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Dirtyfrog 04-04-2012 11:05 PM

Delerium TOP 5
was chatting with some ppl tonight in and out of Joblo ( hay Bondgirl! )

this group always seem like an ace i drop in a poker game .... 0 label pushing yet a solid fan base. So here's my top 5 ... in reverse !

5. Euphoria ... the song Madonna wished she made

4. After All ... auto-tune 101 featuring Jael

3. The Way You Want It To be ... Leigh and Kirsty aren't the original vocals but they do a good job live ( Leigh is the main singer in the Innocente video )

2. Innocente one of the few techno/trance remix that beats the orignal version... +2 bonus coz singer is leader of "6 pences none the richer" a christian band :eek:

1. Silence ... original version , F all those remixes and Sarah McLachlan is like the best canadian female voice

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