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MistAh BlistAh 08-27-2011 12:47 AM

Hatchet III (2012)

Dark Sky Gives Hatchet 3 the Green Light

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor March 21, 2011

Dark Sky Films dropped a little late-day news on us with the announcement of Hatchet 3, based on the success of Hatchet 2's VOD and DVD release.

At this time, cast and crew details (including director) are being worked out.

Hatchet creator Adam Green, however, reiterates: "We already had a possible storyline for Hatchet 3 worked out before we began shooting Hatchet 2, so my cast, crew and I are beyond excited to see that the story and legacy of Victor Crowley will indeed continue. For a little indie movie that I dreamt up when I was just eight years old, it has been absolutely surreal to watch it turn into a modern-day slasher franchise."

Hatchet 3 will continue the saga of Crowley, the "Bayou Butcher," who first made his gruesome mark in 2007's Hatchet.

Hatchet 3 will continue where the story left off in Hatchet 2, as a young woman sought revenge on the malevolent monster that killed her family while they were fishing in Louisiana swamp country.

The threequel is being produced by ArieScope's Cory Neal, producer of the previous two hits.

Hatchet 3 Has a Director, Green Speaks

Source: Bleeding Cool August 26, 2011

Adam Green (Hatchet, Hatchet 2) is currently in London for the annual FrightFest film festival and he spoke to Bleeding Cool about Hatchet 3. Shooting is expected to begin in February 2012 and apparently Green has found a director to take the helm.

Green says, "I hope everyone is excited because he was the right person for it. It’s not a name that everyone’s going to know, but when you hear who it is I think you’ll understand why I made the choice I did. What I can say is that he was my first choice all along, even when it came time to do the second one, at a certain point they wanted to do the second one and they didn’t want to wait for me, and this was the guy that I thought should do it. He’s been part of the Hatchet family the whole way, and I will tease just by saying that he was there for everything. He’s the type of guy, he works on a lot of big movies, and if he’s wearing his Hatchet crew shirt, and if the guy on the crew for, like Transformers or whatever tries to talk shit, he physically beats the shit out of him. I’m going to be with him the whole way, I’m going to be by the camera the whole time, protecting him, helping him, and I hope it’s the best Hatchet movie yet."

Who do you think will pull Victor Crowley's strings this time, folks?


Lovin' this series so far, so I'm happy to see it being made in to a trilogy.

Hopefully Danielle comes back! :cool:

XCoRyX 08-27-2011 12:05 PM

loved the first two and they were so much retro fun, so i'm all about this. just sucks this franchise didn't get a better opportunity in theaters to be a new slasher for this day and age. could've been such a bigger series if you ask me.

i'm pretty sure danielle is confirmed to be back.

hopefully they bring in a few random faces from the genre like they have been doing... seeing people like tom holland, r.a. mihailoff and even lloyd kaufman for cameos and such was fun stuff.

MisoGenie 08-28-2011 07:30 PM

It's too bad that Adam Green couldn't direct this, but at least it sounds that he's up close and personal behind the camera. Maybe he'll even get another cameo! I'm a huge fan of the original, and the sequel is fun times as well (not nearly as good as the first), so I'm looking forward to this a lot.

teenkiller 08-30-2011 12:39 AM

I'll check it out. I don't feel that the Hatchet films have lived up to the hype exactly, but they have been pretty entertaining nonetheless. I don't think you can really go wrong with KANE running amok and hacking people up. Hopefully the passing of the torch doesn't turn into a disaster as I would really love to see this become a new school long running slasher franchise.

XCoRyX 08-30-2011 11:55 AM

teenkiller back at posting, i dig it!

teenkiller 08-30-2011 12:29 PM


Originally Posted by XCoRyX (Post 3445338)
teenkiller back at posting, i dig it!

"We're getting the band back together!"

zombievictim 08-30-2011 02:19 PM

The second one was awful. I hope that this one will return to the fun of the original. A good step in that direction would be replacing Danielle Harris. She was awful in Hatchet 2.

