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blankpage 09-11-2008 11:54 AM

Hey everyone!

So, as we all know by now, the board has gotten a massive overhaul in terms of moderators. I was lucky enough to be chosen as this forum's moderator, and I couldn't be more thrilled. I personally think it's one of the board's strongest forums, as we get to discuss and gossip about all the movies coming out in the next year and beyond.

I just want to go over a few things, so we can continue doing what we love, and so we can clean a few things up.

If you break any of the rules, you WILL be banned. I'm a reasonable guy, but if you're blatantly breaking the rules then we'll see you later.

If you need to refer to the Rules of the board, here's a refresher.


1) You do not disrespect, insult or put down your fellow movie fan on our board. Civil debates only.

2) You MUST be at least 15 years of age to join our board. Even if you're older than that, we expect you to post constructively, maturely and with sense. Basically, post with some weight behind it. If you've joined just to crack will be banned.
3) Think before posting!

A) Post in the correct forums
B) DO NOT SPOIL movies for others (or include a *SPOILERS WARNING* if you do)
C) Don't post items that are already there (use search function)
D) Always respond with more than just two words
4) Our board is for MOVIE TALK only. If you bring personal issues up on our board, you will be banned. If you discuss your ex-girlfriend, you will be banned. If you announce your comings and goings or gossip about so-and-so, you will be banned. If you can't handle the fact that someone in the world has an opinion that DIFFERS from yours maturely, you will be banned. Use email/chat/PM or the ol' fashioned telephone to share your non-movie life with others. This is a movie board, this is not a place for you to discuss your personal life or boo-hoo about how your lover just broke up with you.

5) NO FUCKIN' SPAMMING! If you're joining simply to plug your own site, you will be banned.

If there's a new trailer for "Transformers 2", do a search and see if there's a thread for it already. We don't need the forum being cluttered with thousands of Batman 3 threads - let's keep it all in one bad boy.

This was sort of a rule waaaay back in the day, and is also a rule in our CURRENT MOVIE TALK section. I'd like to bring it back and keep it this way. We don't need to announce to everyone that it's the OFFICIAL thread, the title of the movie will suffice. It just gets things neater and possibly easier to find.

Other then that, let's just have a good time. Like I said, I'm really excited to be this forum's moderator, and I look forward to some productive posting. If you guys have ANY questions, concerns, etc. you can either PM or personally e-mail me at:

Remember to use the "Report to Moderator" button whenever you see someone getting out of line, and I will deal with it as quickly as possible. If you don't see me doing so, e-mail me or PM me.

Thanks guys!

SkyNet 08-17-2010 01:35 AM

Hello all!

Well, I just got the privilege of becoming the Moderator for this Forum.

I think what BlankPage did was excellent and Just really want to keep these forums going as smoothly as they did while he was the Mod of these forums.

For the most part, in my time here, I have noticed everyone is pretty much respectful of each other and polite in their general posting. But if for some reason one day there is some stuff that goes down that you don't agree with, I can not stress enough that you use the REPORT POST button.

It is in the upper right hand side of any given post.

And the reason That button is important is because, I don't thumb through every single thread, so if someone decides to get annoyingly opinionated, that is the best function to use, as it send me an email and from that I will know to come to that thread and BUST SOME DAMN HEADS!!!

Just kidding (hardy har har) but it will tell me to keep an eye on that thread and try and get it back on track!

Apart from that.. hell yeah, Every movie we want to see is "Upcoming" at some point! So I look forward to the continued awesome and intelligent conversations that arise from bad ass upcoming movies.


SkyNet 06-26-2012 02:52 PM

So I just wanted to reiterate the importance of being respectful of each other. And even more, I wanted to make sure you all know to use the REPORT POST button... it is the button in the upper right corner of each post.. it looks like this:

The reason I need you all to start using this button is:

Recently there seems to be an influx of people on these boards that dont seem to understand our rules for posting... the problem is: You all never report these instances, if you all started reporting these posts where schmoes were rude and not following our rules, it would make it easier for me to see all of these instances and take the proper actions. I dont look through every thread and see all of these posts, I may see like 1 instance where a schmoe does something that isnt out right rule breaking but is grounds for a warning, if you all reported the posts you thought were breaking the rules, it would be much easier to show a pattern of rule breaking for any given person and we can deal with it properly!

Hope that makes sense! I dont get the rude posting to begin with.. we are just a bunch of movie fans discussing movies! Seems simple enough!

Thanks again,

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