View Full Version : geez been Through the Queensland Floods and now A Monster Cyclone

01-31-2011, 06:43 PM

Geez Queensland has had it bad with all the floods and now there is a very big cyclone heading there way.

it is the biggest Queenland has ever had

it is 1,000kms long and right now they are evacuatiing all the islands near Queenland which has never been done before it hits queenland alot of people are considering heading interstate

The winds are going to be 200kms which is bad.

I am not sure what damage is going to come out of this
It will be hitting tomorrow or thursday.

As you will see from the picture on the link it is very big

01-31-2011, 07:34 PM
Wow, it has not been a good year for Queensland. I hope everything turns out ok.

02-01-2011, 06:14 PM



Yes l know it hasnt been a very good year for Queensland and l can tell you now it is getting very bad the Cyclone has been upgraded to catorgy 5 with 300km winds.
it is bigger than hurricane katrina since at this moment it seems to be getting larger.

In this link it has been told that there might be deaths caused by this cyclone because of the nasty look of it.

People have been told to lay low in areas which might stand up to this storm like the bathroom or any concrete area which is solid
Also police are picking up homeless people and they are taking them to safty areas
This is a very scary time
Also now at this moment the cyclone is around 500kms away and it is going to strike 12am australian time..

Please pray for the Queenslanders because l can tell you they will need it.

Also if it hits around the lingtide it will be causeing 2metre or higher tides so l hope that doesnt happen.
The Town of Townsville will be going under with floods reaching the roof tops and there is another town at this moment they are going to be concerned about it is called Inervale it is going to be in the eye of the cylone meaning it is going to get a direct hit.
Also all the islands off Queensland have been evacuated to Brisbane and interstate so anyway l will keep you informed of the sitation since l come from melbourne Victoria l am well away from this
I will be able to tell you more about this Cyclone tomorrow and what damage it will cause..

02-01-2011, 06:55 PM
Its raining in Nashville right now,like a bastard......wonder if the two are connected

02-01-2011, 07:09 PM
We already had a cyclone pass on Monday, though that was a category 1, this is a category 5. Not good.

02-02-2011, 08:20 PM

Okay got some updates from Cyclone yasi which struck around 12am last night.

Geez from reports it was so bad for the ones who took the brunt of all the winds and rain

The evacuaction centre were bursting and some were told that there was not enough room.

There was one shoppingcentre who opened there doors to alot of people who crowded in because the place is solid with concrete
One town who was hit the hardest was Tully and Inervale
There is a few videos which you will see on this link have a look at it.

Oh you were saying that one cyclone passed in Queenland that would have been Cyclone Anthony which was a tiny one compared to Yasi

At the moment there has not been any injurys or deaths which is great to know
I was watching the neews this morning on channel seven and Grant Denyer our weather man was bunking down in Inervale and him and his tv crew have decided to travel with the SES and they came across this house at Tully where this couple were staying they lost part of there roof Grant went in to inspect the damage which was real bad
Alot of areas in Tully are flooded or hard to get too so it is going to take awhile to see if some poeple are okay
There was two couples who were in a two storey house and they wanted to evacuate but it was too late they were not told or dint know at the time that it was time to go.
This couple were told to go upstairs and go into a area which would be safe because down stars it was starting to flood not sure how they are
But alot of people were scared out of there wits which l cant blame them for being like this.

Some of the rivers and creeks are starting to surge because of the cyclone l will have to get more reports to see how bad this gets

Anyway hope to keep you updated and if anyone is in the areas where the cyclone passed you should post here.
Grant Denyer didnt have power to his tv camera so he was using a iphone to report what is happening it is good to see some of these areas and what is happening


I was having a look at this link there which will show you the damage this cyclone has caused

02-02-2011, 08:27 PM

Also there is a second storm surge approaching which would have passed now not sure how things are since this has happened
it would have struck around 9.30am but in melbourne we are a hour a head because of day light saving so l will hopefully be able to see what has happened with this at a later time

This is the town of tully the place l was talking about have a look at the link alot of SES crews can not get into this area
There is alot of people sending footage though
Through this cyclone pople have been able to contact poeple interstate though the internet or phone which has been handy you would have thought this would have been cut.
Alos they dont want people walking outside because there is alot of powerline wires down step in water and it will electricute you