View Full Version : Saw sneak peak of Incredibles last Saturday...

11-02-2004, 03:35 PM
Don't know if anyone else has posted about it or seen the sneak peak, if so, sorry joblo.

I'll give my general review. Nothing major.

I'll try to avoid any form of spoilers.
The movie was great overall, definately want to see again.

Ok, so basically it's about superheros that retire. There's a story to which why that happens at the very beginning.
Anyway, Mr Incredible marries Elastic Girl at the beginning before retiring. Frozone is best man.
Years later, they have 3 kids and the whole bit. He hates his job and misses being a hero.
He gets into trouble and his wife finds out, goes after him, kids hop along w/o telling the mom (baby at home with sitter) and wackyness ensues.
The mom is bar far my favorite character. She's very level-headed and I just like the way she is.
The reason I thought this movie was somewhat dark is that, ok, i'm gonna say spoiler warning just in case.

And if you don't want to keep reading, I gave it a 4/5. Great movie VERY well done as well.
Ok, down to continue my review.
Feel free not to continue past this point.

So anyway, the main villian built robots to take out superheros. LOTS of them are taken out. You don't see it, but Mr. Incredible finds out the info about it.
Also, one character named Gazerbeam, his skeleton remains are seen.
Also, the mom says to the kids (on the island where they went to rescue the dad, she's telling the kids to remain hidden)
She says something along the lines of:
"You know those movies you watch where the bad guys take there time and don't hurt kids, well, here they won't. They WILL kill you if they see you."
It's a very serious tone. The movie, not just her. And Mr. Incredible is as well. He's not like the superhero who just gets thrown around in a funny manner, it's darker and more serious. Keeps it realistic in some ways.

Overall, I still really liked it. 4/5.