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02-01-2002, 12:10 AM
I had an idea for a new script.
I will begin that yes I did get the idea from In the Mouth of Madness, but also from a dream I had.
It's been this dream for this guy who runs a horror web page to get an interview with the top horror director in the world. Every film this guy does hits a nerve. He never goes wrong, he always finds a new and even bolder way to scare his audience.
Well after years of writing letters, phone calls, talking to the guy at conventions begging him for an interview he gets a phone call. His dream comes true.
He gets the interview, he flies all expenses paid to where the director lives (not sure of where, in my dream it was someplace in Europe). He meets the director at his office and gives him an interview, but it bad. There are all sorts of interuptions, so the director invites the young man to a party at his home, which happens to be a large manor in the country side.
Well, this is even better for the young man who is now in heaven.
He arrives at the party, the place is packed with old actors and producers, directors and the elite rich. They pass on stories snobbing the young man. But after the Director introduces him as his nephew (telling them this will make them kiss up to him and that he should enjoy watching them run for his scraps).
Then he meets the directors daughter, whom he falls for.
As the evening progesses the crowd begin to partake in games of the flesh. This makes the young man quite nervous. He is then taken away by the dirctor and his daughter to the third floor of the house where in a run down room a group of people sit and wait for something. The director tells the young man to wait in the room as he enters another. As the director enters the room the young man sees for only a moment the director talking to some one in a long cloak, then the door is closed by the daughter who seems conserned.
The young man enters the run down room and sees everyone sitting around on small chairs they all seem dazed. Then from the other room a sound erupts almost electric. All the people in the room start to shake,except the young man because he is not sitting, the directors daughter is holding him tight. As the people shake they start to scream in pain, blood begins to pour out their eyes, ears, noses and mouths.
The daughter then whispers, "do you see, this is what happens when you fear."

My dream then laspes over to a basement where it is half full with water, the young man is fighting the director who's eyes are glowing white.

I can't explain the dream any further than that, but I thought it might make a good story. I'm going for the idea that the director deals with some demon who controls peoples fears, thus giving the director the power to scare in his films.

What do you think?

James French
02-07-2002, 12:43 PM
I'm no horror writer- i don't care much for the genre- and i'm afraid 2 say that this film idea hasn't changed my idea. If u r english, doubtless u have channel 5 which shows alot of this shit all the time- so maybe u could invent a new kind of movie (C class maybe) in which this idea is respected for its inane brilliance in this particular class.

02-07-2002, 01:41 PM
This is my reply to that. If don't like the horror genre fine, that's okay. We all have different tastes that should be respected.
Now for what you said. It was quite rude, if you don't like the idea because you don't like the genre then move on and find a topic you do like.
And if you do, try not to rude about the ideas.

02-08-2002, 01:06 AM
Actually, I do like horror...especially the classics and I can see promise in this. Eventhough it's from a dream of yours it seems to touch on the styles of the old AIP and Hammer horrors (which is a very good thing). Alot of horror today is based on the inane slasher movies, I'd be pleased to see more psychological horror which this appears to be.

James French
02-08-2002, 04:15 PM
sorry man, i truly am. My criticism was harsh. I was in a kinda weird mood, but it wasn't fair of me, sorry. I still don't like the genre, but as u say, if i don't like the heat get out of the kitchen. Sorry again, it was not fair critisism (or however u spell that word)