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jackson13 07-21-2009 06:05 PM

"Have you or your family ever seen a spook, spectre or ghost?" Ghost story thread....

Come on, share your own personal ghost/paranormal stories. I always love hearing them from people, especially if its something that's happened to that person.

A little over 12 years ago now my parents and I lived in a different house here in town. It was my great-grandparents house and they sold it to my parents when they got married, and we lived there until we out-grew it and needed something bigger. And that house always had spooky shit going on in it. I remember 2 things vividly.

One day, when I was about 10 or so, I was home alone and watching a tv show, and had to go to the bathroom. So I went and left the door open so I could watch as I squatted. For no reason at all the volume went to the very max (bars going across the screen as they do when you increase the volume) and I screamed out, over the noise, "TURN THAT DAMN THING DOWN", just joking soon as I said it the volume went back down to where it was (bars going back down across the screen). I've always told myself it was a good thing that day that I was sitting on the toilet when it happened.

The other one, the house was quite small. So much so that our washer and dryer couldn't be paired together, because there wasnt enough room. So our washer was in a little utility room off of the kitchen and our dryer was in a different, smaller, utility room on the other side of the kitchen. I had thrown clothes in the dryer one day and put a new load in the washer and then went into the living room to watch tv while the laundry was in. Our washer and dryer came with the house, so they were really old and shitty and both made a ton of noise. Growing up there I had learned to tune it out (the washer would literally shake and bang its way across the floor sometimes, cause it was so bad). I had been watching tv for about 15 minutes or so when I realized the tv was all I could hear. There was no other noise. I got up to see what had happened, thinking a fuse had been blown or something, and when I opened the door to the room the washer was in I saw that the lid to the washer was wide open and the washer was full of water. I freaked out, cause it was a top opening washer and there was no way the lid would just pop open and stay up like that, someone had to have opened it themselves. I slammed the door shut and ran into the living room, then realized I couldnt hear the dryer either, so I sucked it up and went and opened that door and sure enough, the door to the dryer was wide open and the clothes still wet. I slammed the door and went outside to play basketball until my parents got home and of course neither believed me.

jackson13 07-21-2009 07:04 PM

Edited so as to not feed the troll.

john_rambo 07-21-2009 07:20 PM

My Great Grandma and her Brother both saw the Crying Lady on a river when they were little kids. I never saw one first hand.

Lotis 07-21-2009 09:48 PM

No offense Abbie - while your intent was to be humorous, referring to people as "spooks" is a racial slur and prone to cause offense.

jackson13 07-21-2009 10:18 PM

Edited so as to not feed the troll.

Et3rnal L1ght 07-21-2009 10:36 PM

My father went to Da Lat (a tourist attraction in Vietnam which is famous for nice weather and ghost stories) on business trip 2 years ago. Due to the long distance, he and his driver had to stay in a motel. At night, he went out of his room to get to the toilet and, guess what, he saw a woman sitting in their car. He ran back to his room, woke the driver up but when they got back to the car, she was not there anymore, and the scrary thing is that the car's door was still locked.

zombievictim 07-21-2009 10:58 PM

I have no stories but Jackson, you get a gold sticker because that thread title just made my day.

Lotis 07-21-2009 11:56 PM


Originally Posted by Abbie Normal (Post 3081297)
what i said was funny and anyone with half a brain would understand it was at least an attempt at humor. The only thing I am guilty of is not adding anything tangible to the thread other than a joke and I don't have anything to add. People leave posts that are one line jokes 20 times a day.

Anyone with a brain would have come up with something that was actually funny.

It may have been meant as a joke, but it was a lame one. Don't give up your day job. ;)

g1ng3rsnap9ed 07-22-2009 12:06 AM

I'd rather not call this a "spook, spectre, or ghost" story, but this one is near and dear to my family's hearts.

