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Dr.Frankenstein 07-27-2010 12:35 AM

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The Riddler!- An all time favorite comic book character,from my first exposure to the D.C. Super Villain, via the 1966-'68 "BATMAN" t.v. series. Actor Frank Gorshin, was THE quintessential Riddler to date IMO. Frank Gorshin and actor John Astin's version/portrayal of the Riddler from the 1960's series, was obviously campy and non serious... in comparison to the 1995 "Batman Forever" Jim Carrey version.(some I'm sure would claim that's arguable...ha ,ha.) I still reflect back when reading the 1970's comic book appearances of The Riddler, to Frank's performances from those many episodes on the old t.v. show. Things like, hearing that maniacal laugh and caricature-like posturing Gorshin would utilize for the character. Actor John Astin's short though sweet tenure as Riddler, was quite interesting in that John apparently would not shave his trade-mark moustache! I like the odd and short lived recess from the status quo,that occur in music, movies and televison series' from time to time,like a Riddler with a stache!Thanks John! was kinda neat for the 2 episodes. D.C.'s "Batman" comics from the 1970's having the Riddler as guest villain,were few and far between like the old saying goes. Issues featuring "Edward Nigma" (E.Nigma) aka the Riddler, that I though were best-"Batman" #263 "Batman" #279 (my favorite!) "Batman" #291 "Batman" #292 "Batman" #317. Some of D.C. Comics best Artists covered the Riddler in both Cover work and Interiors/panel work,as well as D.C. licensed marketing. Jim Aparo-Ernie Chan-Dick Giordano-Irv Novick-John Calnan-Carmine Infantino.
----Below are only a few of my commissioned concepts/alternate cover art, featuring "The crowned Prince of Puzzles" by former "Batman" Bronze Age Artist Legend-ERNIE "Chua" CHAN! all 11x17 pen&ink work + a 1978 D.C. 11x15 poster art by Carmine Infantino---- BTW, Future Riddler? I still vouch for actor "Crispin Glover"!!! Oh well.
Attachment 8692-Batman #279 ALT. cover -3 Riddlers + Batman & Robin

Attachment 8693-Batman fantasy cover I call "Death Trap!" w/ Batman & Robin,Alfred and the Riddler w/ Snake pit death trap!

Attachment 8694-Batman #292 my "Villains" version. w/Riddler-Two Face and the Joker -Chan's word balloons.

Attachment 8695-Batman #279 expanded cover version.

Attachment 8715-1978 vintage 11x15 poster Carmine Infantino art

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