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The Heart Collector
07-16-2007, 11:09 AM
ruled dick.


07-16-2007, 12:39 PM

07-16-2007, 12:49 PM
I care.

Did you see Gza play Liquid Swords?

SY do Daydream Nation?


07-16-2007, 01:33 PM
Wish I went. Yeah how was Sonic Youth?

The Heart Collector
07-16-2007, 10:05 PM
I didn't go on Friday b/c Saturday was my birthday and I wanted to at least be able to hang out with all my friends who weren't going Saturday (basically all my friends except one), as I don't really have the energy to leave on Saturday and go party it up at night.


Twilight Sad - caught two songs. It was pretty competent, nothing too exciting though. Partly because those weren't songs I like a lot. I'd say 7/10.

Voxtrot - technically a good set, but it felt really short. Also, they didn't play a lot of my favorites, which is a considerable achievement for a band that barely has twentysomething songs. They were more energetic than I thought they'd be. 7.5/10

Battles - this was pretty good, but they had some sound issues. Also, a lot of their stuff is instrumental which can get boring. The best part was Atlas. Some asshole cameraman was in front of the drummer for almost the entire show, though. 7.5/10

Iron & Wine - this sucked. I only saw like 3 songs but yeah, I dunno. I haven't paid attention to his last releases but this wasn't the soft, cute acoustic Iron & Wine, he had a band and some girl singing with him and stuff, and it just sounded really bland and boring. 4/10.

Mastodon - yeah this fucking ruled. They played really well, had a lot of energy, and had the crowd eating out of their hand. 8.5/10

Clipse - really good. Another crowd-pleaser, they had people engaged and also played some old mixtape stuff. I'm not that familiar with their stuff so can't rank it higher than 8/10.

Dan Deacon - ok, here's where things get lame. Dan Deacon was in the smaller stage, and they should have known that the small stage was gonna get crowded with Girl Talk. Since Deacon played on the FLOOR (which, at a festival, has to be the stupidest thing I've heard of), I couldn't see anything. And since he's just pressing some buttons or whatever, it sounded like a radio playing. Crap. 2/10

Girl Talk - biggest disappointment. The only set I was really looking forward too, it was so crowded that you couldn't even see the stage. So crowded that they repeatedly asked people to back off, and cut the volume to such a ridiculous level that I couldn't hear anything, and I wasn't even that far away. Not only that, but none of this was really addressed, from what I can remember. He certainly didn't say anything. Fuck, I barely could tell that he started "playing". Just terrible all-around. 1/10.

Yoko Ono - I heard one song and ran away. Terrible. 1/10.


Deerhunter - heard their last two songs. It was decent, though I'm not a huge fan. They had the guy from Grizzly Bear (who are a tremendously boring band) with them for the last one. I guess that's sorta noticeable. 7/10.

The Ponys - a really short set, but understandable. They played a lot of the better tracks from their newest album, and like 2 old ones I think. It was pretty good in terms of performance, but there were lots of sound issues. Bass wasn't working at first, and then like half the amps just shut off midway through a song. It was still enjoyable for the most part, though. 7.5/10

Menomena - I heard like three songs. They were ok, I guess. I dunno, I'm not a huge fan. I thought it was kinda bland. 6/10.

Junior Boys - this was really good. I don't like their albums a whole lot, but this was a lot louder and energetic. Performance-wise, one of the best and a pleasant surprise. HOWEVER, this was the same stage as The Ponys and apparently they were still having sound issues, because the set was really short (maybe 35-40 minutes) and then they had to fix that. 8/10

Jamie Lidell - this was really good too. He was pretty crazy, had some ridiculous robe and giant glasses on, and was either singing and spazzing out, or making noise with his mixer. He played some extended versions of songs and was very lively. I thought this was one of the best sets. 9/10.

Stephen Malkmus - I took a nap during this one. It wasn't bad, actually it was rather soothing. Not gonna rate it.

Of Montreal - finally sold me. I hated the band because of Sunlandic Twins, but this was a great show. I liked the theatrics of it, and also the songs sounded a lot more full than what I typically hear from them. A lot of stuff from the new album. 9/10

New Pornographers - Well, it wasn't the full lineup, which is really disappointing. I figured since this was almost a headlining gig, they'd have everyone, but no. On the other hand, they performed really well. Played a lot of stuff from the new album, but it had a hell of a lot more energy/balls than it does in the album. No amazing showmanship or anything, but it was very uplifting. I'd say 8/10.

Didn't stick around for De La Soul.

In general:

- food/water/beer was reasonable, and lines weren't ridiculous or anything.
- the amount of people was manageable. you could watch a set, and then walk to the next stage and watch it at a reasonable distance. unlike the other big Chicago festival (Lollapalooza) were you have to 'save spots' and stuff like that, Pitchfork is relatively easygoing.
- too many sound issues. 4 bands I saw had clear sound problems, and others had short sets probably stemming from that fact. since i wasn't dying to see any of the bands nor was i under the impression that what i was gonna get would equal seeing the band as a headliner of their own club show, i wasn't terribly offended by it, but still.
- bad headliner planning. girl talk is too big a headliner (especially when placed against yoko ono, of all people) to put him in a small stage like that. that entire episode was just a debacle. yoko ono as a headliner is ridiculous, too. it reminded me of os mutantes last year. it's an idea that works in theory, but in practice it doesn't work.

I would say the headliner issue is the main problem with Pitchfork. I've gone two years in a row, and it more or less dies out in the end, as opposed to other big festivals (including Lollapalooza) which only get better as the day progresses. I don't think most of the headliners Pitchfork has had (i'm not counting Friday b/c that was the ATP thing) make any sense. Silver Jews? Os Mutantes? Yoko Ono? De La Soul?

I just don't understand how hard can it be to get someone like The Arcade Fire to headline. or The Shins. The Decemberists. Modest Mouse. Just like, a popular indie act. It feels like they're doing too much 'stunt' headlining. De La Soul is the better choice out of those 4, but even though Pitchfork would like to believe the 20,000 people going to their festival are very well-versed in music, De La Soul is a rap band, and not one connected to the indie world in any meaningful way.

I would say that, for the cost (40 dollars for two days) Pitchfork is still very reasonable, and it's a lot more 'relaxed' than Lollapalooza or any other big festival, but it's main problem is that it just dies out. I would say though that, considering the low price, it's worth it to go. If you're from the city the price is ridiculous, and if you're from out of town your main big expense is airfare, b/c 2 $5 meals daily and a cheap hostel will put your festival expenses at under 100 bux.

new pornographers



of montreal


the ponys

jamie lidell



07-17-2007, 01:51 PM
Who the fuck plays on the floor during a FESTIVAL?

Anyways, nice runthrough there, I may attend next year, who knows.

Fisting Ackbar
07-17-2007, 04:02 PM
Yeah, good report. Didn't the festival have a video screen to follow the guy who performed on the floor?

07-17-2007, 04:48 PM
seriously....right when i was thinking Of Montreal wasn't as bad as I had previously thought, i see that picture....criminey.....thats so freaking stupid.

The Heart Collector
07-17-2007, 08:07 PM
Originally posted by Fisting Ackbar
Yeah, good report. Didn't the festival have a video screen to follow the guy who performed on the floor?

There were only screens for the two main stages, not for the third, smaller one.

07-18-2007, 05:06 AM
Good to hear that you like Of montreal live at least. Saw them earlier this spring and they were absolutely fantastic. Going to see them at the Emmaboda festival next week again. Going to be great.

After the concert all my female friends who were their couldn't stop talking how good looking and cool the singer and the guys with wings were.