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11-16-2001, 05:35 PM
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02-01-2002, 09:26 PM
Movie: Final Destination
Cast: Devon Sawa, Ali Larter, Kerr Smith

I do have to admit that the first time I saw this movie it did scare me quite a bit, then I realized that it was just a movie. The scenery, and some of the effects were pretty good. The plot and the store were great. The acting on the other hand was a bit too dramatic for my tastes. Overall I don't want to put any spoilers in my review, so it is going to be rather short. But overall, this movie was a little too over the top, but was a good semi-horror flick. I like this movie and I give it a thumb up.
My rating: 7/10

03-05-2002, 05:54 PM
CAST- Devon Sawa, Ali larter and Sean William Scott, Tony Todd.

PLOT- Some kids escape death by walking off plane which exploded later. One of them(Devon Sawa) can see what will happen next and it is up to him to stop his friends from dying,one by one.

Above average teen horror flick. I was expecting the same shit that every teen horror movie brings to the screen but it had some better performences then usual. Some of the gore was pretty exsecive but it still worked. The direction was good and he made some of the violance kind of comical. I have to say that some of the scenes gave me the chills but it never got to real horror movie chills like the others.

The actors were good because they didn't do the routine stuff like running around like idiots. They did run around but it was mostley nedded. Devon Sawa was good and so was Ali larter but it was Sean William Scott who stold the movie. He was halairous even when he was in danger. Tony Todd brought some better acting to it because he has been down this road before (CANDYMAN), He acted calm and gave off a wierd vibe like he knew what was happening.

I give this a 7\10

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07-07-2002, 02:04 PM
Well, I've seen this movie many times and it never ceases to please me. I love this movie! It is sooooo fun and scary with an--GET THIS--original premise. It's not a teen slasher flick by any means. It is a movie full of puzzles, creative death scenes and quick calculations. What if you got to have a peek at death's plan for you? Would this be good or bad? Let's find that out...

PLOT: Most of the time, I don't share the plot with everyone unless it's really fabulous or really simple. This plot is fabulous. Alex Browning gets a premonition or vision--I guess you'd call it a dream--of his Flight 180 to Paris on his senior trip with his friends, exploding and crashing a few minutes after take-off. When he wakes up on the plane, all of the things that he remembers from the dream are coming true around him. Girls ask him to switch seats and he sits near his best friend to find the clip holding the tray up is broken. He freaks out, screaming about how the plane is going to explode. People fight with him, best friends follow him, teachers get off and one girl, now scared, also gets off. They are not allowed back onto the flight. We are now left with Alex (Devon Sawa), Clear (Ali Larter), Carter (Kerr Smith), Terry (?), Tod (?), Mrs. Lewton (?) and Billy (Seann William Scott). They are all none too happy at missing a day in Paris thanks to him--that is until out the window, the plane explodes and goes crashing to the ground. When they got off the plane, they missed their time to die. They cheated death once...but not for long. Death is not about to let them go that easily. It is not long before the rest of the gang begins to die in creative, gruesome fashions...in an order in which I will not reveal and in an ending which I found perfectly fitting to the movie.

ACTING: I've always loved Devon Sawa. He's cute, for one, and always acts with a raw, fascinating passion. I love to watch him light up the screen.
Seann William Scott was one of the highlights of the movie, as well, being more or less the only comic relief of the film. He was appropriately hilarious without disturbing the creepy, suspenseful mood.
Ali Larter as Clear was the right choice for this role. She was cool as the loyal friend/girlfriend to Alex and always kept a level head. I like her in most movies, and this was no exception.
Kerr Smith is an actor who I generally like. However, the character (Carter) who he played was someone who I found utterly detestable and rather unrealistic. Maybe he'd be a cruel jock guy in the beginning, but his rude attitude doesn't even change when he finds out that he's destined for death. He was mean right down to the last seconds of the film. He hardly said thank-you to Alex for saving his life...temporarily. Geez...I agree with JoBlo on that one!
I don't know the names of the rest of the actors and actresses, but they were all good and satisfying...event though they don't exactly last long!!!
Anyways, as I said, this movie is a fun and scary ride. The ending was fun and left room for an optional sequel. The DVD of this is really fun, too, because it has games of psychic power and times of death. It has deleted scenes and fun documentaries. I enjoyed listening to the commentary by Devon Sawa, Kerr Smith, the actress who played Mrs. Lewton and the actor who played Tod. It made the movie even more fun to hear them make fun of themselves. Now this movie is not for everyone! If you like scary movies with a lot of suspense and fun plot twists, you'll like it! It keeps you wondering throughout the movie how everything will come out in the end...and you're pleased when the end does come. Oh, but you better have a strong stomach for gore, blood and don't mind strong language, coz otherwise, you'll turn this off within 15 minutes! I loved this movie and I hope you do too!!! 10/10.

07-17-2002, 05:17 PM
For me, Final Destination is probably the best of the post-Scream teen horror revival flicks. It is one of the few that works with a supernatural premise, which makes it all the more chilling. It actually presents the material in an intelligent and interesting way. It's quite fun actually trying to work out who will die next, and how. Some of the deaths can be seen a mile away (although the way the characters actually DIE is always novel), but others hit you out of the blue (the bus, anyone?).

