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12-04-2001, 01:24 AM
Heres the question that's been plaquing mine and a friend for the past 2 weeks. Who would win: Aliens VS. Predator? This came to us after a night of Alien and Predator movies, and its bugging the hell out of me. I think personally that the Aliens would win but then again the Predators have had their good points too. Both of these species are natural born hunters/killers but there are their differences for example: while the Predators have the advantage of technology the Aliens have he advantage of pure numbers and brute strength. Well the point being is if you were to take the 2 species of aliens and were to start to 2 colones on a distant planet of only the Predators and the Aliens who would conquer all..who would take control of the planet?

Cannon Fodder
12-04-2001, 03:04 AM
Unless the Aliens had a tangible numbers advantage I would say the Predators would definitely win. They are heavily armoured, heavily armed and have numerous little gadgets to help them defeat the Aliens. The Aliens would have to reach the Predators to harm them, no easy tasks with the Predators scanning and cloaking equipment and heavy arnament, easily capable of taking out numerous Aliens. Even then the Predator are pretty lethal in close quarters, the main problem being the acid blood. If all else fails they could nuke the site from orbit to be sure, or from the ground if it come to that.

12-04-2001, 08:15 AM
The AvP PC computer game excellently shows the advantages/disadvantages of both species in battle. Aliens are faster, more agile and can scale walls and ceilings which compensates for their lack of weaponry and need for close quarter fighting, while Predators are more heavily armed. In the game, cloaking - which uses bending light technology - is useless against the alien as xenomorphs don't use light to see but a brilliantly refined sense of hearing, like bat-sight. The xenos are so quick that the preds tracking device often has difficulty aquiring a target. Xenos are cold-blooded creatures and so are almost invisible on the preds infra-red vision mode so he has a special 'electromagnetic' vision mode to see them.
It would be one hell of a fight, for sure.

12-04-2001, 10:27 AM
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