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JohnIan 07-26-2011 11:47 PM

Skateland - August 30th, 2011

I can't stand "Twilight", but I do like Ashley Greene. Saw the trailer for this some time back. I'll give this a try.

- - -

Okay, I'm bothered by this. "Skateland Is American Graffiti For A Generation Baptized On Star Wars." Fuck no! I'm pissed off at the saga, Lucas crapped all over it after raping them for every dollar.

There was a time when I enjoyed the films, then in the late 1990s it died to me. Re-release after re-release, LOOK now more more deleted scenes/footage! The new Blu-Ray will have MORE never before deleted scenes. What the hell, man? You keep dragging this on and on. It's dead to me. Of my 1460 titles, none of them are "Star Wars".

It may have been at one point to tell entertaining stories, but now it's all about merchandise. How many times can we repackage this and still get people to rebuy?

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