View Full Version : Kelly Clarkson-Thankful

04-23-2003, 03:06 PM
Ok, so I'll be the first to admit that I'm not one to buy into the pop mainstream, I mean it all sounds the same to me for the most part. But, that being said, I really like this album.

She proved again and again on American Idol that she could sing and she definitely comes through on this debut album. Though she doesnt have an original sound, her voice is spectacular and she really did a good job picking her songs. Literally every song on this album could go to number one. The lyrics are better than the average when it comes to 'top 40' and the styles of each song are different.

Songs like Low and Just Missed the Train are similar to the rock that Michelle Branch and Avril Lavigne shell out. The Touble With Love, Some Kind of Miracle, and What's Up Lonely are very r & b tinged, almost like Mariah Carey etc. My favorites on the album "Miss Independant" and her duet w/ Tamyra Gray called "You Thought Wrong" are reminiscent of the power-soul Envogue was famous for. All in all, this album is a 'better than average' pop album that will stick around for a while. Hopefully the artist will too.

04-27-2003, 05:36 PM
Very good album. I was surprised. I love "Low" and "Beautiful Disaster" and "You Thought Wrong" and "What's Up Lonely." Pretty much every song is good in its own way. Good job to Kelly and the producers.