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01-07-2004, 05:22 PM

Latter Days
Year: 2003
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance


Wes Ramsey ... Christian (Charmed, Guiding Light, Luis)
Steve Sandvoss ... Aaron
Amber Benson ... Traci (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Jacqueline Bisset ... Lila
Joseph Gordon-Levitt ... Ryder (Third Rock From The Sun)
Rebekah Jordan ... Julie
Erik Palladino ... Keith (E.R., Joan of Arcadia)

Christian is a gay waiter/party boy who loves to have fun. His new neighbors are a group of Mormon missionaries. Christian makes a bet with his friends that he can convert one of the missionaries - Aaron. However, he ends up falling in love.

I finally got a chance to check this film out. I was expecting some really stupid romance flick. And for a while, I was right. But surprisingly, the film picked up after the first half hour or so and changed direction.

There are some cheesy moments, but they work. And some of the acting gets better. Wes Ramsey is a little wooden at first, but he grows into the part. Steve Sandvoss is pretty good, too. He just underplays it sometimes.

If you have an open mind and also like romantic comedies (granted, this movie wasn't as funny as I expected), give Latter Days a watch if it comes to a theater near you in 2004. Towards the end, you'll realize that movie is just a big metaphor (of what, I won't say), and isn't some political/religious movie about homosexuality. For a moment, I forgot that the characters were even gay.


PS: I hope there isn't a thread already for this. I did a search in this forum and the Current forum for it, but didn't see one.

01-07-2004, 09:33 PM
I didn't even hear of this flick until about a couple of months ago when I read about all of the buzz it has, both from some rave reviews and others from Mormons and other religious groups protesting it. Recently I saw the trailer for it, and it actually does look very solid. I'll definitely check it out someday, which will obviously be on video, because it's highly unlikely this will go wide.

01-07-2004, 10:25 PM
The poster looks kinda similar to the RADIO poster. Hmmmmmmmmm.....

01-07-2004, 11:53 PM
This one isn't playing in Houston or Austin, so I had to turn to BitTorrent. Sad, I know. But if it does come to Austin while I'm at school, I wouldn't mind seeing it again.

01-21-2004, 05:30 AM
I just read this on Yahoo News:

Utah theater cancels gay film's screenings
Wed Jan 21,12:07 AM ET

SUMMARY: Distributors of the gay-themed film "Latter Days" are accusing a Salt Lake City theater owner of bowing to pressure from the Mormon Church to cancel the film's engagement there.

Distributors and makers of the gay-themed film "Latter Days" are protesting a decision to pull the film from a Salt Lake City theater, accusing the art house movie chain that owns the theater of bowing to pressure from the Mormon Church.

"Latter Days," the story of a young Mormon who falls in love with another man while on a missionary assignment in Los Angeles, has been playing at film festivals around the country and was scheduled to open in New York, Los Angeles and Salt Lake City on Jan. 30. Madstone Theaters, a New York-based theater chain, was supposed to screen "Latter Days" at its Salt Lake City four-screen complex, which opened last fall.

On Monday executives at TLA Releasing, which is distributing the film, held a press conference in Park City, Utah, to denounce the decision. Park City is the home of the Sundance Film Festival (news - web sites), which opened days ago.

"We are extremely upset that 'Latter Days' currently has no venue to premiere in Salt Lake City," said Raymond Murray, president of TLA Releasing. "We picked up the film through our partnership with production company Funny Boy Films, because of writer-director C. Jay Cox's amazing ability to tell a story about a man's struggle in dealing with his sexuality and faith, a subject many gays and lesbians can certainly relate to."

TLA executives said at the press conference that an inside source at Madstone informed the film's distributor it was canceling the film's opening date in Salt Lake City, and that Madstone was being threatened with boycotts and protests from religious groups.

According to TLA, Madstone's president and co-CEO, Thomas Gruenberg, confirmed the threats but denied that they were the cause of the cancellation. Gruenberg told TLA the film failed to meet the company's standards of "artistic quality and integrity," and failed to tell a story that was sufficiently "compelling" or "gripping."

When asked if the decision was going to mean the cancellation of potential screenings of "Latter Days" at other Madstone Theaters, Gruenberg allegedly stated that this decision was just for Salt Lake City.

Madstone did not respond to requests for comment from the Gay.com/PlanetOut.com Network by press time.

At the press conference Murray was joined by Stephen Gutwillig, executive director of the Los Angeles-based GLBT film festival Outfest; a spokesperson from the media watchdog group Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD); and the executive director of local GLBT rights group Equality Utah.

"The theatre chain's refusal to play this film after booking the film in Salt Lake City is another example of the right wing's efforts to censor our gay and lesbian stories," said Stephen Macias, entertainment media director for GLAAD.

At the press conference Murray also read a statement from Cox, who had been screening the film at the Palm Springs, Calif., international film festival the night before.

"I find it quite sad that any conservative group would attempt to take such a choice away from the people of Salt Lake City," Cox said in his letter. "I truly hope that we will be allowed to screen this movie and give people the opportunity to discuss the issues it raises and to judge its 'artistic quality and integrity' for themselves."

What I find funny is that this comment couldn't have been more of a lie:

According to TLA, Madstone's president and co-CEO, Thomas Gruenberg, confirmed the threats but denied that they were the cause of the cancellation. Gruenberg told TLA the film failed to meet the company's standards of "artistic quality and integrity," and failed to tell a story that was sufficiently "compelling" or "gripping."

That's fucking hilarious! It's a pathetic excuse when you know damn well that wouldn't stop them from showing something that was going to be a guaranteed $$$ maker. I highly doubt the movie "not living up to their standards" would stop them from showing something like FREDDY VS. JASON 2, SPIDER-MAN 2, STAR WARS: EPISODE 3, etc... I bet they even showed GLITTER, FROM JUSTIN TO KELLY, etc... Does that mean that they loved those movies so much that they just had to show them? I highly fucking doubt it. Next time I recommend coming up with a better excuse. ;)