Evil Ed 08-30-2011 02:50 PM

It was cool seeing the second in theaters uncut when it came out, but other than that Hatchet 2 was pretty lousy. I wouldn't mind a part 3, I like the character of Victor Crawley. I'd like to see a Jason vs Crawley until the Crystal Lake area with Kane Hodder playing them both.

MisoGenie 08-30-2011 09:14 PM


Originally Posted by teenkiller (Post 3445348)
"We're getting the band back together!

But your Sig. is now gone! "Well, that's all for now..." :(

Glad to have you back, TK.

teenkiller 08-30-2011 10:42 PM


Originally Posted by MisoGenie (Post 3445579)
But your Sig. is now gone! "Well, that's all for now..." :(

Glad to have you back, TK.

Sad to say I'm not really familiar with you since it seems you joined during my hiatus from the board, but it's good to be back and meeting newbies again. I had to go away for a while so I could miss this place again. You must have been reading older posts of mine because I was asked to stop using that sig a while back.

MisoGenie 08-31-2011 10:57 AM

Same here, actually. I once posted here on a different account, but with changes in my life I had to leave for quite a while, and I forgot my password so I opened up this account. I'll PM you! :)

ThirstyFly 09-03-2011 12:54 AM

I'm kind of torn on this. Danielle Harris' weak performance aside, I actually thought the 2nd one was more fun than the first so I would have been down for another...

But then I went and watched all the extras on the Blu-ray because I found Adam Green's extra's on Frozen excellent and he ends the Hatchet 2 commentary with an insulting lecture on piracy and why we shouldn't do it. I found it way worse than those stupid "You wouldn't steal a car" spots DVDs were littered with a few years ago.

Now I can understand why a filmmaker would have that stance and want it known, but as a consumer and not a pirate, I find it a MASSIVE annoyance to constantly have anti-piracy messages and morality shoved in my face by a product I paid for.

Hey Mr. Green, little tip for you - people who pirate movies don't usually get a commentary track (and those who downloaded early leaks on the Internet sure as hell aren't hearing what you're talking about) so you're shoving your little gilt trip down the wrong throats and I find that very insulting.

As an avid collector of DVDs and Blu-rays, I own Hatchet on DVD as well Frozen and Hatchet 2 on Blu-ray but I think I'm done purchasing his movies.

MisoGenie 09-03-2011 10:25 AM

Yeah, he made a little comment about piracy on Spiral. I can understand how that would irritate him, especially considering all the hard-work he puts into a film, but he does need to realize that the pirate's don't usually get bonus features. I own every film of his that I've seen (minus Frozen, because I haven't gotten the chance to).

teenkiller 09-03-2011 04:33 PM

I could understand Green's frustration when listening to the audio commentary for Hatchet 2. I was even kinda glad he addressed it. His movie tanked big time and was pulled from theatres before opening weekend was even over, and that was despite some pretty big internet buzz. If he didn't bring up his feelings on that subject and the downloading and piracy issues that I'm sure he had on his mind I would have been a little disappointed. I thought he has released some pretty decent films and have supported all of his releases thus far. Hopefully Hatchet III turns out better even without him. Well thats all for now GOoD JOURNEY my fellow schmoes.

XCoRyX 09-03-2011 07:36 PM

Yeah, you can't blame a low budget or do it yourself type filmmaker being pissed that after all the headaches of making a movie, it fails due to such things as piracy. (but, also, lack of promotion and such).

There is a reason why the commentary type track are detailed with the whole 'warning' of opinions expressed being solely the filmmakers and such involved...right?

Either way, the piracy situation is awful and one of the many nails hitting the industry as a whole, so more power to people like him venting if you ask me...though I will say it seems Anchor Bay is pretty weak at promoting.

