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03-24-2004, 02:15 AM
Heres a topic for everyone to post their worst nightmares. I thought of the topic this morning after waking up in cold sweat last night.

My brother, father, and I were sitting on a second story porch of a brown house that was owned by us. The porch was very small(maybe 10x5 feet), so the three of us were crammed onto it, all sitting down. The porch was positioned towards the back of the house, so we we could see the close neighbors backdoor and yard. Also, the porch was railing-less. It was prolly about 8:00 or 9:00 so it was dark, but you could still see around without lights.

Suddenly, the neighbors door slides open and we see him literally hobble out like a mad man. No.. not like a mad man, he WAS a mad man. He had his unconscious wife in his right arm, and a tin water boiler(dont know the name, but they are shaped in a way to make pouring out of the hole easy) in his left.

He wobbled about 15 feet out into the back yard and let the wife down into a horribly dug hole. It looked like a monkey that was drunk off it's ass tried to dig it. It was a foot deep at best. He then got on his hands and knees and smashed the stove utensil(thingy) and whacked her over the head countless times.

All the while my brother, father and I were motionless. We sat on the porch that was only about 30 feet away and in plain view of him. My first instinct was to run, but I couldn't. Then I realized I didn't need to. This guy was so far gone that even if he did see us, it prolly wouldn't even register what the consequences would be.

The rest of the nightmare is a blur to me. I believe I ran inside and talked to my mother. If I recall, the police weren't called until hours later. I wish I could remember how the dream ended.. but you know how it goes. All I can say, is that even though this nightmare isn't so bad in text, seeing that crazed man drag his wife out the back sliding glass door and murdering his wife was one of the scariest things I have ever imagined. It was much scarier than one of the killers that looks normal but isn't. This person was the most insane I ever ever seen anyone, so I never knew what he was gonna go at any given time.

In retrospective I should have started this topic out with a nightmare that is way scarier in text, but oh well. It will be something to look forward to.

Now post yours, and give good detail!!

03-24-2004, 02:34 AM
i saw this one just pop up


IT STARTED WITH ME WALKING SLOWLY FROM MY BEDROOM i was really scared because i had had this terrible dream appart from all the ones i hads about my family dieing. well i was telling my parents about it and this is how it went.

i was next door at my friends house there is a fence in the gate where we can just walk in and out so i was playing over my next doors house when we suddenly needed something over my house so i went through the gate and walked up to the glass door and saw something that chilled my blood tremendously it was a blur of a small doll about up to a grown mans knee so when i saw it i turned and ran towards the gate but i fell over and everything was in slow motion but the doll i was stuck on the floor trying to get up then i saw the doll coming up to me you know in those movies where the character is in one place then suddenly in another very quickly well thats what happened with the doll and then all i could see was the porcellin face and the bushy brown hair then...................

i woke up

i woke up and went outside my bedroom and into the living room we have a beautiful wooden chest in the middle of the room and the night befor i locked the doll in there this morning the chest was open and the doll was on the floor like it had climbed out and fallen.

that was when i screamed and ran to mum. this is a true dream and after dream it was true and the doll is now at the bottom of a deep hole.

pyscho dude
03-24-2004, 03:23 PM
I have insomnia so it's hard for me to even get much of any sleep.

03-24-2004, 03:34 PM
ya i dont get much sleep but i still have a lot of nightmares....the scariest nightmares i have are the ones where i need to yell cause my parents are in the next room, but i cant yell or move...or whenever my family members try and kill me ....like i had this one dream that i was being chased through my school by a man in a white mask simliar to myers, and i ran outside and got into my moms car, and when i got in a realised something wasnt right...and my mom turned around and took off the mask she was wearing and she had this evil look on her face and a big knife....right after this my mom woke me up and tried to give me a sinus pill because i had been sick and i wouldnt take it cause i thought she was trieing to poison me ......i had a dream the other night that my best friend tried to kill....it was scary to.....like wake up sweating scary...

03-24-2004, 07:05 PM
Ahhhhh...awesome topic!

Ill tell 2

1. The worst nightmare of all time: I wake up {still in my dream} and start walking in the hallway, its still night and the hall lights are on for some reason. I have to go to the bathroom so i walk towards the bathroom and look in my parents bedroom. What i see makes my heart stop. I see Chucky on my parents bed while there sleeping looking at me smiling with a knife. I fucking freak and run downstairs, while runing hearing that fucking chucky scream. Im at the bottom of the stairs and my little bro is there asking whats wrong? Beofre i can say anything, i hear the chucky scream again and look up. Then i see chucky running down the steps and at the top jumps of and still screaming. BB4 he gets me, i wake up absoleutly freaked

2. Not so scary but pretty darn creepy: It starts off with my friends walking down the street toward my high school. Wre all talking until we look down back the block were walking on and see a parade of running zombies coming after us. We start to run like hell toward our school, theres gates near the entrances so we start to close the front one. While were closing them, the security gaurd asks what the hell were doing until one of the zombies gets through the gate while were closing it and pounces the security gaurd, eating him. WE freak out seeing this, and rush to close the other gates surrounding school, but b4 we can, we see all these zombies coming through the gates and from our footballl field. We rush into school and run into the cafeteria. Dont ask me why bit theres two cops with shotguns and pistols on some of the cafeteria tables. I pick up one and look out the windows surrounding the cafeteria, theres hundreds of zombies waiting outside, knocking on the window; trying to get in. Then, the windows break and they start to come in, and then i wake up.

those were my two freakiest dreams {the 2nd was longer but i was too lazy to write the rest}

jagged halo
03-24-2004, 07:17 PM
I woke up convinced Sean S Cunningham had surreptitiously remade The Thing.


03-24-2004, 08:10 PM
Never had a nightmare before to my knowledge. Any "dark dreams" contain no fear and have no influences from horror films or characters.

03-25-2004, 02:48 AM
The scariest Nightmare I can remember also happens to be the first dream/nightmare I can remember.

I am on this train (this is when I'm like five years old, so imagine a little tike experiancing this) and there are two guys i think they're hobos or something and they were like holding me captive. Then out of the darkest part of one of car that we are in we hear a low moaning sound...
"MOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAW" Then some light shines into the car and I can see it's an old haggad woman who has milk white eyes and she is swaying by a noose in and out of the light.
The other two guys jump from out of the car and it's just me and this hag and she's staring right into my eyes.....

brrrrrrrrr... man that was the worst dream. I can still remember that 15 years later.