Before my step-great grandmother (I talked about her in the Love Forum, a little.) passed away, she'd always talk about how she'd come down from Heaven to play her piano. Long story short, we now have a little set-up in our living room in remembrance to her, (she raised my step-mother, and was an amazing woman,) and inside is an ancient music-box that hasn't been played in well over fifty years. Sometimes the box will begin to chime its jingle and obviously none of us are doing it. Whenever it goes off and we're all downstairs just looking at it, it never feels scary, or "spooky," but it is very...surreal(?).

Canto 07-22-2009 12:08 AM

There was a time a few years ago when my grandma was constantly seeing ghosts and she would tell us about it, she was seeing dead people almost like in the Sixth Sense and sometimes she would see the same person more than once.

My older brother was staying the night at my grandparents house once and he was up late watching tv and he starting dozing off and saw a dark figure lunge toward him and it shocked him awake, then he went out into the living room and the blinds that cover the sliding glass door to the patio were rippling like there was a breeze so he walked over and put his hand to feel for a breeze but there was none and all the windows were closed but the blinds continued to ripple.

Now my aunts are all into ghosts and that sort of stuff, whenever they take pictures and there are orbs in them, they are convinced that they're spirits. They have even gone to see two of James Van Praagh's shows.


Originally Posted by Abbie Normal (Post 3081297)
what i said was funny and anyone with half a brain would understand it was at least an attempt at humor. The only thing I am guilty of is not adding anything tangible to the thread other than a joke and I don't have anything to add. People leave posts that are one line jokes 20 times a day.

You are not alone? Are you 10 years old? Grow up. You don't like what I have to say, ignore me. Believe it or not the world does not revolve around what you like. People are going to do and say stuff that you do not like all the time. I made two jokes in your thread. There many people who do the exact same stuff I do. You don't come down on them. Go watch your WWE and lighten up.

You're in no position to tell someone to grow up, you're the one who saw the word spook in the title and was like oh I better get in there and post a black joke before someone else does that will be hilarious, but its not funny because its such an easy joke to make, it wasn't clever or original, it was just pointless.

jackson13 07-22-2009 12:33 AM

Orbs are very interesting. I've had a few appear in pics I've taken and shrugged them off for a long time, then found out what they are supposed to be and ever since when its happened I joke "oh look, a ghost".

zombievictim 07-22-2009 12:57 AM

In order to keep the thread on topic, and keep people from getting banned, some posts have been deleted.

Scotch 07-22-2009 01:38 AM

I really do like the intentions of this post and would like to keep them going.

On that note I do have a few stories that I will post from time to time. The first one that I will post comes from Lake Cumberland in Russell Springs, Kentucky. A few years ago I went to the lake with a couple of my friends and my best friend's parents who are pretty much party animals. We stayed at my best friend's cabin. It overlooks the lake and was won on a coin toss some 60 years ago. The deal was that the winner got the better of the two cabins that were on top of the hill. It was Saturday night and we all had retired to our beds. I had chosen the lower part of a bunk bed that also had a king size bed in the room, so a few of us were in there. I had the lower bed and a friend was on the top bunk, while my friend's parents slept in the king size, and one friend was on the floor on an air mattress. I awoke in the middle of the night and looked up to see two white figures standing over my friend who was sleeping on the air mattress. The main figure that I saw was somewhat moving. At first I thought it was my friends mom bc it looked like her in a white gown and she has short hair. I said out loud, "Francie, what are you doing?" The figure looked up at me and the other figure started to get blurry. I immediately knew that it was NOT a person. I turned to my side, facing the wall and did not move for what seemed like days. I finally fell asleep, not even aware if I was still breathing or not. The next few weeks I researched online to see if any deaths or murders had taken place on that land or in that area. I didn't find anything so it is hard to justify what I saw. But just as many of you will say or understand, I know what I saw.

The Postmaster General 07-22-2009 03:45 AM

Does Tall Man from Phantasm count?

jackson13 07-22-2009 10:18 AM


Originally Posted by BubbaStrangelove (Post 3081405)
Does Tall Man from Phantasm count?

