View Full Version : At last im gonna live a Cool Horror Experience!!

02-28-2006, 05:51 PM
Hi guys!!! I know a lot of you might not remember me, i didn`t forget about you, its just that i`ve been busy attending my Horror Themed Video Rental store and attending my own life as to my new Girlfriend and stuff, anyway, Im writting this Thread to tell you something and ask your oppinion on this thing:
On this March 19 im traveling to Orlando Florida and at last im gonna be near my fav subject "JAWS" or as Universal Studios call it "JAWS: The Ride"....im also going to Visit the Skull Kingdow, this horror special place where you do a 30 min walk into some dungeon stuff and Ghostface and Michael Myers come over to scare the pants off you, i want you guys to tell me if theres more stuff i should be looking forwars to for a good scare at Orlando, or some sort of cool Horror store or somewhere i should def go...This will help me a lot...also if you want to talk about The Rides a USF or Disney that i shopud do please tell me so...Thanks!!!

02-28-2006, 09:07 PM
WTF, I was at Universal Studios the week of Christmas and I had no idea there was a place where Mike Myers came out and scared you.

Dammit, I woulda waiting in line for that longer than anything (and I waited in line a long time for a lot of shit that day).