up…can you think of anybody kooler than Hansel? I sure can’t. And the whipped cream on this cinematic fruitcake is definitely eccentric fashion designer Mugatu played by the always very competent Will Ferrell. Everything about that silly queen had me tearing up in laughter. From his hair, his outfits, his poodle and of course, his immortal line: “That’s Hansel, he’s so hot right now”. All of the actors obviously improvised a good portion of the material found in the film, giving it that extra comedic edge.

Substance-wise, the flick pokes fun at the modeling industry and its superficial values with high wit. It’s also not afraid to push that PG-13 rating to its peak (the orgy scene, the Malaysian subplot). Tag to that, some hilarious VH1 Fashion Awards reels (Hansel’s rocked!), cameos galore (from Billy Zane to Winona Ryder and many more!), a side-splitting underground runway competition between Derek and Hansel, a burst-your-belly-laughing gas station sequence fiasco (I’ll never listen to "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" by George Michael the same way), gnarly appearances by David Duchovny and Jerry Stiller (Ben’s dad), some good rollicking pop tunes, loads of memorable lines (Hansel: "Who you trying to get crazy with, esse? Don’t you know I’m loco?"), colorful sets/directing, a whacked-out brainwashing sequence with Mugatu going all out (loved his little girl outfit) and of course, Derek’s incredibly powerful modeling looks (Blue Steel was the shite but Magnum blew my socks off) and you get a film that’s silly, but undeniably 100% fun! My only pet peeve with this laugh riot is that it kind of loses a bit of its steam at the hour mark with all that file business, but fortunately the flick quickly sucked me back in with its closing runway set piece. Yes, you guessed it; I’m in love with this Zoolander! It made my night! “That’s Hansel, he’s so hot right now!”
Hold on to your makeup kit and your Prada shoes… here we go!

Commentary by Ben Stiller and writers Drake Sather and John Hamburg: Ben and company talk about the controversy regarding the Malaysian subplot, the birth of the characters’ names, where the idea for the film came from, the scenes that were cut out, the cameos, trivia about the locations, the shoot (the poodle wears a wig), insight into the production and comments on the actors (the part of Hansel was written for Owen Wilson). All in all, this feature length commentary is mucho interesting.

Deleted scenes: We get 5 deleted scenes with optional commentary by Ben Stiller telling us why the scenes got cut out and at the same time giving us some kool trivia. The scenes are: Additional VH1 Interviews (fashion show whore Moby gets in there), Hansel and Winona (freaking hilarious, they improved that one), Moomba (an additional scene of Derek trying to get in a bunch of VIP rooms to confront Hansel), Additional Mine Montage (a few snippets of Derek making an ass out of himself in the mines) and Zoolander Center (with Duchovny coming back in the end, looking like shite…lol). A solid extra.

Extended Scenes: Here we get 5 scenes that were cut down with optional Ben Stiller commentary in which he explains why he had to snip-snip. The scenes are: Earth to (Derek explaining his “looks” to Matilda), Matilda and Archie (did you know that Archie was obsessed with Matilda? You’ll know now), Alternate Brainwash (Will Ferrell is just a funny dude), Walk-Off Elvis/Fosse (more walk-off moves).

Outtakes: This six minute montage of bloopers and ruined takes had me rolling on the floor. Especially when it came to the Mugatu sequences. This guy kills me!

VH1 Fashion Awards Skits: Here we get two fake skits about Derek Zoolander. The 1996 one features Derek talking about his looks and the strenuous work he does to perfect them. The 1997 one is a fake commercial for Derek’s modeling school where we see him interacting with his students and teaching us about the hardships of modeling. FUNNY!

Promotional Spots: Here we get 6 Public Service Announcements (Zoolander on Racism, Zoolander on Dating, that kind of thang). 3 MTV Cribs where we visit Derek in his apartment. Wait until you see how he plays chess…lol. And we also get 6 Interstitials where we see Ben Stiller interview Derek Zoolander (3 skits), Matilda talk about Derek (we get to see Derek do “La Tigra”…YEAH!!!!), Mugatu blab about world domination and Derek messing up his lines. Again…great stuff!

And last but not least, we get a gnarly Photo Gallery, a Music Video for “Start The Commotion” by The Wiseguys and an Alternate End Title Sequence with that wacky Mugatu dancing his ass off. Go white boy, go white boy go! Wrap all of those goodies up in a way slick, colorful animated menu with Derek explaining what all of the options mean (so funny) and other characters popping in, and you get one hell of a DVD. Paramount has really outdone themselves here.
The DVD is of high quality and is beyond packed with treats. If you dug the movie, you have to get it! The film itself is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. It’s filled to the brim with memorable lines, characters and comedic shenanigans. It's way up there in terms of repeat viewing value, that’s fer sure (I know I’ll watch this candy very often). If you dig Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and your comedy in the "so stupid, it’s hilarious" vein, then hit Zoolander like a runway model on crackers. You won’t regret it. It sure slapped a wide smile on my face. “That’s Hansel, he’s so hot right now!”
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