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Dehydrator 05-22-2012 05:23 PM

The Iron Sky (2012),214,317_.jpg

Okay, so we all knew it had to happen. There is a continious pattern in the human art of filmmaking that points to the fact that one day, there would be a movie about nazis from space. That day was someday this spring, and that movie is The Iron Sky.

The brainchild of finnish director Timo Vuorensola, the project had a rather unique spring to it - during the production, random people who were just interested in doing it could paricipate in the making of the movie, contributing ideas over the filmīs webpage, lots of them being used in the actual film. In the beginning they properbly just had the idea of "space nazis" and some characterīs names. The studio was financed by some cultural institutions in various countries and lots of fans who just wanted it to happen. On a rather suprising side note "The Iron Sky" ended up playing in my townīs local cinnemax theatre (the kind of place where you usually only get big-budget hollywood productions) of all places, not like thereīs a shortage of places that play strictly independent films. And it was a huge succcess, at least in here - itīs the only movie I needed three tries at the damm thing because two times it was booked out about one hour before.

So how the hell did this thing turn out. Frankyl, when I got on the counter and said "space nazis" I did have zero expectations. All I wanted was space nazis. The trailers made it look like an actual hollywood production (the overall budget was 7,5 million), reminding more of recent big budgeted hollywood films like "Battle of Los Angeles" (but with nazis from space!). In the end, I came out digging this film very much.

With a concept like space nazis, you can usually (?) only go one way...pure camp! And while the movie definitely knew how ridicolous it was, it turned out a whole lot smarter than it could. Itīs a very spiced mixture of sci-fi, comedy and subversive political cinema. On another side note, the soundtrack was done by slovenian art-ensamble Laibach, known for their tricky use of fashist imagery in their works. The comedy was definitely there - and it was pretty cool. They didnīt take the slapstick-ish part of most comedies or the self-ridicouling quirks of something like "Scream", it wasnīt overblown at all. I would say that it takes a lot of thought to make nazis funny. And these guys are actual nazis, living on the dark side of the moon, in a big swastika shaped fortress. They came over on one of Hitlerīs lesser known space shuttle projects in 1945 and, with their fashist skills and strict knacks for order, have developed their own civilization. And of course, they canīt wait to come back to earth and party like itīs 1933.

This is a rather quality production, the trailerīs didnīt lie. The big digital effects are there and put to good use. The only really big flaw was the sometimes inept dubbing I saw it with - although a lot of it was recorded in german (which is my own mother language), the remaining re-dubbed english parts sucked hard. I hope this is better on the regular version...anyway, I spoke of subversive political cinema and thatīs what the film is as well, besides being a movie about space nazis. There are many plays on recent political events (the movie takes place some 20 years from now) but itīs not in a finger-pointing way. The concept of real-life fashistic ideas and how the masses respond to it is put in context with the fact of how unbelieveable retarded they are. This is quite an achivement for a movie about space nazis who make up their philosophy on a misguided viewing of a certain Chaplin film. So while I was often holding giggling, I also appreciated the way the film brought itīs message home.

This isnīt a perfect film, nor is it a counterfait one. It shows that there were so many writers in many spots, sometimes it feels a bit derrivaitve but as I said - this is not a full-blown comedy. Maybe, as a german guy myself I can get a bigger kick out of the idea but if anything, the movie feels more european than american. The acting is actually top-notch for the most part, thereīs a really hot nazi chick in the lead and even Udo Kier has a great part. I havenīt read much about this film but the whiny arseholes quoted on itīs wikipedia page donīt know shit . Donīt let that fool you, if the idea of nazis from space does appeal to you at all, do check it out.

Frankenberry Reborn 05-24-2012 05:35 PM

Ever since I laid eyes on the trailer, I've been hankering for The Iron Sky. It sounds badass. I'm glad you reviewed it because it reminded me to get on the ball and rent it fucking pronto!

HannibalGuy 05-24-2012 06:13 PM

This sounds right up my alley as well. Haven't seen a good, campy nazi flick in a while.

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