Did you see him somewhere in your house or in a building you were in?

Lotis 07-22-2009 05:28 PM

I've moved around a lot but have only lived in a couple of places that had any kind of activity. One was a huge old farm house that a friend and I were to house-sit while the owner was away.

My friend lived in the house, she was the owner's personal assistant, but it was my first time there. My friend said I could have my pick of the bedrooms and showed me around. One of them was clearly the master bedroom but the owner used one of the other rooms across the hall. So I picked the master bedroom, which was in the back of the house overlooking however many acres of land.

Everything was fine the entire day. That night, my friend went to her quarters (she had the top floor to herself) and I was on the second floor, by myself (obviously). I don't know how long I was asleep before I heard, what I thought, was knocking on the door (which was next to the head of the bed). I thought it was my friend and mumbled "what" but there was no answer and the door didn't open. I drifted back to sleep but the knocking continued, loud and insistent. Now I was awake and pissed because I thought this was some odd joke. I called out again, no response. Then I realized that it was coming from the other side of the room -- which was the exterior wall, and I was on the 2nd floor.

So I'm lying there trying to think what it could be, because it was clearly like someone pounding on the wall and not like a tree limb hitting it. Then I got a nauseous panicked feeling and heard foot steps in the room as the pounding continued. That's when I jumped straight up, standing on the bed, and slapped the wall switch to turn on the overhead light (the switch was on the wall between the door and headboard).

There was an old bureau with a large mirror on that wall and I could see the mirror vibrate. I didn't see anything but fear was swelling despite telling myself nothing was there. It was like when you're in the presence of someone who's totally hostile and they're glaring at you and you know you're in deep trouble. 10X. Hostility kept hitting me in waves.

The foot steps were on the other side with the pounding, it was a hardwood floor and it was like someone in hard-sole shoes was pacing. My hackles were up and that feeling you get when you know you're seriously in trouble kept swelling. Then it sounded as though the foot steps were coming towards the bed. I remember trying to shout, but nothing came out. That's when I jumped off the bed, ripped the door open and bolted into the hallway.

I was completely freaked out and couldn't think. The door to the upstairs, where my friend was, was on the opposite end of this long ass hallway with umpteen rooms on either side and I was just totally afraid to go down it in the dark. It felt like that scene in Poltergeist when JoBeth Williams is in the hallway and it suddenly stretches for miles. I didn't even know where a light switch was. So I ran into the bedroom directly opposite the one I left and turned on all the lights.

I don't know how long I sat on the edge of the bed listening to the foot steps and the pounding across the hall. I'd completely lost my voice. Fortunately the sounds didn't leave that room. At some point I did finally fall asleep. I woke in the morning and walked to the doorway but didn't hear anything, I looked in and everything was the way I'd left it -light was still on, covers tossed.

I went downstairs and made my way to the kitchen. My friend was already up and she was sitting at the table. She looked at me and, apparently, I looked like shit as she told me so. So despite sounding like a complete loon, I told her what happened.

So she says to me, "Yeah ____ said that room's haunted. They won't sleep in there anymore, that's why they moved into the room across the hall." (The one I dove into.)

And I'm like WTF, WHY didn't you say something? And she tells me because she thought it was a crock of shit, and if I slept there with no prob then she would have been proven right. She said it and another room freaked out the owners and they wouldn't talk about it anymore because they would fight. The spouse wanted to sell but my friend's boss loved the house despite it and wouldn't sell.

She said the bedroom and a study were the personal space of the previous owner who had died (his widow had sold the place to my friend's boss). The old couple had lived there for decades so they think it pissed the old guy off for anyone to take up in either of those 2 rooms. That may have well been the case because I avoided that master bedroom (kept its door shut) and the study for the rest of the time I was there and nothing else ever happened, the rest of the house was perfectly fine and I didn't get that feeling again.

jackson13 07-23-2009 10:09 PM

I'm disappointed, I really thought more people would have ghost stories to share.

