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Vong 06-21-2012 07:42 AM

An Interesting Read on Today's Video Game Industry

While the many stand-out games at E3 wow'd us, it's interesting to see the reaction of a non-typical gamer.


"The video game industry is currently in a war that the movie industry fought and decided last decade. It’s a struggle between loud, assaultive, photorealistic game design that rewards wispy attention spans while demanding minimal problem-solving skills of its players and … games where shotguns to the face and chainsaws to the jugular are not so essential."

jolanar 06-25-2012 10:06 AM

His point is only valid if your looking a select few video games. IE the blockbusters. Hey what do you know the same thing is true about the movies he lists.

There are plenty of great games that defy everything he is talking about, they just aren't that successful. Just like how movies that aren't Transformers 3 don't make half a billion at the box office.

I honestly question if that author even plays video games.

Edit: My point is the fact that Transformers 3 gets made and a small indie movie gets made are NOT mutually exclusive. The same thing is true for video games. They are totally unrelated things. There is no "limit" on how many games get made. "Uh oh we made 10 Call of Duty's this year we can't make anything else" is not how it works. Therefore there is no "war" going on in the video game industry.

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