View Full Version : Demons - 7/10

07-02-2002, 06:47 PM
Directed by: Lambarto Bava
Produced by: Dario Argento
Year of Release: 1985

**Possible minor spoilers throughout**

With my interest sparked by Arrow's review I purchased this movie boxed with Demons 2 and was not dissappointed. Demons is a surprisingly scary, thrilling and gory ride through one night at the cineplex!

When a mysterious man hands Cheryl a ticket to see a new movie she can't help but go. After convincing her friend (whose name I can't remember) to skip class they both go to the theatre, unaware that this could be the last movie they ever see. Once the film starts to roll Cheryl, her friend, and everyone else in the theatre are plunged into a nightmare they may never get out of.

Although the premise is a bit simplistic and the acting/dialogue (not helped by the dubbing) is horrible Demons does not fail to entertain. The gore quotient is high and the effects are well...effective. Bava is also successful in creating a very foreboding atmosphere out of the movie theatre. You're never really sure who is going to live or die. To top it all off is a very bleak ending.

Definately not the best horror movie ever made but I'm sure that there are worse ways to spend an hour and a half.