Scotch 07-24-2009 01:40 AM


Originally Posted by jackson13 (Post 3082723)
I'm disappointed, I really thought more people would have ghost stories to share.

give it time man, you only started this post three days ago. It'll pick up

adamjohnson 07-24-2009 01:56 AM

I walked through a cold spot the other day outside. (Its been a steady 100+ here in texas) and it reeked of sulfur.

Pretty weird.

FLAME_ON 07-24-2009 02:46 AM

I don't believe in the paranormal but I did have a weird incident happen when I was 12.

Three friends and I visited our friend's dad's house in Shit-kicker-shit-ville, Arizona (a town divided between an Indian reservation and dilapidated ranches). At the time, we liked to bike/BMX, so we also brought our bikes and road around the shithole. We stumbled across an abandon building, boarded up at every opening, and at least a half a mile away from anything else (we later found out it was a old folks home/medical center).
So being the little delinquents we were, we decided to break in. (Before I describe what happened) The facility, standing at one story, was essentially set up as one long, main hallway, with--at least--40 rooms branching off. We cracked up a board at the front-corner of the place, leading us into the first room on one side of the hall. I went in first (a decision based between me being the bravest and also being the bitch of the group), and stood in this dorm/studio room with the door leading to the hall open.
Now, I may have had some courage, but I was scared shitless as this place was huge and my only idea of the rest of the building was this doorway of complete blackness.
I skimmed the wall--opposite the door--towards the door to see if anything was visible (lights, hobos, ect.). At the angle I was at, if there were lights, I should have seen straight back to the end of the hall. I climbed back out and told everyone there was no way we could explore this death house without flashlights or something.
So we went back to my friend's dad's house, got flash lights, and went back.
This time I climbed in third (out of the four of us).
My two friends called out to me, "What were you talking about, we can see shit, there's lights coming from all the rooms??"
As I made it through the window, I heard this but didn't have a view into the hall. Confused, I walked towards the door, where my friends stood on the other side in the hall, and saw just as they said. Sunlight beaming out of every fucking room down the hall.
It took me .0000001 of a second to book it out of there screaming, as my friends followed. The guy still outside was gone, 100ft ahead of us, spiriting as soon as he heard us screaming. We left our bikes; eventually coming back to get them after we walked back to our friend's dad's house, told him what happened, and he took us back to pick them up.

To this day I have no idea what the fuck happened.

Tonkuro 07-24-2009 06:56 PM

I'm not a big believer in ghosts or hauntings, but when I lived in Nevada I went to the Goldfield Hotel. For those of you who don't know, the Goldfield Hotel is considered by many to be one of the most haunted locations not just in America, but in the world, and psychics claim it's one of the 7 portals to an alternate world or some shit like that. It's in the ghost town of Goldfield, about 3 hours from Las Vegas. I had the opportunity to tour it with some others, and I don't get spooked easily, but as soon as I stepped into that place I felt this horrible feeling I can't really put my finger on. And this was just during the day.

I didn't really see any apparitions or hear anything funny, but I did smell cigar smoke, and lavendar scented perfume in certain parts of the building, just out of nowhere and really strong. Needless to say, I was very happy when I got out of that building. There's just something weird about it.

I have other stories too, but that's for another day. ;)

Ayestrain 07-26-2009 06:35 PM

I've got a couple, but they're not outright sightings, so be forewarned. Still some pretty freaky weird shit.

I grew up out in the country, pretty remote area on a national highway, but the closest say, grocery store and town is 10-15 min. away. And our closest neighbors are my uncle in one house and my grandparents in the next. It's summertime, and country dark. I'm up late, my parents and sister are both long in bed. I must've been 10 or 11 yo. I'm watching TV, and since it's summer we have the house open (windows open with screens in the windows, screen door, etc.). We have woods behind our house. All the sudden I hear these eerie, ghostly peels of laughter coming from the woods, which is just a few yards away from where I'm sitting inside. It goes on for a few minutes, and scared the absolute shit out of me. I never found out what that laughter was, but I don't think it was kids fucking around as like I said, our neighbors were my uncle and grandparents, and it's private land, not a place where kids or teenagers would congregate (and no real way to get back to this wooded area by car so it'd be hard to get to). Also it didn't sound like any sound an animal would make.