The ending was excellent, and pretty disturbing on a number of levels.

A couple of things let it down though. The first is Seann William Scott. I'm sorry, no offense to him or anything, but I detest the guy. At least in American Pie and Road Trip he plays characters he's good at. Here, I didn't buy his performance as the geek/klutz. The second problem is that the writers and director do show their TV background: I don't know why, but for some reason, quite a lot of this film has a "TV-movie" feel to it.

Oh, and I agree with SummerTime7665: the actors' commentary on the DVD is one of the best I've ever heard. It's really funny, and more often than not I actually finding myself watching the movie with that commentary running, rather than the actual soundtrack.

Overall: 8.5/10

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07-18-2002, 07:12 AM
my dad and his girlfriend took me to see this,and i had no idea what i was walking into..prior to seeing i had heard nothing about it really,and hadn't seen many trailers or tv spots..but i can tell you that i was definetly entertained and walked out happy...bring on #2...7/10

07-18-2002, 07:48 PM
I liked it until the last 40 minutes. It just got corny to me. The plane crash sequence was one of the most disturbing scenes i've seen in a movie, and at the beginning, i thought it might be some sort of a psychological horror film, but it ended up reminding me of a typical slasher flick, except that the killer was unseen. And that killed my rating.


02-28-2004, 06:30 PM
"Final Destination" (2000)


Davon Sawa - Alex
Ali Larter - Claire
Sean William Scott - Billy
Kerr Smith - Carter
Kirsten Cloke - Mrs. Lewton

Flying fear victim Alex Browning and French class are boarding a Paris-bound flight as a fieldtrip. However, minutes before takeoff, six students and a teacher are removed from the airplane because Alex has a shocking premonition on the plane exploding. Anyway, the plane does explode and these crew cheats death and get a new chance in life...NOT! Death won’t take a ‘no’ for an answer.

What I Thought:
Well, here it is! This could easily be my favorite movie ever, horror or non horror, it had so many things going for it that I just couldn’t help but loving it. It deals with an amount of very serious themes and mainly focuses on the real nature of dying, one of the most common fears in human nature and gives a very creepy portrayal on celluloid.
First off, the movie’s emotional impact is flawless, even though it is packed with circumstantial humor, you get it’s very scary idea: you can’t cheat death, and I loved the approach they gave to death, no grim reaper here, it’s only a very scary and sadistic presence that can be anywhere at anytime, your bathroom at night and it is impossible to avoid because it’s not a dude with an axe…you can’t kill it. I became extremely paranoid with everyday things all around me after the movie.

On a more technical note, the movie is also flawless. The script is amazing (Note: the ending and an important sub plot were removed from the final cut, which is good), it is drenched with death undertones, very original omen of death (John Denver’s ‘Rocky Mountain High’ will never sound the same) and very original and let me add ballsy death scenes (the second and third kills alone are worth the rental). The narrative engine was great, all the time is a fastly paced and didn’t bore me for one second.

The soundtrack was also very intense, a very scary slow tune that could make a scene with a guy clipping his toe nails scary, a great use of John Denver’s ‘Rocky Mountain High’ and soft rock tunes I really dug (Blood Sweat and Tears and shite, great shite) Its main character was beyond amazing, I really dug it’s very rational and human development that was given to it, and Davon Sawa’s awesome performance gave it all that it needed to be perfect, Davon shows his acting skills and gives us a great performance I will always give to him, he took away the screen from every other actor on screen (I want to add that if I could play any character from any movie, I’d go for Alex). Clear and Carter are the same story, they are tad developed and both actors (hottie Ali Larter and at times annoying Kerr Smith respectively) gave fitting and let me add humanistic and convincing performances, all the other characters are perfectly fine, you actually care for this people! Special mention to Kirsten Cloke, she is one hell of an actress, her character had me extremely worried for her safety, very good stuff.

One of the things I dug the most is James Wong’s job on directing it, he was a genius! He makes the movie a very uncomfortable watch, he builds suspense at all times and the atmosphere was one of a kind, all the time rainy…even the daytime scenes (the very few) worked like a charm. He also did it big time with the nasty kill scenes, he builds enough atmosphere and suspense to show with balls the long and nasty deaths. I also loved the balls the movie had (no, not as massive as Final Destination 2’s balls), it showed me hands down the most realistic and scariest plane crash sequence I have ever seen. So, directing: Check.

This movie’s basic low point is one particular scene that involves Alex and Clare visiting a creepy mortician (played Candyman-ishly by Tony Todd himself) who explains the audience what a design is and what is the deal with that ‘ol nasty bitch we call death. This scene was too cheesy, it slowed the movie’s strength and pace to a point where I know I would have deleted it. So this movie stuck in my head without mercy and I know it will stay in my top five for a loooooooong time.

This movie’s kills are all great, sadistic, vicious and very satisfying, I won’t detail them here.

Overall Rating:
“10/10”, this movie is immortal in my book a personal favorite, it’s hypnotic, serious, thematic, gory and very scary, finally a genre movie that can be enjoyed by everyone.