MisoGenie 09-03-2011 10:49 PM

Yeah, I can agree with what people have said here, especially considering Adam Green's M.O. as a filmmaker. He's not Michael Bay where all that matters is the $$$. He puts hard work into his films and deserves the income that they receive. As I said before, I haven't pirated any of his films, but I usually only download the ones which don't seem to be worth paying for. (Paranormal Craptivity)

ThirstyFly 09-04-2011 01:05 AM

My issue with the Hatchet 2 commentary isn't that he has opinions on piracy of course he does, and I'm not saying they are wrong - I do agree with him. I can certainly understand his frustrations, but the way he chooses to address them is where I have an issue.

I found his long lecture on the disc very demeaning as a consumer, even though the people listening clearly are the ones who purchased the movie. A young filmmaker as connected as him should be well aware of where and where not to make such statements. You don't scold the people who support your products within the actual product.

Now, it's been a while since I've listened to the commentary, but didn't he put more of the blame on it's failure/being pulled to politics with AMC? I did enjoy his honesty on the rest of the commentary and would have been fine if he had addressed piracy without the finger pointing and talking down to his audience like a bunch of children.

(Getting off topic now...) I don't know if movie theaters did this wherever you guys are, but a couple of years ago they went wild with anti-piracy warnings. Instead of having upcoming release posters around lobbies, they had anti-piracy posters up. And along with the usual commercials before the trailers they had these insulting piracy awareness promos where things like set carpenters would parade their families out and say they could feed their kids if you downloaded a movie off the internet. Thankfully studios seemed to have smartened up and realized that was not the audience they had to worry about.

Anyway, I'm sorry for bringing this thread so off topic. Stuff like this just really frustrates me. Adam Green is exactly the type of filmmaker I like to support, but I simply feel like he does not respect his audience when he's making statements like that.

MisoGenie 09-04-2011 01:13 AM

Yeah, but if Adam Green is so adamant about anti-piracy, he may have no idea how it actually works. I wouldn't suspect him of downloading a movie online if he has such strong opinions against it, so that may have just been a byproduct of his own ignorance. I think that this very well may be the case. I can also see how you, as a consumer, would feel condescended, but I doubt that he meant to insult you or any other paying fans. With this said, I have not listened to the commentary of Hatchet 2 (although I do remember on the Spiral commentary he made a humorous comment against digital pirates), so I honestly cannot speak on its behalf.

That is pretty crappy, ThirstyFly. More so the commercials before the films, because that is a large part of the moviegoing experience (for me, anyways).

Anyways, anyone else hoping that John Carl Buechler hops back on board to do the special effects for this one? Hatchet 2 was a huge step down in terms of gore/effects from the first one in my opinion, aside from a few winners.

XCoRyX 09-04-2011 12:54 PM

also, keep in mind how many people pirate movies consistently everyday and just occasionally go to the movies now... so i'm willing to bet in a theater full of 50-60 people, a good 25-35 atleast fit that.

MisoGenie 10-01-2011 02:19 PM

Looks like we've found ourselves a director, folks.

Is anybody else really happy with this choice? The only other person that I would be as pleased with would be Joe Lynch from Wrong Turn 2, and various short films with Green. I think that if this guy's as good of a director as he is a cameraman, we're gonna be in for quite the feature. :)

oh-dae-su 10-01-2011 10:58 PM

I still haven't gotten around to seeing the second one but I thought the first one was pretty good so depending on what I think of the second one, I may be looking forward to this.

poguesfan 10-03-2011 03:29 AM

I'm on board as well, I thought Hatchet 2 recieved a lot of unfavorable criticism, but I suppose some of the arguments were valid. The second movie was slow in parts, but once the gore and action picked up it was good fucking times for his gorehound!!!! I have confidence in Mr. Green, I believe he will end this on a good note.

A.J. Hakari 10-03-2011 03:30 AM

Sweet Christ, just let this series die.

Duke Nukem 10-03-2011 07:43 PM

A.J., you might be the first person I agree with on this thread. I bought the first "Hatchet" a few years ago, and I don't know what the rest of you see in it. It was certainly enhanced by fantastic death scenes, but the script was terrible. It was supposed to pay homage to slasher films of the `80's, and their effort in doing so was insulting. I've since gotten rid of the DVD, and have not seen the first sequel. I'm all for new franchses being launched in limited theaters or straight-to-video, since the old franchises have been buried. However, the first "Hatchet" is no "Wrong Turn 1" or "2." Even "Wrong Turn 3" is better. I'm being tough on "Hatchet," but I'm glad it does have fans. If it didn't, it would be a waste of celluloid.

