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10-07-2001, 09:45 PM
FRIDAY THE 13TH:The uncensored Japanese laserdisc version of this classic is hard to find, but the cut footage is surprisingly gory. It's got gallons of extra blood, including a much more graphic death scene when Jack (Kevin Bacon) is killed. If you're a fan of the series, it's not to be missed.
Beside the Japanese Laserdisc there´s a Swedish VHS release (from WB), which is the same version as the Jap and contains the extra footage. There is also a very interesting, rare Danish VHS release containing all of the original gore footage and the finished soundtrack (and some sound effects) that are missing from both the Swedish and the Japanese prints. The opening credits are a bit different compared to the other two unrated prints as well.
Out of the entire series, the second installment in the successful franchise was the most heavily cut of them all (part 7 coming in a dead-close second). The missing footage has yet to be restored to any new print, but there is a rumored Dutch print that has much more bloodshed, a few more snippets of dialogue and an alternate ending. These rumors have yet to be comfirmed by anyone.
FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3-D:Paramount decided on a different ending than the one that was originally filmed for Friday the 13th Part 3D. In the wide-released version, we see a vision of Jason peering out the window of a cabin, which is followed by his deceased mother bursting from Crystal Lake and pulling Chris (Dana Kimmell) under. The first time around, Chris walked up to the cabin that she supposedly saw Jason hiding in and opened the front door, wherein Mr. Voorhees leapt out with a fire axe and decapitated her! The ending is not available on video, but stills from the scene occasionally pop up from time to time.
FRIDAY THE 13TH FINAL CHAPTER:Although very little was cut from effects wiz Tom Savini's final works, there were a few shots in The Final Chapter that didn't make the final cut. Most notably, young Tommy Jarvis has more screentime, talking to his sister, making quips about the neighbors, frying a toy soldier under a magnifying glass, and setting up a fake guillotine, which fools Rob into believing that the boy has seriously injured himself. There's also more conversations between Doug and Sarah, Mrs. Jarvis announcing that she's going for a jog before the storm, and Trish's eventual discovery of her dead mother shoved into the family bathtub.
FRIDAY THE 13TH A NEW BEGINNING: Originally, Joey's death was much more violent. Instead of cutting away as Vic slammed the ax down on him, the shot lingered on the boy as he was chopped to bits. Eddie's death with the strap around the tree was trimmed so that it didn't show the oozing innards burst from the inside of the strap. Later in the film when Jake is killed, the cleaver is shown tearing into his face, sending a stream of blood dribbling down his neck. And finally, Robin's machete death was shown in graphic detail. The blade of the weapon burst from her chest, sending blood spurting onto her face. There is a Version 2 VHS that goes up for sale on eBAY from time to time that promises this extra gore, among extra dialogue and different camera angles.
FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 6 JASON LIVES:Jason Lives prompted a fan outcry over the massive editing frenzy it underwent before it's release. The scenes in question are all quite gory, including Allan's steaming guts being torn out, Darren's grisly death (which originally featured his intestines on that steel spear), a thick stream of blood squirting from Cort's head, and Sheriff Garris' brutal back-breaking demise. Very few stills have even appeared, although the footage is out there... waiting...
FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 7 NEW BLOOD: Although the chances of a video copy are next to nothing, The New Blood can't be left from this list considering the movie's now-infamous cut scenes. Nearly every death in this film was heinously chopped when the movie was given to the ratings board, making the edited footage a very rare commodity. The best place to see it is at horror conventions, where filmmakers occasionally display the uncut version. Therein, you can see a fountain of blood burst from Judy's sleeping bag, Ben's face getting crushed to a gnarly pulp, Amanda twitching grotesquely on Jason's blade, Doctor Crew's abdomen spilling open, and an axe cleaving Melissa's face right in two. Feel like you're missing out? Well, you aren't alone.
FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 8 JASON TAKES MANHATTEN:The uncredited boxer who is killed by having a hot sauna rock shoved into his chest was originally done in by two darts, which were jammed into his eyes. Once more, the footage hasn't been released, but stills have shown up to prove that it was, indeed, filmed.
JASON GOES TO HELL THE FINAL FRIDAY:There is an "R" rated version of this film and an unrated director's cut, but another version has surfaced that contains much more graphic violence. New scenes include Luke's head getting crushed, David having his face bashed into a sink faucet, Shelby frying on a kitchen griddle, and several other choice morsels. If you're a fan of Jason's butchery, attempt to find it as soon as possible!
All Info was taken from diabolical-dominion.com..they have cut scene info on quite a few other horror films as well.I just posted the F13th films here for convenience.

10-07-2001, 10:35 PM
You see I want these cut scenes but I do not want to go all over creation to obtain them. This is yet another reason why we need to do the following :
See this article about Friday The 13th DVD's and why they are without extra's. http://www.fangoria.com/Partners/Fangoria/Fearful_Features/articles/2141001.htm

Show your support for special-edition FRIDAY DVDs, write to
Martin Blythe at Paramount Home Entertainment, 5555 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, CA 90038-3197.

If all of us who care do not write in, these movies will continue to be released without anything extra at all. Even the released box set coming soon will not have anything extra either. Think of what we are missing out on. Please write in and show your support! Thanks!

These links and information are not only for my benefit, they are for everyone else who wants these things as well!

10-08-2001, 07:25 PM
Thanks Pari..My Letter has been sent but with the "We don't Care" attitude Paramount has with releasing the F13th Films intact and Uncut our hopes seem dim.Its a shame really...but then we can keep up the Good Fight http://www.joblo.com/ubb/smile.gifI only own the original Uncut...and I was fortunate enough to have caught it on Encore about a year ago when they showed it only once.And Yes..it IS uncut.All of the scenes mentioned in my Post above are there..Also the scenes that white out in the R-Rated Version don't White out in the one I have..they stay to the Gory End.It's alot better too without the Japanese Subtitles.

10-08-2001, 07:47 PM
I agree totally Death King! We can all put up a good fight! http://www.joblo.com/ubb/smile.gif Come one everybody it only takes a few minutes on a post card or letter and a 34 cent stamp! Take a moment out of your day and send that dude a letter! Tell your friends to do the same!! http://www.joblo.com/ubb/smile.gif

10-09-2001, 05:04 PM
Also, Part 5 "A New Beginning" had some extra scenes of Joey And Robin in the barn, and Part 6 "Jason Lives" had an alternate ending where Jason`s father visits his grave.