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Danger^Cart 11-19-2006 04:17 AM

I've been contimplating buying some Hellblazer comics for quite some time, now, but I'd like to get some opinions before I commit (Two t's or two m's? I hate that word...).

Is it worth buying a few TPBs? And if so, which ones?

To get some sort of inclination regarding my preferences, I am an avid fan of Batman (Denny O'Neil and Chuck Dixon are great, but I most prefer the works of Loeb and Frank Miller, with an honorable mention for Moore, even though he's an asshole) and Punisher (Despite turning him into a raving psycho, I do prefer what Ennis has done for the character).

So...yay or nay?

Danger^Cart 11-21-2006 06:08 PM

Well, on an urge, I just went ahead and bought 'Dangerous Habits' from the Ennis run to test the waters, as I've enjoyed Garth's work in the past, and the protagonist seems enjoyable, as well as the material, I just said what the heck.

Thanks for all your help, guy's. Your insight was particularly thoughtful and inspiring, and I'm sure, as many of you have mentioned here, I'll enjoy this comic to the fullest. Thank's again, you guy's have been a peach. :rolleyes:

Sh8dy Milkman 11-22-2006 12:13 AM was nothing. I contemplated purchasing the 1st TPB but the art was horrendous. I am a huge fan of Garth Ennis though, so i think i will buy whichever TPB contains his run on the series.

Psychocandy 11-22-2006 12:38 PM

Ok...i'll pitch in. I'm more than qualified to throw some Hellblazer recommendations at you as i've read (and own) every issue published thus far. At it's best it's been my most loved monthly title and at it's worst i've come withing a hair's breadth of dropping it from my pull list. Here's my thoughts on the various writers who have sculpted the world of John Constantine.

1. Alan Moore - He created Constantine in the pages of Swamp Thing but the character was a lot more enigmatic in those days. A mystery man who would pop in and out of the storylines and manipulate events towards a resolution that only he could see. It was a great introduction to the character and he proved so popular that DC greenlit a solo book. Hellblazer was born.

2. Jamie Delano - I'm not certain whether DC actually asked Moore if he wanted to take on the task of writing Hellblazer but if they did he must have knocked them back. Probably didn't want to get tied into another monthly title that he had no ownership of. So fellow brit Jamie Delano took the job. Faced with the task of fleshing out the character of John Constantine who at that point was little more than a cypher he succeeded 100%. His 39 issue run on the title (ignoring a two parter by Grant Morrison that surely must have been inspired by The Wicker Man and a wonderfully touching one-shot by Neil Gaiman) remains one of the highpoints in Hellblazers epic run. It got a little bit muddled and mystical towards the end but I loved every page of it.

3. Garth Ennis - Next up to bat was the great Garth Ennis. His take on Constantine is considered by many to be the comics high watermark of quality. And I agree (but only just). His run on the title saw Constantine facing off against vampires, royalty, his own mortality and the nefarious hordes of hell themselves. It also saw the character find love with a beautiful dark haired Irish lass and this was the storyline that provided the heart of his run. There are some supremely moving moments as his relationship falls apart (inevitable given his line of work) and in particular I was blown away by the heartfelt honesty of the issue where John says goodbye to Kit. Absolutely devastating.

I'll cover the rest of the Hellblazer writers tomorrow night. Short on time this evening.

Danger^Cart 11-22-2006 08:31 PM

Thank you for your input, it is much appreciated. Unfortunately it was a bit late, as I've already placed my order. Forced to go soley off Amazon comments, I went with 'Dangerous Habits' as my gateway issue, if you will, into the Hellblazer world. Did I make a good purchase?

Another question, is Ennis' run on Hellblazer as overly gratuitous as Punisher? I only ask because, while I love the Punisher MAX series, I've found his more gratuitous writing doesn't work all that well outside the series.

Tyler_Durden_208 11-22-2006 08:59 PM

I take it you haven't read Preacher then... (referring to the "gratuitous writing" not working outside Punisher)
And I believe he did tone it down a bit for Hellblazer, but it's still Ennis. Take from that what you will. You should enjoy it thoroughly. I've never read an Ennis book I didn't like...

Danger^Cart 11-22-2006 10:39 PM

Preacher doesn't count, because that was his first go-around. Your right though, I've never got around to reading that one, even though I know I should, but my money always seems to go towards my expanding Alan Moore collection and Batman + Punisher.

I'll get around to Preacher eventually, I just wish there was someone I could borrow it from instead of having to buy it, but I suppose thats always been my dilemma regarding comics.

Tyler_Durden_208 11-23-2006 08:10 AM

That was my problem too. Everyone recommended it, and I'd had problems with reco's not being worth the money I spent... but damn, after I bought the first volume and read it, my problem was finding the rest of them and deciding whether to eat or get the next volume. You know a book fucking rules when you're willing to starve to read it. The only problem is when you reach the end, you kinda wanna be able to forget it, so you can read it for the first time again. I actually just finished re-reading it, still great, but not as good as that first time.

Sh8dy Milkman 11-23-2006 04:11 PM

I miss the thrill and anticipation that came along with waiting for the next Preacher TPB. :(

bourahioro 11-24-2006 08:25 AM

Hellblazer is a very good series; Honestly I preferred Ennis' run.

It seems as everything Ennis writes, turns to gold....He did Wonders for Punisher, and also gave Marc Silvestri a hand with The Darkness....but the one book of his I've reread most is least a dozen or more times...9 volumes!

Preacher is worth it's weight in if you like Hellblazer, you'll love Preacher.

LunchBox 01-04-2007 03:37 AM

my favorite hellblazer is Delano's Original Sins.

Also dude, it is worth parting with your money for preacher.

Leloup 03-12-2007 08:20 AM

I think that if you love Constantine, you'll like Ennis' run on him. If you enjoyed Ennis' run on Hellblazer you'll be in for a treat with Preacher. But regarding Hellblazer, I guess it depends on the writer. After Ennis came Paul Jenkins that gave a total different view of John after that Azzarello with his 'Hard times' starting long run... if i were you i'd read everything, you won't get bored, that's for sure! :cool:

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