IEnjoyWatchingAndDiscussingMovies 12-30-2011 05:58 PM

Loved the first one. Thought the second was one of the sorriest rush-job sequels I've ever seen. I mean I've seen WORSE slashers recently.....but it was crap compared to the first one.

And you what, Green? I'm GLAD I didn't pay one cent to watch Part 2. (I bought the first one on DVD though).

MisoGenie 01-05-2012 08:27 AM

Has anybody seen the Hack/Slash cross-over with Victor Crowley yet? It's called "Hatchet/Slash", but I haven't gotten the chance to pick it up. The only place online I've seen to buy it is on eBay, so I'm guessing that itw as a limited-run release.

DickJones 01-18-2012 08:09 PM

I absolutely loved Hatchet II. Haven't seen the first one yet. Here's hoping that part III turns out well.

MisoGenie 01-19-2012 05:15 PM

I think that it's in good hands. They may as well take as long as they need with it and make this one as great as they can, because the second was clearly rushed and could have used another few months' work on it, at least.

MistAh BlistAh 04-28-2012 01:52 AM

Hodder, Harris Back for More Gore in Hatchet 3

No shocker here. Kane Hodder and Danielle Harris are set to reprise their roles in the forthcoming Hatchet 3, says Dark Sky Films and Ariescope Pictures. The next entry will be written and produced by Adam Green and directed by BJ McDonnell.

Kane Hodder portrayed the evil Crowley in 2006’s original Hatchet and continued in the role in Hatchet 3. In that 2010 hit, Danielle Harris took over the role of Marybeth, the young woman who, at the movie’s climax, managed to escape Crowley’s clutches (and, apparently, kill him). The new movie continues where Hatchet 2 left off, as a search and recovery team heads into the haunted swamp to pick up the pieces and Marybeth learns the secret to ending the voodoo curse that has left Victor Crowley haunting and terrorizing Honey Island Swamp for decades.

Victor Crowley is the second modern horror icon played by Kane Hodder; he was the masked slasher Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th movies. Danielle Harris started her career as a child actress in Halloween 4 and starred in that series’ reboot as well as such shockers as Stake Land and Left for Dead.

Hatchet 3 is a production of ArieScope Pictures and Dark Sky Films, which will release the film in 2013.


shoe1985 04-28-2012 04:24 PM

Being a fan of horror films, I heard the buzz for the original Hatchet and got excited. Finally, a new horror franchise. Saw the move, and it was not terrible, but not really that good.

I decided to give H2 a chance, big Danielle Harris fan, and thought it was below average.

It sucks because I really was hoping for a good, new horror franchise. I will probably watch 3, but my hopes will be low.

MisoGenie 04-29-2012 11:29 AM

More voodoo crap? Ugh. That may have been my least favourite aspect about either of the first two films. It really did not fit with the tone of the films at all. I get that it's an Mardi Gras, and there are the witchdoctors, or whatever, according to Hollywood cliches (never been there myself), but it was just a curveball move that I didn't care for. Hopefully this film either goes light with it or handles it better than Hatchet II did. Still looking forward to the film (and the Horror celebrity cameos), nonetheless.

MistAh BlistAh 05-24-2012 05:33 PM

Hatchet 3 Casts Up, Shooting Begins in New Orleans

The Hatchet 3 team is in Louisiana and ready to roll cameras. Previously, we reported Danielle Harris and Kane Hodder were returning to star - reprising their roles as Marybeth and Victor Crowley, respectively.

Variety reports Caroline Williams, Sean Whalen, Derek Mears, Diane Goldner and Jason Trost are joining the cast. Mears you know as Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th reboot. Whalen appeared in Laid to Rest and The People Under the Stairs. Williams starred in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2. Goldner appeared in Feast and Trost is the writer and director of The FP.

