View Full Version : Fear Runs Silent ( some spoilers...)

05-14-2001, 03:57 PM
Has anyone else seen or heard about this flick? I caught it last night at my local video store. What the box says the movie is about and what the movie is actually about are two completely different things. The movie seemed fairly good at first, a teen girl in a shrink's office telling about her 'scary dreams'... the movie left a rather confused taste in my mouth. It kept jumping from dream to reality to dream to reality.. you get the drift... only I still don't really know what was the dream and what was reality!!!! It seems like the girl may be a clairvoyant, only they don't delve into that, and other things. Granted, it kept me amused for the hour and a half... I'm still undecided if it was a good movie or a bad movie. Maybe I just need the wisdom of Arrow and Antonio to guide me!