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05-21-2002, 11:38 PM
By Predator35
I easily consider myself somewhat of a Star Wars fanatic... I'm not ashamed at all to admit to it and actually proclaim very proudly that I am. So before I get to my reveiw of Episode 2 let me first state that I'm more of an 'old school' Star Wars fan. The first two films (Episode 4 and 5) are perfect films (Empire Strikes Back being my favorite). Both of these films earn my highly coveted A+ rating... Jedi falls only slightly due to fuzzy little Ewoks with rocks and sticks beating the hell out of heavlily armored Storm Troopers with laser blasters, however it still received an A- grade from me which is pretty damned good!

Episode 1 (The Phantom Menace) was a disappointment to me in several ways. To put in mildly... Phantom Menace was not up to par with the three earlier episodes. I expect greatness from Star Wars not mediocrety! The plot was clunky and several performances were very wooden. Another aspect that annoyed me was the over use of computer special effects that quite simply looked cartoonish and out of place at times. Darth Maul was a great character who was hardly used and killed off much to early. I was forced to grade Phantom Menace as a C+ which was difficult to do simply because I wanted it to be better... I wanted it to at least equal Return of the Jedi but sadly it did not.

Well that brings me to Episode II Attack of the Clones. First I'm happy to report that this film is a better film than the above mentioned Phantom Menace. The plot is more interesting, the acting a tad bit improved and the special effects a lot more crisp and clean. However there were a 'few' times I still thought I was watching a high tech cartoon rather than a movie about flesh and blood living beings. But I found these times to be a little easier to stomach this time around. There were also many times while watching these effects I was completly amazed and impressed at how gorgeous they looked and found myself having to manually place my jaw back in place.

Episode II simply felt more like a Star Wars film... it had several moments where I was reminded of the magic and wonder of this galaxy far far away! Clones story takes place a decade after the events in Phantom Menace and continues the tale of Anakin Skywalkers transformation from a Jedi fighting for the powers of good to the evil Darth Vader. Hayden Christensen plays Anakin this time around and does a great job showing us the 'rebel within'. Natalie Portman returns to her role as Padme Amidala but this time as a senator rather than queen. The romance and love between the future parents of Luke and Leia is also covered in Clones and even though some of these scenes play out a little sappy and cliched I still enjoyed watching Portman and Christensen work in their respective roles. The rest of the story covers the advancement of Senator Palpatine's (the furture emperor of the empire) plans to gain control of the Republic and get a strangle hold on all operations in the galaxy. We meet several new charcters including the evil Count Dooku played by the the always great Christopher Lee and also Jango Fett the bounty hunter and father of fan favorite Boba Fett. We also see some old faces again as in Mace Windu (Samuel L. Jackson).

The best performance in the film is easily Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi! You can easily see that McGregor did his homework because I could see the late Alec Guiness come right out of him. Yoda returns although this time computer generated rather than a puppet and steals the show near the end of the film by laying down some serious "Force"! This scene with Yoda comes across fantastic at first and then sadly turns a little silly and down right funny near the end... still fun to watch... but just looked somewhat crazy! You'll see what I mean... I just think the crowd is supposed to cheer during this scene rather than burst out with laughter.

Overall... although a 'little sadly' not perfect Clones is a treat to watch and should please fans all together. I had a ton of fun watching and can't wait to see Episode III. To me it still doesn't eclipse the HOLY TRILOGY of Hope, Empire and Jedi but then again let me remind you that I'm 'old school' baby! None the less Clones is a crowd pleaser with a lot of class and should set some box office records. May the Force be with you!

Predators Final Grade- B

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