View Full Version : Has anyone seen a movie called "Unhuman"?

04-14-2003, 08:42 PM
A friend of mine who is huge into tracking down foreign horror films recently emailed me a review for a German horror movie called "The Unhuman". It sounds really interesting and I know he wouldn't have recommended it so highly if he hadn't been really impressed. Just wondering if anyone else has seen it. My friend's going to mail me his copy soon. His review is below and has some spoliers.


You'll definitely enjoy this one!


"The Unhuman

Never heard of any of the cast or crew and, after doing an internet search, couldn't find anything else about them. Actually, I couldn't even find a thing about this movie which makes me all the more curious. Anyway, here's some thoughts.

The Unhuman begins with a little kid on a farm playing with his pet lamb. Soon, we see his pops butchering the lamb for a family celebration. The kid, of course, doesn't want to eat it but his dad forces him to. We see the kid chewing up the meat and then fade to black.

Next, we cut to the present and we see some characters closing up an old factory. Some news reports are playing talking about several local bums going missing over the past few years. The movie begins a tad on the slow side as it develops the characters. The tape I got was in German with ni subtitles and my German's pretty rough so I could only make out about half of what was being said. From what I gathered, the group was hired by the factory owners to strip it of anything valuable before it's bull-dozed.

About the 30 minute mark things begin to really get rolling as the first dude is killed. We see glimpeses of the killer. A big guy, long greasy hair, jagged nails, etc. No close ups or anything tho, fast cuts. Once the dude's dead, we see the killer sawing into his abdomen and pulling out an organ which he downs in a few big bites.

Not going to spoil the rest of the plot, but The Unhuman really rocks from there on out. The acting is good, although I can't comment on the dialogue because of language issues(ie I'm too dumb to speak fluent german). The kills are super cool. Very gory and some so disgusting that I almost had a hard time watching. Definitely one of the more intense flicks I've had the pleasure of seeing. Directing was fine, nothing to really stick out though. Looked pretty low budget, but that didn't stop them from adding a lot of atmosphere and creepiness. The end really surprised me and that's hard to do.

I'll send this your way after Clint checks it out.