07-23-2015 until 08-23-2016

Hey everyone!

After more than 12 years as part of the JoBlo Movie Network, we have been forced to shut down our forums because we don't have any more support from the people at vBulletin (the creators of said forums) and Google's recent algorithm change deemed our forums "spammy" (due to the amount of spam and "low quality content" as they call it), which affects the rest of our site since they're both on the same domain (www.joblo.com).

We thank everyone for their love and support of these discussion forums from day 1, despite it clearly losing much of its audience over the past few years anyway, and hope you will stick around the MFC for more movie fan loving.

We will likely shut the forums down by next Wednesday July 29th, 2015.

Our intention is to look into newer, spiffier options for discussion forums, but they would be under the MFC, www.moviefancentral.com, which actually makes a lot more sense, since that's where most of the social interaction is happening with fans of the site.


Berge Garabedian aka JoBlo
CEO/Founder JoBlo Movie Network

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