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11-18-2001, 05:14 PM
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11-19-2001, 03:41 PM
The Muse (1999) - 7/10

Albert Brooks is really a likable guy. His movies are not always exceptionally great, but they're always at least interesting and more thought out than the junk clogging the screens at multiplexes. He only made 6 movies in 20 years, about various things that touched him. Real Life was about the media, Modern Romance about relationships, Lost in America about American lifestyle, Defending your Life about death and Mother about, well, mothers. His latest is obviously near autobiographical. It's a witty comedy set right into the filmmaking world, and it deals with a lot of the things Hollywood is (in)famous for. The Muse is the kind of movie you'll like the most if you're a real movie buff. A fanatical moviegoer and avid reader of anything about Tinseltown, I delightfully got all the clever, cynical in-jokes Brooks makes about showbiz.

His screenplay is inventive, insightful and often very funny, and his direction is lively without being frenetic. Brooks is also an always interesting presence on screen, with his neurotic behavior and acerbic humor which makes him some sort of a West Coast Woody Allen, and the respect he inspires in the biz allowed him to cast the likes of Rob Reiner, Martin Scorsese and James Cameron in amusing cameos. I also dug how he has the hysterically laid back Steven Wright playing Steven Spielberg's underachieving cousin Stan! Sharon Stone is a good actress, and I found her to be quite cute and quite funny in this film. She's this chick who's always complaining and expecting to be treated like a princess and that's what I found funny the most. I found the premise to be quite funny and original also. The Muse may not be the best Hollywood satire but it's still a lot of fun.

11-25-2001, 10:59 AM
I also give it a 7/10. There's nothing that special or funny about it but for some reason i enjoyed it a lot. I watch it all the time on HBO.