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10-06-2003, 07:08 AM
Before I start a new post I always search previous posts for the topic, just in case I end up repeating someone else's rant. Anyhow, this one drew a blank - which suprises me somewhat. Through looking back on the posts about 'Full Moon' most people really do dislike the majority of their output, which I would presume extends back to the 80's 'Empire' period, and forward into their current (and possibly expiring) 'Shadow' releases.

I've just finished watching 'Delta Delta Die', the latest Charles Band 'Production' (and currently the last one - as 'Vampire Resurrection' I don't think will bear his credit), and it struck me that this guy has produced near on 200 feature films, the majority of them in the horror genre, and yet his catalogue of movies is virually forgotten.

I've got 110 Charles Band Productions in my collection. Yes, they do not stand up to the 'Evil Dead' or 'The Exorcist', but they do have a quality to them that people overlook. now, 25 years after his first real success 'Laserblast', I feel its time for a retrospective look back at Mr Band's career.

What I thought I'd do is bring up a movie every few days (not in chronological order) take a look at it and see what opinions everyone has got.

First up is: Hideous (1997) Dir. Charles Band

Thought I'd pick one he directed to begin with. (and no clever comments on how the title of this movie sums up the guys career - OK !).

This sums up the backbone of much of Charlie's career, with his obsession with small, strange creatures. Its a great film and features the lovely Jacqueline Lovell as 'Sheila' who wanders around not wearing a great deal. Its written by Benjamin Carr who wrote over 20 movies for Band, and features music by Charlie's brother Richard.

10-06-2003, 12:18 PM
I love Full Moon, Empire, and Shadow Entertainment. As far as their out put goes, I enjoy the majority of what I can find and have been disappointed only a few times (Killjoy & Blood Dolls).

Hideous is one Band's prime productions, released during a height of his career and is an exceptional film with toy lines on his mind.

The acting is rather exceptional, the effects are nicely done, and the naked woman in the gorrilla mask was something new... all in all I thought this was an entertaining romp.

10-06-2003, 03:43 PM
i dig charles band as far as his entertainment is concerned...subspecies,trancers,puppet master,demonic toys,shrunken heads etc....and i STILL have alot to catch up on...