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Bondgirl 11-02-2012 08:33 PM

I have concerns about this American Election
Okay l feel as though since hurricane Sandy hit New York and surrounding towns

Alot of people are suffering dont you think that Obama and Mitt Romley could cancel the election and help the people in need instead of spending money on there thing of trying to be president

Alot of people who are in the worst areas do not have a way of voting in this election plus like l said it should be a time of helping instead of getting elected in 5 days

Alot of this money could be spent in supplying food clothes and other things people need plus from what l have heard there are 100 people dead from this hurricane and it is still rising as they are still looking for bodies

Plus the suffering families who have lost family members would be going through so much half wont be able to pay funeral expences

Anyway l just feel it is the wrong time to be picking a president

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