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Dirtyfrog 05-10-2012 12:21 PM

Jacky Wu
This section of Joblo is deader than my 186 yo great-great-grandfather and if i like to check out cute actress , i'll read the Hottie pics, pics and pics!! topic . I thought i'd bring an unknown male in the fold. Well , unknown by the north american standard ... he is well-known in Asia.

Actually , never heard of him until 2 weeks ago when i rented Legendary Assassin on a hunch ( aka the cover looked cool )

The movie was ok. Sometime funny and sometime dramatic with really really good kungfu action ( the 1vs100 guy ending was kinda cheezy tho). English translation of asian movie title always make it sound like a cheap Z-movie ( Kill Zone , Fatal Move , Blast City , etc ) but it was actually well-made and pretty entertaining.

Anyway , my point is that with all the well-known asian star in america ( Jackie Chan , Jet Li , Donnie Yen ) getting older and older , who is gonna be next ? I read somewhere that Jet Li is retired and the last good Jackie Chan movie was 10 years ago ( Shaolin was good but Chan only has a support role in it). Donnie Yen is still going strong but for how long ?

So i was wondering WHO'S NEXT ? I would put 1$ on Jacky Wu ( aka Wu Jing ). The guy is relatively new with 24 credited role on IMDB which mostly no one saw around here but i got interested after Legendary Assassin.
don't tell me this doesn't look cool

The guy did play in The Mummy : Tomb of the Dragon Emperor but he is credited as ASSASSIN which means he's more like an extra with a mask than an actual role. I didn't notice him.

OMG it's hard to find cool pictures of him in action ... i blame America !!!!1!1! lol
Talk to my hand Donnie Yen !

so YAY or NAY .... the next asian action star to come to america ?

the best video of him i could find on Youtube is ... not excellent but at least you get to see him in action

Darth Kenshin 08-20-2012 03:15 PM

I like him a lot. I think he should've come to the States after Fatal Contact, which makes a lot of "Best of" lists when it comes to action movies of the 2000s.

I always felt that the non-fighting actors make better action movies than the actual combat actors. You can master the choreography with wushu (like Jet Li) or even dance/ballet (like Michelle Yeoh).

This guy does demonstrations like Li, and is incredibly acrobatic. However, I still prefer Donnie Yen, who is 49 but going strong. Yen and Wu had a great fight scene in Killzone.

I also really dig Iko Uwais (kid from Raid Redemption) and think he has a bright future. Tony Jaa is pretty cool, too. I know they're not Chinese, but whatever. Uwais is starring in a movie directed by Keanu Reeves, which I assume will be in English, as Reeves also co-stars in it. That could be his major introduction to America.

Dirtyfrog 08-21-2012 09:07 AM

I agree that Donnie Yen is still the best for the moment but Jacky Wu is pretty much ready to come stateside except he seems to be on hiatus right now. No future project listed on IMDB :( i like his kick around 1:34 :p

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