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EWBA 04-26-2012 01:45 PM

New Doc w/ Positive Message. We need your support!
Hey Everyone! I'm working on a brand new doc with a great message of hope for humanity. Would love your feedback and support! Here's a little info about the film...

Everything Will Be Alright
Many films are made discussing the poor state of the world, this film will discuss how our world will change for the better during the 21st century. With this film we intend to show people a realistic path to the elimination of poverty, the switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy, the improvement of education, the growth of free access to information, and the reduction of animosity between different cultures.

Various scientists and philosophers will illustrate that even though the world is a dark place right now, humanity will make the changes necessary to ensure that everything will be alright.

The filmmakers want to spread this message to as many people as possible and will be streaming the film for FREE online when it is complete.

If you want to see our pitch video for the film, you can check that out here...

Or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter here...

Thanks so much everyone!

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