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The Fourth Wall 08-04-2010 03:13 PM

Dream JLA/Avengers Line up?
Sorry if this has been done before, reading a recent DC comic a writer goes through their favourite JLA line up and I thought I should put this forward. Rules are simple if you could make an Avengers or JLA comic who would you have in your line up. You get six picks and if you could say why that would also be great. And to mix it up a bit how about naming two members that you would be happy to never see in the team(s) again.

Superman - (with the mullet) He's the frickin man of steel! nuff said
Batman - He's the only one who can keep Supes in line!
Green Lantern - Going with Kyle, he is the first GL I started reading
Flash - Going with Wally on this because i was introduced to the character on the Justice League cartoon.
Green Arrow - I'm a GA diehard.
Wonder Woman - You need someone to represent the ladies and nobody can get close to her.

Kick Out
Martian Manhunter - He bores the hell out of me, even in the brightest day comic I can barely bring myself to care.
Hawkman/girl - They seem to come as a package, a very dull package.

Cap Am - He's the only one who should say AVENGERS ASSEMBLE
Iron Man - He's the money Tony no tower and no Jarvis.
Hulk -It was either Hulk or Thor but I like the wildcard of the Hulk.
Hawkeye - He aint afraid to tell them when they are getting out of line.
Giant Man - I love the bitterness and in case you didn't get the clue, HES A FUCKIN GIANT!
Ms Marvel - It was between her and Spider-Woman but shes always great in the avengers books.

Kick Out
Vision - He is the Marvel equivelant of Keanu Reeves
Scarlet Witch - House of M

You don't have to do both teams, but have at it.

jolanar 08-04-2010 05:35 PM


Kick out: Batman. Green Lantern. Mostly Batman though.

Avengers line up:
Iron Man
Captain America

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