BJ McDonnell is directing the latest installment in the Hatchet franchise; Adam Green penned the script and is producing.

According to Variety, the "story finds Harris hunting down the true secret to ending the voodoo curse that has left Crowley's ghost terrorizing Honey Island Swamp for decades." Williams will play a fast-talking journalist.

MisoGenie 05-24-2012 09:08 PM

Hoping that this lives up to the first film, but it's got quite big shoes to fill. I think that at least it could wind up on par with the sequel. The guest stars aren't doing much for me, honestly, but it is interesting that they are going with more obscure names than Horror giants such as Englund and Todd. It should be great, though. I don't much like this bit about the voo-doo curse, especially how it was handled in Hatchet 2, but let's cross our hatchets that it will be treated more properly in this one.

XCoRyX 05-26-2012 09:20 AM

I'll be ready and hopeful - I've been nothing but pleased and entertained with all Hatchet has had to offer thus far, and my only gripe is that it hasn't been put out in theaters and seen as a bigger force.

MistAh BlistAh 05-30-2012 01:23 PM

Hatchet III chops up a few new names, including Zach Galligan!

The cast of HATCHET III is starting to rival that of any Rob Zombie movie as far as the presence of recognizable horror icons is concerned. With a line-up that already includes Kane Hodder, Danielle Harris, Derek Mears, Caroline Williams, Sean Whalen, Diane Goldner and Jason Trost, the HATCHET team has now thrown in a few new names:

Zach Galligan, forever ensconced in horror fans' hearts for his contributions to the GREMLINS and WAXWORK pictures, has joined the BJ McDonnell film. He'll be playing "Sheriff Fowler."

In addition, Cody Blue Snider - the son of legendary Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider - has also climbed aboard the film; he'll take on the role of "Deputy Schneiderman," a gun-loving, heavy artillery-carrying area police officer joining in the assault on Victor Crowley.

Lastly, Rileah Vanderbilt, last seen playing young Victor in HATCHET II, is back in a new role, that of "Mikaela Dougherty" – a SWAT Team member sent in to Honey Island Swamp as part of the search and recovery team.

The film's plot: As a search and recovery team heads into the haunted swamp to pick up the pieces and carnage left behind from the first two films, Marybeth (Danielle Harris) hunts down the true secret to ending the voodoo curse that has left the ghost of Victor Crowley haunting and terrorizing Honey Island Swamp for decades.

Shooting on HATCHET III is currently underway in Louisiana.

MisoGenie 05-30-2012 03:48 PM

Sweet. Nice to see the roster building up!!

Digifruitella 05-31-2012 05:41 PM

Psyched for this. Such guilty pleasures, the series.

IEnjoyWatchingAndDiscussingMovies 06-24-2012 02:14 PM


Zach Galligan, forever ensconced in horror fans' hearts for his contributions to the GREMLINS and WAXWORK pictures, has joined the BJ McDonnell film. He'll be playing "Sheriff Fowler."

The film's plot: As a search and recovery team heads into the haunted swamp to pick up the pieces and carnage left behind from the first two films, Marybeth (Danielle Harris) hunts down the true secret to ending the voodoo curse that has left the ghost of Victor Crowley haunting and terrorizing Honey Island Swamp for decades.

Ha ha, Zach Galligan's in it!

And, uh, is it just me or does the plot sound EXACTLY like Part 2?

MistAh BlistAh 07-12-2012 04:41 PM

Teaser Poster

SteeleDude 08-06-2012 03:43 AM

I couldn't even get through the first Hatchet. I love horror movies, but this movie is not representative of good ol' horror.

I think it's funny the director attributes piracy to his movies tanking. Like anyone cares enough to even download it. Maybe mathematically speaking he has a point though. Let's say half the people pirated his Hatchet movies--that'd be like 35 people who never paid to see it. Whereas if half the people who saw the new Batman pirated it there'd still be millions who did pay to see it.

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