The second scary thing happened just a few years ago. I had since moved out here to LA, was living with my girlfriend in a one-bedroom apartment. I had to work early in the morning, but I was awakened way earlier by my g/f clinging on to me tightly in bed. I was-half asleep, it must've been 4 or 5 in the morning. All I can say is that there was a definite evil vibe in the room, I would call it demonic for sure.

I got up and went to work early that day, and called my girlfriend on my first break. I asked her 'what the hell happened this morning?', and she proceeded to tell me how over the course of the night, she felt a coldness take her over, she couldn't move her body and she felt like something was trying to suffocate her. When whatever it was released her is when she cuddled up to me so tightly. I definitely woke up and felt the presence of something in the room, something way off. And we hadn't had a chance to talk about it until that call. Nothing else happened in that apartment but it was sure creepy to be in there for awhile after that, and we moved about year later. My g/f has had the same thing happen to her at least one or two more times, in different places outside of this apartment. She says repeating christ's name in her mind repels whatever holds her.

I have since read things about what may have happened to my g/f; "night terrrors" as ppl. call them where you're having such an intense bad dream that it can seem real. I also read up on something called 'old hag' syndrome
that seems to apply to what we experienced. Weird shit.

Beard_of_Meat 07-27-2009 02:14 AM

I don't remember too much about this because I was only 3 but my mom and I were talking about it one day and she confirmed it..There was a time after my mom and dad got divorced where my mom needed help so she was able to get an apartment in Palatine,IL using some kind of Government assistance....The only thing I can remember about the place was that I never wanted to play in my room because it always felt like someone was watching me...My mom went on to tell me other crap about the place like how she would wake up in the middle of the night and just have the urge to grab my sister and I and load us into the car and just drive,or how none of the pictures taken in the apartment would turn out dark,she even told me that one night she had my dad watch us (they remained friends after the divorce) and when my mom came home my dad was holding my sister and I close to him and he told my mom that she really needed to get out of there..He never told her what happened but my dad is a big biker dude that isn't afraid of very much and something spooked the hell out of him..Another weird thing she told me about was that there were roaches in the apartment and if you know someone that has had roaches or you have had them you know that they are everywhere..Well at this place the roaches always stayed out of the bedrooms..I really don't know how long we lived there but that memory alone of me playing and feeling like I was being watched freaks the hell out of me....One other story I have is when I lived in Wheeling,IL a friend of mine who lived upstairs from me had a weak heart he took some drugs he shouldn't have taken and it killed him...Well we had a mutual friend that lived on the 6th floor and the friend that died lived on the 4th and when I would come down the stairs or walk down the hallway on the 4th floor it always felt like I was being followed...I know if it was him he would never do anything to harm me but it was still freaky as hell

the clever guy 07-27-2009 07:29 PM

I myself am a paranormal investigator/ghost hunter. I've been doing it for years. I've got plenty of stories, from seeing a misty face appear in front of me and seeing a man walk through a wall in my room to being choked in my sleep and feeling it as I wake up.

"I have seen shit that will turn you WHITE." -Winston Zeddemore

jackson13 07-27-2009 08:30 PM


Originally Posted by the clever guy (Post 3084914)
I myself am a paranormal investigator/ghost hunter. I've been doing it for years. I've got plenty of stories, from seeing a misty face appear in front of me and seeing a man walk through a wall in my room to being choked in my sleep and feeling it as I wake up.

"I have seen shit that will turn you WHITE." -Winston Zeddemore

THEN SHARE THE STORIES Z-MAN. Seriously. You could tell every story you have and I will read them all with awe.

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